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Where to Hide?

Welcome back to another story blog, hope you like it and don´t forget to share it. So relax and follow me with this new cute short story <3


Where to Hide?

KENZ: I swore not to do it.

It's not something I'd want to hear from you. Hands raised in the air.

"What are you doing? True story."

If you don't want to hear it, tell them. On his sofa, I snatched up my leather jacket. When I finished, I flipped my black hair back and slid my arms through it.

"You've got to put your faith in me." It was Clayton's eyebrow piercings that caught the light's glint when he scowled.

It's safe to say that I trust you." I didn't want to lose eye contact with him, so I looked at him.

So why are you acting this way? He shook his fists in the air.

Due to your behavior, I have no reason to trust you.

KENZ: "Come on you two!" Clayton's voice rose. This time, don't do it.

"Again?" In retrospect: "When have I ever done anything like this before?"

What do you think? He attempted to return it. "Ignore it," he said.

Well, Clayton. "I suppose I'll see you around," I said as I stood up.

"Kenzie! Hold on!" A man rushed after me as I made my way to my vehicle, asking, "What's the matter?"

'Now there's nothing.' My vehicle was unlocked.

"Now? What do you mean by that?" Clayton, in his socks, stood behind me.

"Ignore it," he said. Then I got in my vehicle and drove away, giving Clayton my Queen B attitude as I did so. To me, having an attitude has always been a problem.


As soon as I finish this sentence, I must go. Clayton stared at me as I slammed my vehicle door shut and drove off.

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy was playing on the radio.

I pulled down my window and let the breeze blow through my hair.

As I drove, I proceeded to crank up my music whenever I heard my handbag buzzing. In any case, I didn't want to speak to anybody, even if it wasn't Clayton.

My closest friend, who would then contact my sister, who would then call me, I knew Clayton could find me if he really wanted to.

I decided to take a detour away from my home to give myself some time to ponder.

My fifteen-year-old self discovered an ancient rocky cave on the same route she used to go when she wanted some alone time.

Because it looked scary, yet it was completely safe, and I believed I was the only one tiny enough to fit between the gaps to go in, the cave was a wonderful experience. While I was still in high school, I hid in it. I never said it to anybody. As soon as someone discovered where I was hiding, I'd have to leave.

Nobody knew until I met Clayton. We started dating in the middle of our senior year in high school. There were times when we would argue and then drive to my home to discover that I wasn't there.

As soon as I got home, he was still waiting for me.

When I told him about my magical hiding spot for the fourth time, he was so terrified that I had to tell him about it.

If Clayton felt I was in danger, which we both knew I wasn't, he assured me he wouldn't tell anybody about it.

Because I haven't grown much in the last three years, I can still fit in my cave.

If anybody sees it, they'll assume I'm simply going for a stroll.

It was for two reasons why I took my phone:

As a light source in the cave.

A huge boulder loomed in front of me, so I raced up. Climbing to the top, I squeezed between the boulders to get in. As I entered, I sat down on the ground.

As soon as the phone began ringing again, I grabbed it. I was able to get service even though I was in a tiny cave.

Clayton's name and image appeared on the screen. After pressing ignore, I made sure he did not find out I had my phone.

Clayton was the only one who had sent me unopened messages, so I went through them all to see who had sent them. This was the first time that my best friend or sister had been contacted by him.

As a means of clearing my head, I placed my phone in another room. Then, I closed my eyes and tried to relax as much as I could, focusing on my breathing.

Then I heard someone going down the trail after around 45 minutes.

"Kenzie?" Out in the open, Clayton's voice could be heard.

I put my hand over my lips to stop myself from exhaling.

KENZ, I'm aware of your presence.

I remained motionless.

"I saw your vehicle." On the gravel walk, I could hear him shuffle his feet.

I covered my mouth.

So if you're not going to speak to me, I guess I'll simply have to go in."

My heart sank as I heard Clayton starting to climb out of the window. So, I took advantage of the noise he was making to move away from the entrance of those rocky ledges. When it came to sitting directly beneath it, I didn't want to do that.

"Ouch!" Clayton had a mishap.

I pushed myself as hard as I could against the wall. A tiny cave, yet I was able to conceal in the shadows despite its size

'How does she do it?' His voice was muffled and he asked. For the sake of my sanity, I tightened up.

"Kenz?" the sound of Clayton's words echoed from above This time around, his voice was more clearer than it was at the bottom. There is no doubt in my mind that you must be in there. "

The 45 minutes of thinking time I had helped me to de-stress. So when I realized that my Queen B attitude was gone, I knew I needed to listen to Clayton.

yet I couldn't think of anything that I could say!

I beg you to say anything. Almost desperate, his voice was sorrowful. "I'd want to come down, but I'm afraid I won't fit."

That time, I couldn't help but chuckle uncontrollably.

There was a pause and then a sigh of relief. "Clayton seemed to be in a daze," "But why are you giggling at all? The person down there must be Kenzie."

I couldn't help but giggle.

"Kenzie's laugh, without a doubt." Over there, he murmured a little. "Why don't you say anything now? Anything?"

"Hi." An orange glow was coming from the rocks.

"Hi? Just that?"

I thought you meant anything, therefore I assumed you meant anything."

"I suppose that's correct." Suddenly, the light went out.

We both became silent.

A: "I'm sorry," We all said it at once.

What a great alternative to "hello." On his face, I could see that he was smirking.

Please accept my sincere apologies. To get out, I got up and started climbing. "I've always struggled with my attitude, and I'm not sure why. Just the way I am." Clayton was holding a flower in his palm as he sat on top of the rock.

It's not a problem with your attitude at all, Kenz. "We had a disagreement," he said as he gave me the flower.

Due to the way I conduct myself.

"No." Tossed his head in disbelief Your attitude isn't the reason why."

I fixed my gaze on his brow.

Your blood is dripping! When I pointed, it was clear what I was doing

The question is "Am I? " My guess is that it's because I slipped while I was climbing up here."

Whoops! You fell! As a result, I failed to conceal my enjoyment.

"No idea how you do it! I rubbed my head a lot."

There was nothing I could do except smile.

I thought it was funny that you were calling me a "goof." One of my tissues was in his hand.

'But you're still in love with me'

Everything halted around me.


This became apparent to me when I saw his expression.

Um, I'm sorry. Redness engulfed his face; "In no way did I intend it in that way. You know, I uh..."

It dawned on me that what I felt with Clayton was something I'd never experienced before. There's a reason we haven't gotten into a fight in the cave after all the times I've been there. Clayton understands how to help me feel better and that sometimes I just need to think about things a little bit.

This morning, I discovered that I'm in love with him.

Then I took his hand and said, "Clayton, I know you mean it." When I heard the joke, I couldn't help

Simply, "I..uh." This isn't simply a crush; it's something more.

It was the same for me.

Clayton let out a big breath of relief.

My apologies for earlier. Using the other, he stuck a flower in my hair while squeezing my hand.

"I agree."

It's true, Clayton surveyed the area. "You'll have to stop coming here one day."

"Why? Due of a lack of social acceptance." He was taunted by me.

Or, "More and less." Clayton chuckled as he helped me up.

"That makes me much more eager to come here." As I sped down the rocks, I made a witty remark. Clayton had no idea what was going on until I ran onto the gravel path.


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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