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The Adventure in the Farm

A cute short story, with a lot of emotions and adventures, this personally i think is really cute. Hope you like it <3


The Adventure in the Farm

I jumped out of my vehicle, pushed my bangs back, and pulled the remainder of my hair into a tight ponytail before walking up to the front door.

As I knocked on the door, I took a look behind me. One day, I found myself working on a farm outside of town, where the owners were searching for someone to help with a few odd tasks.

Because I grew up on a farm, I thought I'd give it a go.

"Hello, may I be of assistance?" The door was answered by a little lady. As she brushed off the flour from her hands, she sighed.

Um, I was wondering if you still needed someone to lend a hand. That's when I pulled out my summer employment brochure and presented it to her.

"Yes, please. We are constantly in need of assistance. Marge here." She laughed.


He may be surprised at first, but I'm certain that my husband will warm up to the idea of an urbanite searching for a way to assist.

It's true—I grew up.

In the barn, he's hiding. Then she glanced at my feet and said, "Thank goodness you were wearing gumboots." She chuckled.

"Is it okay if I return later? You may also drop off my resume."

"Be at ease, my dear. Surely, you're qualified." "I'll never forget that grin of hers." When my nephew arrives, he may take you to meet Jim.

In the event he's not available, I'll return.

"There is just no way to do this. For the greatest results, we recommend meeting today so you can get started straight away." When she asked me to come in, "Let me contact Justin first."

Marge went out to get her phone, and I waited at the front door. As I walked down the corridor, I saw a lot of photographs. However, a handful of them had a boy who seemed to be a single age. All of the other kids were in enough photos for us to watch them grow up and mature.

It seemed like he was around 18 years old and extremely familiar. As I continued to examine, I realized it was the same fair that was held in town a month earlier.

While I was there, I'm sure I walked by him a few times.

"Leanne?" Marge called me from the kitchen, which I assumed was where she was.


"It seems like Justin has just emerged from the backfield. Meet him on the front porch."

You're welcome. Before closing the door, I called.

I sat down on the first step and waited. After a few minutes, I was joined by a tabby cat. In the center of her collar, it said, "Milky."

Clever, right?

I rolled my eyes and rubbed Milky's head as I did so.

I closed my eyes while the light shined on the surrounding trees.

On hearing someone cough behind me, I opened them again.

"The boy" in these photos.


This is Leanne.

"It's a good start. My uncle is waiting for you." He didn't even wait for me to get up before he walked off.

Keeping my distance from his heels, I walked behind him.

"The city people don't get along well with us out here, just so you know," Justin said as he turned around just outside the barn. Assuming that my uncle consents to this, you're in luck."

Well, I guess I don't really-"

"Justin? Are you the one I'm looking for, then" I was cut short by a man's voice.

"Yup." Justin returned the call. Before I could grasp it, he opened up the door, letting it close behind him. Evidently he was attempting to frighten me.

"Would you mind going and-" It was only then that Jim stopped "I'm glad you're here, however. Then you're Leanne, right?" Before shaking my hand, he wiped his palm on his trousers. Marge must have made a reservation.

"Yeah." I chuckled.

"You seem to be a lovely young lady. Are you prepared to work on a farm?"

"Mhm. It's something I've wanted to do since I was a kid." In the end, I succeeded.

This is a rural girl living in the metropolis, isn't it?"

This is just temporary. Seeing Justin's expression relax, I chuckled.

In the absence of my presence, Justin handles all of the hard lifting and repairs, but we could use some assistance with the pigs and cattle." His arm was rubbed by Jim. Is that okay?

"That's something I'm certain I can do." In agreement, I gave a little nod of the head

Then you may start on Thursday."

"Okay." Having said goodbye to Jim before leaving the barn, I didn't even glance at Justin.

Hold on! "Leanna, please hold on!" It was Justin who phoned.

"Leanne is here!" Jumping into my vehicle, I responded with a scream. As I walked away, Justin's jaw was almost hanging open.

In the words of Leanne: I am Justin: 01


A sweatshirt and a pair of worn trousers, gumboots, and an old tank top completed his look. As I approached the porch, Jim instructed me to wait.

Once she heard me drive in, Milky came back and sat on my lap.

Here, milky cat." From within, Marge's voice burst out: "Here, Milky!"

As soon as he saw me open the door, he curled up smaller on my lap.

"Oh, Leanne, where's that stupid ca— Good morning, sweetheart." My dog Milky jumped from my lap as Marge opened the door.

That seems fine to me. On my lap, I rubbed away the cat's hair.

When he gets back from the barn, Jim will be there. Before heading back inside, she left me a glass of water.

Why don't you try it?"

I stumbled to my feet, groaning as I saw Justin emerge from the barn.

'Leanne's my name, y'know?'

"Only one letter. Then, let's go on!"

It occurred to me as I was following Justin to the barn that he is so adorable.

Okay, so I'm a female, right? Right.

Were it not for his attitude, I would really like him. While he remains attractive from afar, "My uncle is in there." "There's that barn," he said, and then he walked away.

It was a pleasure meeting you, Justine! He answered the phone when I phoned. 'Sorry, it's just one letter,' came the angry look from the other side. Opening the barn door, I was amused when I saw Jim.

Thanks for stopping by Leanne. It was time for Jim to finish scooping up the hay. It is time to begin.

Marge eventually persuaded Jim to let me leave after four hours of training and lectures.

As we went back to the home, she said, "You poor creature, you're probably hungry."

This is OK with me. "Honestly," she said with a weird expression. I chuckled.

"All right. Then, what are your thoughts about Justin? "

Not much.

You know, um.

"Don't be alarmed, my dear. He also likes you. I know." A wink came from Marge. 1

It's a no-no for me.

"I'm aware of this. It's only between you two." She giggled. "My lips are firmly closed." She zipped them closed.

Then, when Marge was not looking, I sighed, face palming and sighing.

"It's there. Justin is there!" He was summoned by her.

Auntie, do you need any help? His gaze drifted over to the area.

"There is just no way to do this. I assumed you'd want to say goodbye to Leanne before she leaves." Prior to entering the home, Marge gave him a smack on the shoulder.

What? "Uh, Leanna?

"Justine, I have to go. Tomorrow I'll see you." As I drove away, Justin stared at me in disbelief once again.

Leanne: 2 There is no such thing as a "justin"

The pigs and cows are getting used to me after 12 days on the job. All I do is throw some food and drink their way.

Even if I stink at home, the work isn't too awful.

Justin's fair image is always on my mind as I enter the home. Whatever it is, it disturbs me.

My reasoning is that the more I think about it, the more quickly I'll find out what it is.

Or maybe I enjoy the way he looks, and he's not mad at me.

Once the day was over, Milky accompanied me home. She's infatuated with me.

Marge chuckled from the porch, "I'm happy the kitty has a special someone." "Only you can get close to her."

What I did is a mystery to me. I smirked and sat down next to her on a chair, giggling.

"Let me know if you ever figure it out. More people must enjoy that cat." While walking back inside, she shook her head at Milky and said, "I'll get you something to eat."

It's become routine. Marge gives me a snack every day after work, and I sit on the veranda and enjoy it.

I first declined, but she simply packed up my sandwich and sent it home with me after I refused to eat it with her.

There you go, sweetie. She brought me a platter.

You're welcome. I cleaned up using the hose and soap they kept outside while she was gone.

"Anytime." Margaret leaned back in her chair and said, "What happened to my nephew?"

"Huh?" I gave up chewing.

"Ever since you arrived, he's gone back to his old self."

One other thing, I am unsure about my accomplishments. I continued to eat.

I had no idea Justin lived here. I was under the impression that he worked for his aunt and uncle in the summer. Has he lived here for a long time?

This makes me pleased, so keep up the good work." Once again, her grin faded "This man was a mess after the accident. Like he was in Justin's body but was someone else." Marge trembled.

A lump formed in my throat as I tried to exhale.


Recently, I was reminded of a day when I watched the news in my apartment. One of the victims was a 50-year-old man who was killed in an accident after being struck by a drunk driver on the city's streets

It would be a shame if you told me that was his father.

"My heart hurt."

Despite the fact that I'm sure he'll be pissed at me for telling you, I'm so glad Justin is back. Marge's eyes were filled with tears. You're likable, even if you've only been here for a week. She laughed.

What should I say? "I don't know." I tore at my shirt.

sweetheart: "No problem." "How about some cake?" she said, her smile returning. It seemed as though she grabbed my plate and snuck back in.

The gravel crunching on the side of the house was audible while I was chasing Milky around.

This is my aunt- Oh my goodness." Justin climbed the stairs to the porch. All I did was laugh. "Does my aunt live there?"

'She simply walked in.' In agreement, I gave a little nod of the head

Waiting on the porch railing, Justin sat down.

What do you mean by Leanna? He's been attempting to pronounce my name correctly and asks, "How's the job?"

"What a relief! It's a great place to be." "I've missed being on a farm," I said with a smile.

"I, too, am enjoying my stay here. No, I don't want to live in a city." There was a flare of light in his eyes.

"I'm assuming you used to live in the city?" I said, clearing my throat. I immediately regretted what I had said. Justin hadn't noticed.

"Yes, myself and my father." "I'm going to locate my aunt," he said as he leapt over the balcony.

"Alright." I exhaled.

Wasn't it strange?

"Have you told her?" From a nearby window, Justin's words echoed out.

Say something, darling. Marge inquired.

« Dad's story» The eerie stillness in and around the home was unbearable.

"Jus, I had to. Had to be."

This was the perfect opportunity for me to vanish. I was on my way to my vehicle when I decided to leave Marge a message with an explanation of why I had to depart later that evening.

Just as I was about to drive away, Justin's voice started to fill my vehicle "Why in the world would you tell her that!?! No one should know! She'll never return!"

I wanted to weep. What just occurred made me feel awful and strange.

There are currently no comments for Leanne. No. of Emotions


I drove onto the farm with a grin on my face, forgetting all that had occurred yesterday.

As a result, I wouldn't allow anything go awry.

Marge dashed out of the house as soon as I got out of my vehicle.

"You're such a sweetheart, Leanne! I hope you didn't arrive too late for your meeting yesterday." I confessed to her that I had forgotten about a doctor's visit.

That's not the case. I chuckled.

"That's good." The woman wrapped her arm over my shoulder. You may come in for a cup of tea if you'd like.


I was caught looking at Justin's photo from the fair in the hallway.

"Auntie! When did you last see- oh!" Justin came to a halt.

Wow. "Uh-oh!" I gave a shaky wave.

Dumber, he knows that you know.

"Is my aunt cooking?" He glanced away from me.

"Yeah," I said as I stepped aside to let him pass.

"What?" He yelled.

"I'm.. Sorry." Then I left.

I sat down beneath the tree where I park and pondered the image.

It was clear to me why I was so disturbed by it.

However, I'm bothered by it since I took the photo.

Marge asked me to snap a photo of Justin when I was going by with some pals. We saw him in astonishment since he didn't know either that his picture would be taken or who the photographer was.

"Leanna?" Justin emerged from his home.

We are over here. When I saw you, I gave you a wave.

How about calling me out for using the incorrect name? His seat was next to mine.

I asked Justine, "What is the point?" When I heard the joke, I couldn't help

The third time he'd ever laughed, he was shaking his head and laughing.

The girl from the fair, right? smirking at me, he said, "It's the girl who snapped the photo you've been looking at all the while."

That's not usually the case," I muttered. "Aside from that, I just realized I'd taken it a few minutes ago. This upset me for no apparent reason."


A few of months have passed since the fair, right?

"What do you mean, I know? Yesterday, my father had passed away." Justin sat down. This is to let you know that your tea is ready. "He got up and started walking about."

Hold on to Justin. I grabbed his arm.

As soon as I finish this sentence, I must go. He refused to look at me.

Always he keeps me out of the loop.

Please accept my sincere apologies." 'Okay?' I said with a smirk. In an embrace, I smothered him.

"Me too." Justin hugged me back.

Nothing is wrong with you.

"Do you agree? I wasn't too polite at first. ...I simply...I just don't like city folks any more." He tensed up a little.

"That's fine." Whenever I let go, I'm dragged back in again. Okay," I said with a chuckle.

What do you think about hugging? He laid his head on my shoulder.

"Let's take a closer look at Leanne and Justi! Where is my camera, please?" It was Marge's turn to return to the home.

What do you think? Justin had his arm around my waist as we made our way back to the home, and he was walking with me.

"Leanna, do anything you want." Smirking, Justin continued to run.

"Justine!" As I ran after him, I laughed.

He got there before me.

Leanne: 2 I suppose that's all. I'm Justin.


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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