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2021 E-Girl Styles You Should not Miss

In English, the term "e-girl" refers to an electronic girl or an electronic girl. As a regular Instagram user, you've almost surely come across this look, which is accompanied by the hashtag #egirl, which has amassed nearly 2 million appearances in only one month. So, learn more about this style, be inspired by photographs, and discover how to incorporate it into your wardrobe.


So, what exactly is e-girl fashion?

VSCO females, on the other hand, have a more simple, beachy look with a positive mood. There are punk, grunge, and goth allusions in the e-girls, as well as elements of Japanese anime culture. Also, this look is regarded to be the antithesis of soft girls' aesthetic, which is cuter.

The e-girls are very popular on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, where they wear heavy makeup, dark clothing, and nearly usually plaid or striped patterns, among other things. Check out some of the most essential characteristics to consider while putting on the look:

Massive amounts of make-up are worn: the make-up is, arguably, the most significant aspect of this style. Some distinguishing characteristics include a distinct contour, a bright red or other vivid hue, well-lit skin, and a lot of blush. The lips are also highly defined, which helps to make the mouth seem larger, and other things, such as facial patterns, are included in the e-make-up girl's appearance as well.

Hair color: The color of one's hair is another significant cosmetic element. Hair coloring in fashionable colors is usually often used on these girls' heads; this may be done on all or part of their hair. Apart from that, they also have a lot of bangs or hair that is split in half.

Dresses with plaid and stripes are essential to every e-collection, girl's owing to the fact that they draw heavily on punk and grunge aesthetics. Skirts, trousers, and plaid skirts are prominent in the style, as are striped shirts, such as the ones Kurt Cobain wore in his music videos.

Chains: This style may be modified at home, and the use of chains is prominent in this process. Bijus and other accessories are made from chains and used with skirts, trousers, shoes, and other clothing.

Dark or simple style: Although e-girls often dress in dark clothing and use heavy makeup, their appearance may also be more straightforward. In most cases, they rotate between band shirts with heavy makeup and jeans with a plain T-shirt and little makeup.

This style has certain distinguishing characteristics, however, like with any aesthetic, it is also tailored to the individual appearance of each female. So, if you want to stick to the style, you can follow certain guidelines, but you may also make changes as you see fit.

E-girl outfits to inspire you

1. Influences from grunge and punk may be used

2. Chains and other accessories may add some pizzazz

3. Looks that are light and airy may be very attractive

4.It is possible to utilize a dress in a variety of different outfits

5. Beauty products like makeup and accessories have a significant impact on e-girl appearance

6. Blush removal and skin lightening

7. Make use of your imagination

8. Rely on print combinations and overlays

9. The fishnets are a common sighting as well

10. Soft Girl Kinda Style

11. A basic look is surely accepted

12. As well as matching their outfit with a dazzling light and airy make-up

13. You cam also use skater references in your style

14. Anime and cosplay can also appear

15. Use the features that are common to this design to your advantage


Have you recognized yourself in any of the photographs? So, simply put everything into action in the graphic representation! Because the e-girl style may be influenced by a variety of sources, it is critical that you choose pieces that reflect your own particular preferences.

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