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Running and Running

Welcome back my Fam to another story blog, this time with a kinda funny and dramatic story that i personally liked a lot so i hope you too <3


Running and Running

I hurried out of my bedroom, turning off my music and grabbed my hoodie as I went.

God forbid that I might be late again!

On the tile floor, I threw on my hoodie and dashed down the stairs.

Instead of locking the door thereafter, I grabbed it off of the counter and searched around for my key, then put it in the pocket of my jacket and pulled my shoes on over my toes.

It's a mystery why I didn't pay closer attention to the clock. To get there, I'll need 8 minutes.

As my feet pounded down the street, I looked at my phone to see what time it was. For the fourth time in two weeks, I needed to be at school before the bell rang.

Music in the morning is a bad habit that I need to break. I'm easily distracted. 4

As I ran, my hopes rose as I realized that I may really make it to the finish line. Anyone can convert a 20-minute stroll into an 8-minute run if they know the shortcuts, even if they aren't the fastest sprinter.

Thanks to previous experience, I knew the quickest route to take.

Behind me, as I was walking across a neighbor's yard, I could hear a person screaming.

"Allie, hurry up and get out of Dodge! Be on time!" "It's funny," said the elderly lady from her porch. This time my mother will find out.

Fortunately, I didn't have to worry about it. A tiny chain-link fence made me feel like Ferris Bueller from Ferris Bueller's Day Off when I jumped over it and into another yard to explore. That pushed me to work harder.

My school was two streets away when I veered back into the street.

My chances of making it are little to none.

After a few minutes, I was hardly running at all! No way was I going to make it.

However, I'm not allowed to have another detention. I don't think it's worth it.

When the idea of my previous incarceration entered my head, I did my best to accelerate.

Four problematic guys and one easily distracted female in a room is not something I want to revisit.

The answer is "never".

My chances of making it are little to none. I went too slowly.

Only 100 yards away from my school's entrance, I utilized all of my remaining energy to sprint one more time.

I'm going to succeed.

Mind-fully, I clapped. A few seconds before the bell had rung, I had to hurry.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

I counted the stairs I had left. With the door handle still in my fingers, I yanked it open and almost fell into my classroom.

After a few seconds, the bell chimed.

Yes!! This girl will not be sent to detention.

Walking to my locker, I staggered down the halls, attempting to regain my breath.

First class went off without a hiccup. In my seat, I saw students submitting papers.

That's not good at all! Absolutely not!

On the way to school today, I forgot my homework.

I scrambled to come up with an explanation and hoped that my instructor wouldn't notice that I hadn't turned in my work.


I was sorely mistaken! For some reason, I'd been forgetting my assignments a whole lot in that class, so I got detention.

It was time for me to put my head down and put on my hood as I sat in the back row of desks.

Because I'm a loser.

As the regular guys entered the room, they instantly became aware of my presence. But I kept my head down and didn't pay attention to it.

They were snickering in the corner, attempting to attract my attention by making fun of me.

Having to spend time in prison is a drag.

It was only then that I saw the supervising teacher peeking in to make sure everyone was there.

She went down the hall, keeping the door open instead of slamming it shut.

We need to detain someone. Please use a name I know.

Once again, I hid my head behind my desk.

I'll never want to go back to detention. Not a chance!

The guys in the corner realized I didn't want anything to do with them, so they left me alone.

Or at least, that's what I believed.

My head and arms flew up as a finger poked me in the face. If I were to claim that they frightened me, I'd be lying.

Oh, hey, whoa. I had to restrain myself from screaming. He wasn't a hoodlum.

"Hey." Suddenly, his green eyes shone and his lips curled up in amusement.

"Can I assist you?" I tried not to offend anybody.

"Nope." He smirked and sat down next to me.

"Alright." I shook my head and lowered my head.

"Allie?" His voice was low and hushed, like if he

Who knows my name except him?

"Allie?" That's what he did, and it didn't

"What?" My head jerked back.

It's me, Brayden." In reply to her, his grin returned: "I saw your name on the detention document." On the door, he pointed to the list.

"What a pity! Hey." All of a sudden, I found myself humiliated.

Despite my humiliation, Brayden carried on talking.

As well as the ability to converse with each other

Then, there's the talking, which is

When Brayden and I were talking, a couple of the disturbed guys in the corner glanced over at us a few times.

A smile might suggest that Brayden is a flirt. His imprisonment was for the same reason as mine, it turned out.

Have you ever run through a yard? It made him chuckle, and it made him feel better

Then I realized I was going to be late! That was all I could do as I shrugged.

If I were you, I wouldn't do it. While keeping his voice low, Brayden confessed.

"It's something I do often." I laughed in return.

There is no doubt that you are a lot cooler than those men thought you were. He gave them a nod of the head as he walked by.

That's all I heard.

Anxiety began to grow in my tummy. What?

Concerning Brayden's opinion of me, do I really give a damn?

However, I realized that I may have said yes. The man appeared to be a nice person.

Why should I be his friend?

Brayden interrupted my thoughts, so I was unable to respond.

"Allie?" His gaze caught mine "Suddenly, you lost focus and drifted off into a When we asked the instructor whether we may go, she replied yes."

It's a yes. When I saw the flush on her face, I got up and went to the front of the room to

Brayden was the first person I'd ever met. He will most likely never see me again.

Ich found it depressing. In fact, it was a pleasure to speak with him.

No matter how little time we had, I enjoyed it.

Without glancing back, I made my way to the door, avoiding Brayden's gaze.

"Lea?" We called him "Uh... uh." He was at a loss for words.

Please, Allie, speak out.

You made me feel at ease while we spoke. I turned back to the door and grinned.

"I want to speak to you again about it," he said.


"Sure, we'll cross paths again. I'll be back, no matter how much I dislike it." I leaned against the doorway, trying to seem as cool as I could.

His voice rose, "I was thinking that maybe we might... go out some day," he said.

Do you believe this?

'That would be nice.'

"Cool?" He smiled.

"Yeah, it would be great." My voice trembled. How did I manage to be so composed?

This is a yes, right? As Brayden giggled, the room erupted with

Oh, my goodness, yes, that's great!



Guys find it hard to be polite to me since I leap fences and dash across yards.

Leaving Brayden behind me was as simple as exchanging phone numbers with him.

Leaving the school, I noticed something as I pushed the doors open.

It's possible that detention isn't that terrible. Don't you think I keep finding myself there?


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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