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The Dream Couple

For those fantasy-love story fans, this is the best for you. And even if you are not a fan you will enjoy it a lot <3


The Dream Couple

Fairy tales and finding your Prince Charming have never appealed to me.

I had no intention of dating anybody. Graduate school was at the top of my to-do list for a long.

A particular annoying, fidgety, awful guy was usually put to the back of my mind, but I couldn't help it. Were I to like him, I wouldn't have liked him. It simply kind of fell into place.

No one expected us to date either.

There's a stereotype about individuals who split up after graduation and never speak again.

Originally, he wasn't supposed to like me. I always thought I'd be able to put my emotions aside and go to college.

Years later I was supposed to share tales about him. To be forced to sit through every field trip must have been unbearable for him. We've never been able to work well together.

But somehow, we've gotten together.


"Nicholas! What the heck are you doing here?!? As a result, we are going to be late." I yelled at my time-stressed boyfriend for being late.

"You are a horrible person, Kelly! If we're going to be in the vehicle for a long time, I'll need to stretch." In his apartment, he came around the corner.

This is our third month together, and today we're supposed to meet some friends from a different city. Nick is still unable to sit still in the vehicle.

"I don't mind. As for me, I'll be in my vehicle while you're on your way." To pick him up, I drove from my townhouse to his, but he's running late as usual.

As the time passed, I became more impatient.

Nick has to hurry up.

Nicholas ran out of his apartment building as if he had heard me.

It has been a long time since I've been able to...

"I'm aware of this. Kelly, I'm very sorry." In my vehicle, Nick jumped in.

Was that it? I laughed, "My driving is my responsibility. I could make this journey much longer than it has to be." I mocked Nick since I knew he was trying to hide his tardiness.

"A better excuse than "I didn't notice the time" exists for my tardiness, but I cannot reveal it just yet. Unexpected." He smiled at me.

It is a fact that "I despise surprises."

Just the reason why I'm doing this one, in other words. Nicholas kissed my cheek. "It'll be a blast."

I began walking towards our friend's house, groaning and shaking my head as I went.


My gut told me this was a terrible idea.

And Nick is still fidgeting after an hour of driving!

Again, please explain the purpose of our visit. He begged for a third time or something.

"The reason is that they're going to the UK in September, and it's already mid-August. As part of their farewell party, they'll be hosting a few of old pals."

Were we to bring them something? As he spoke, Nick's legs jumped.

"Shi-" Suddenly, I froze "Sorry about that. I completely forgot. If I get off the freeway now, we'll be late."

Hey, it's all right. Fortunately, Nicholas has mastered the art of keeping me calm and free of snark. Now that we know what to buy them, let's get started.

There was nothing we could come up with after 25 minutes of brainstorming. That Nick couldn't remember who we were seeing didn't help.

For their departure, we might offer them disposable cameras and picture albums." Nick's idea was good.

"That should work, I suppose. It's no secret that Haley and Ben have a fondness for older, less-techie items."

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful, which was a relief. So we had to listen to the same 3 CDs over and over again since the audio in my vehicle failed a week ago!

It was better than nothing for Nicholas to sing along with my younger cousin's One Direction CD, so he did it.

"Let me show everyone of my friends how great you are. Their chinny-chinny chins will be wet with saliva. Let me have you tonight! You're welcome, baby." Kiss You was his song.

How did I wind up with such a dreadful possession is beyond me! They don't have my attention.

When Nick sung or hummed, I didn't want to ask him how he knew the lyrics.

After a long time, I succeeded in completing my mission

"Would you want to tell me how you know all of these songs?" As the CD came to a close, I struggled not to chuckle.

"You'll laugh at me." He shook his head.

'Tell me what to do.'






"Fine." This is the same girl I babysat last year who would only listen to One Direction and only One Direction," he complained.

Because I was a 17-year-old guy babysitting?"

"You know what? That's a hoot." In response to my laughter, I was given a nasty look. "Sorry."

There should be no need to be laughing, given that it is you who owns the CD." This is what Nick said, grinning.

"My cousin Janie owns it." "It's not mine," I said as I pressed play on the following CD. About 11 years old."

What's the reason you've got it then?"

"I don't know a thing about this. While packing my CDs, I found it and took it along with me."

"I'm still certain that you're listening." This is what Nick teased us with:

Take the risk." I giggled and proceeded to sing along to the Hedley CD that had just started. "Now that's something I can sing with."

Nicholas just shook his head and made me laugh by singing and dancing to his own tune.


I told Kelly to slow down.


"I need to go!"

There will be a five-minute delay.

This is something I can't wait for. It seemed as though Nick's leg was bouncing.

"It's possible for you to do it." The road was in front of me as I scowled.

In the last 30 minutes of the trip, we've been fighting over whether or not we should stop over to allow Nick out of the vehicle.

On the side of the highway.

It's a highway.

Just so he could stretch.

"Pull over, I'm serious!"

"If you're lucky, you'll be able to make it Again, just sing along to that dumb CD and you'll feel better." On, I muttered.

"'Kelly...' I told him. Your health?"


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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