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Smart Habits To Improve Your Daily Routine


We all want to have a fantastic year ahead of us. And it is possible to do so with simple acts.

I am fascinated by the subject of habits, but let's be honest, it can be overwhelming at times. There are publications that tell us that we can completely transform our lives in a matter of seconds, as if it were no great deal. As much as I'd want to meditate for 2 hours every day and read 2 books a week, I'm sorry, but I only have 24 hours and some important duties that must be completed.

That is why, over the last several years, I have begun to incorporate tiny habits into my daily routine. These have never taken up a lot of my time and don't drain my vitality the way some other habits do. Above all, they've made a significant improvement in the overall quality of my life.

Choose one of the options. Choose option number two. You may choose any or all of these options. You are not required to complete all of them on a consistent basis. I miss a few of them every now and then because life gets in the way, but I always make it back as soon as I can. You

have the ability to do so as well.


1. Every week, refuse to accept something.

If you accept everything that comes your way, you'll never have any time for yourself or your interests. Create it by refusing to participate in anything you aren't enthusiastic about throughout the workday. To begin, just refuse one time and see how freeing it is. Others' time limitations may also be raised, allowing you to maintain a certain amount of flexibility.

Someone has requested that you attend a meeting that you believe is meaningless, should you accept? Suppose you have a lot on your plate. What if three buddies ask you for your assistance? Inform one of them that they may need to seek assistance from another party or organization.

In advance, please be aware that individuals will need some time to adjust to your new way of thinking if they are now accepting everything. However, they will eventually come to terms with it.

2. Spend money on memorable experiences rather than things.

How frequently do you spend your money on material things like clothing or furniture? Consider how often you spend money on experiences in comparison to that amount of times. Objects, I believe, are where you put your money. In addition, even if you spend the same amount on both, it isn't the greatest solution. It is not items that we remember. Experiments are what it's all about, right? Objects may, at the very least, assist us in recalling certain events.

3. Take care of the essential and discard the rest

If you've never made a deliberate effort to toss anything you've saved "because it may come in handy," make a conscious effort to do so today. It's a liberated feeling. It's possible that you'll gain a taste for it and want to continue.

In any case, there's a lot of garbage you could toss out, which would free up some room. There's also a lot of material you're holding on to despite the fact that it doesn't deserve to be held onto.

4. Be smart with your money

Investments aren't the point; yet, doing so is a healthy habit to develop. This is about being aware of where your money comes from and where it is going. This is something that most parents understand to some extent, but I've seen many other individuals utterly overlook it.

It takes very little time. To automate recurring revenues and spending, you may use a free program like Money Manager to input your financial information. The rest of your spending and their categories may be entered in a few clicks after that. Your money's whereabouts will become clear in due course. A few seconds are all it takes to do this task.

5. Don't be afraid to ask

Aside from a few areas (like language study! ), I'm not a particularly good public speaker. With the use of a simple method, I've improved. I try to ask as many open-ended questions as I can during the day. It's as if I'm a youngster again, asking "Why, Where, When, Who, What, Which," and all sorts of other similar inquiries.

Sometimes the scenario does not lend itself to this, but the majority of the time it does. Ask open-ended inquiries whenever you have the opportunity, and you will be perceived as a more effective interlocutor. Why? Because you contribute to the continuation of the conversation and because people enjoy talking about themselves.

6. Turn off your phone

Begin with one hour a day. If you think you can last longer, go ahead and try it. This isn't nearly as difficult as you may assume. The only reason you aren't doing it is because "always being available" has become a habit for you to maintain. That's one you'll have to work on.

Even if you merely glance at a notification for a few second, it takes around 25 minutes to restore your concentration. Forget about them for an hour, and you'll be able to do a great deal more. I've been addicted to it to the point that my alerts are turned off for two-thirds of the days.

7. Watch just the necessary news

It's likely that you've already begun doing so in 2020 in order to prevent the disaster that was this year. If you haven't already, start today. No matter how inquisitive you are, you do not require watching the news three times a day, much alone ten times a day. If at all possible, just watch or read the news once a day, about noon. You're probably not going to need anything else.

I've decreased my news consumption to once every two days, and this has proven to be really effective. Everything that happens in the world does not overwhelm me; instead I keep track of it all. Even better, I now have more time for myself.

8. Drink a lot of water

Another easy and inconspicuous habit. It's really beneficial to your health, and you can find it almost anyplace. Now I'm curious as to why you aren't already consuming enough water. Come on, put the book down for a second and just do it.

9. Spend time taking care of yourself

Come on, even a single minute can make all the difference in the world. I'm confident in your ability. There is no phone. There is no computer. There was no tablet, nor were there any friends or dogs present. There's nothing but you and your thoughts. If necessary, do this while sitting on the toilet. Doing this for a minute will not revolutionize your life, but it will assist you in being more conscious of your thoughts rather than operating on autopilot.

Begin with a minute and gradually increase the time as you go. Consider the implications of your conclusions. Self-talk is important. Simply accept whatever your views are and move on with your life. In today's environment, self-awareness is vastly underappreciated.

10. Make done all the little tasks

Numerous pieces of advice encourage people to do tasks that require less than 5 minutes straight immediately. I don't agree with you. 5 minutes is still a significant amount of time, and it has the potential to disrupt the remainder of my routine. Instead, I've established a time constraint of 2 minutes for everything that has to be done immediately soon.

If it will take you 5 minutes, write it down on a piece of paper that you will hang in front of you. then complete it within an hour and a half of being given the opportunity It allows you some wiggle room but also preventing you from delaying for days on end.

11. Keep your bed clean and make it !

Another easy habit to acquire. However, it does not "transform your life right away," but that is not the purpose here either. All we want to do is make a little improvement to it without interfering with our overall flow.

Get out of bed in the morning, make your bed, and then pile on a slew of additional victories for the remainder of the day.

12. Discover new things

My personal fave out of the bunch. Let go of all expectations and just enjoy discovering something new every month. The principles of Origami and Python were taught to me in November, and I'll be learning how to paint aquarelle in January. However, it might simply be delving further into a subject that has piqued your interest. You might learn about the Battle of Marignano or the culture of the "Purikura" by reading about it.

It's always great to learn something new, no matter how it happens. It is also beneficial since it keeps us intrigued and allows us to gradually improve our abilities or knowledge over time. You may do it whatever you want. Invest a single Saturday's worth of time on it, or few minutes every day for a month. It is important for you to learn something new, and that is what counts.

13. Keep your environments clean

If you’ve never done it, try it. Whether you’ve got space or not, you can easily reorganize your home. In which way, you ask? Well, that’ll depend on what you do at home.

14. Exercise

One minute at a time. There's nothing else to say. Even in the midst of your hectic schedule, you have the ability to make the time for this, right? Just a few easy exercises will do; I'm not seeking for an extensive training program. 30 push-ups and a minimum of 30 seconds of planking are generally plenty for me.

When you exercise first thing in the morning, it helps to get the blood circulating and helps you to get out of the morning fog you may be feeling. If a complete exercise in the morning is what you like, go ahead and do it. However, even if you favor the evening, 1 minute in the morning isn't going to damage anything. It is beneficial.


There are some huge, difficult-to-implement habits to break. Then there are the little, simple behaviors that everyone may adopt. I like them all, but it's evident that the latter are less difficult to include into our already (apparently) hectic schedule.

Taking everything into consideration, they are also life-changing in the long term. The main problem with such is that their influence is difficult to detect. It's simple to disregard them since you don't realize how beneficial they may be. If you stick with them for a long enough period of time, your life will improve.

It is possible that the year 2022 will be that year. You have the ability to begin transforming your life. Tiny improvements may make a big difference in your happiness. Hey, you may even begin right now.

You can do it. Take a deep breath and go toss something away to get things started. And that's only the beginning.

Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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