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Top Aesthetic Outfits Inspo Mid 2022


I don´t know you guys but i really like most of the fashion aesthetics in this early 2022, the other day i saw a Youtube video and get this idea of, why dont make a blog wich a compilation of the most cute and interesting aesthetics in this year, so here we are, hope you all like it!

Believe it or not, the concept of aesthetics has been around for quite some time. The emos used to be separated from the horse girls, and the prepsters from the jocks — think of the moment in Mean Girls when Damian tells Cady where the various kinds of people eat in the cafeteria — but things have changed.

New aesthetics have emerged as a result of the success of social media platforms such as Instagram and, more recently, TikTok. It goes without saying that there are some older ones that have been resurrected for the year 2021. However, if you're wanting to switch up your appearance — or brush up on your online lingo — here are 10 trendy aesthetics to consider.



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