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Store Guard measure the temperature of a cute puppy that wanted to enter Zara.

Millions of Tik Tok users were moved by the guard's selfless effort, the video was shared thousands of times as a result of his actions, the cutest images you will ever see.


Every kind of story is shared on social media platforms, from the most bizarre to the most touching, stories that restore your faith in humanity, such as the story of a watchman in an established shopping center who carried out his duties to enforce biosafety protocols, which included bringing this adorable Puppy into the building.

This noble gesture was documented on Tik Tok, a social media platform on which the majority of viral videos are now shared, in which a puppy is seen attempting to enter a Zara establishment in Mexico City, but due to the pandemic, many shopping centers and public places where large crowds of people congregate must follow certain protocols, which is exactly what happened in this case.

As seen in the video, the tiny dog is seen roaming around the shop and attempting to enter inside, but the security officer refuses to let him in until he has been taken temperature with a digital thermometer as if he were just another client.

After determining that everything was in order with the dog's temperature, the guard allowed it through - presumably because he had the Can Black card - while a user took the video of it not far from the entrance of the store.

In no time, the video had gone viral, and the kind remarks directed towards the guard who looked after the dog continued to pour in from all directions. Moreover, it is the fact that his action made many of us smile, particularly at a time when we all are attempting to raise awareness about the importance of animal welfare.

Here we leave you the video so you don't stop smiling at the kindness of the guard who treated this cute puppy in the best way possible.

Video source: TikTok user: @intercupsmatehual

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