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Hiding and Running

The perfect love Blog story to read with a good cup of coffee or tea. Hope you like it <3


Hiding and Running

As a result, we will be late and you will miss Tessa. When I arrived home, Angie taunted me as she waited outside my front door to let me inside.

Come on over!

"Finally." "It's not like you don't know what you're doing." Because of how anxious you are, I'm beginning to believe that you like Tess a lot more than I anticipated, Jake."

In defiance of Angie, I led the way out of my home and got into her vehicle. The rest is history.

The best buddy you have is fortunate to have you. Smirking, she started the vehicle and turned on the radio before driving off.

Not so sure, I thought. I moaned.

There would be no way to go to the date I lined up without me."

No, this isn't a date,

"This is OK, but I did arrange for the three of us to get together. Thanks to me, you may wind up dating Tessa." Angie looked up at me with a smile.

In the unlikely event this occurs, I will thank you.

What a coincidence that the lady I'm obsessing on is pals with Angie, my best female friend since we were kids. After school, she asked me out and about with her to the arcade so that we could have fun together without it being a "date."

There's no way to tell. In response, Angie turned up the radio and sang along.


It's time to talk to her, Jake. Angie poked me in the ribs as Tess went to purchase a bag of sweets.

Her hatred for me is palpable in her words. It was time to take a drink of my pop.

The answer is no. He sighed, "She likes you."

"She's a dream come true."

Tessa was coming towards us as I threw my empty can into the recycle bin.

My opinion of her is that she is wonderful.

Not only her appearance, but also her personality. Honestly, I'm in awe of her authenticity.

However, I wouldn't dare tell anybody. My male pals have no idea that I have a thing on her, and Angie knows very little about it.

This is me, a man. Getting me to confess my feelings to Angie is difficult enough. No one else needs to be informed.

Anyone interested in playing mini golf? As Angie smirked, a smirk spread over her

"Sure." Tess was gazing at me with a grin.

"I'm not very good, but I'm alright." Laughing, she shook her head in

"Don't worry, Jake will be able to assist you." Her lips were moving as Angie spoke to her. She laughed as we made our way to the mini golf course.

When the game began, it was a blast. To prove my love for Tess, Angie had me play mini-golf with her. It was only the three of us, and Ang did her best to keep her distance.

Towards the end of the round, we caught up with a group of four men our age who looked like they were looking for a fight.

Teasing with Tessa, I tried not to think about the men in front of us. When we waited for them to go, I thought we wouldn't have any problems.

What a mistake!

How beautiful are you two?" To Tess and Angela, the largest of them all winked.

"Join us for a game." Another smiled, while the other two men whistled.

"Get out of here." Angie shook her head. Leave it up to her to reprimand the boys.

"Ooh. This one's got a bit of a swag." One of them said, "I like it," as he looked at her.

"Gross." As she stared, she scowled back at me. Tessa and I stayed close. Having spent much of her life among males, I knew Angie could handle herself.

Why don't you tell me? Tessa was staring at the second man "You're a real beauty. What a difference a few years can make!"

Just leave her alone, please. Our conversation took place simultaneously.

A bit possessive of his lady, Mr. Tough Guy. "He doesn't even care about this one," said the larger man, laughing. His finger pointed towards Angie.

While pulling Tessa back with my arm, I began backing up and moving backward.

After learning karate as a child, Angie spent her final three years of high school on the boxing squad at school. In order for us to be safe if a fight broke out, I had to move Tessa as far back as possible.

"Stay focused on your game." "We simply want to complete ours," I said, frowning.

Unanticipated events. Someone of greater stature came forward "I believe I'd like to spend some time with your daughter here. Both are incompatible." "I'll be right there," he said, "and I'll be right there."

He said, "She's a buddy of mine." That was all I could do as I shook my head in despair

Those men didn't seem to be intimidated by a fight.

"It wasn't me."

The last thing I wanted was to get into a violent altercation, particularly with golf clubs involved. Even with Angie's assistance, I'd never be able to manage all four men.

In order to get away, I did the next best thing.

"Run!" In the end, I pulled them through the course, grabbing Angie's arms and dragging Tessa's.

No, it's hardly the most manly thing to do. It did, however, put an end to the harassment and the threat of a fight.

When we reached the arcade, we took off again, sprinting up the steps. After returning our gold clubs, we hurriedly made our way to the front door.

Not at all what I expected. This time, Angie decided to take some time to collect her breath.

None of us were, I'm sure of that." As much as I could, I tried to sound unfazed. These men were capable of doing anything.

Sure, they simply wanted to 'hang out' with Angie, but they looked like they were ready to pounce on me as I walked in.

When asked, "How are you?" I took a peek at her. For a long time, she hadn't spoken a word.

"I...I'm all right." "I simply haven't run so quickly in a long time," she said, nodding her head. We all broke into laughter.

When Jake was in elementary school, I hadn't seen him sprint so fast. I've never seen Angie laugh so hard as she did that day

"No way was I fighting them! Golf clubs were available." We both laughed.

They would have been no match for me. Angie clenched her fists together.

I said, "Are you certain?" For real, they're heading this way and they're furious.

Grabbing her hand, we raced to the parking lot, where we parked. The two of us rushed and unlocked Angie's vehicle while she was looking for her keys.

"Jake, take Tess with you. The McDonald's near my home is where we'll meet up." While getting into Tessa's vehicle, I could hear her giggling in the back seat.

In a scenario like that, Angie and I haven't seen each other in a very long time. After following Angie, Tess shook her head.

For many blocks, we sat in silence listening to the radio, wondering what had just occurred.

You're welcome. Tessa gave me a bashful look. "That time those people were whistling and everything. My mood was lifted." She smiled at me.

"That's right. I wasn't paying attention." I giggled incongruously.

The fool that I am!

"It was delicious." In her haste, she arrived to the McDonald's, "Thanks." She kissed me on the cheek as she bent over.

Before she could get out of the vehicle, I stopped her.

"Tess, don't give up." In the end, she walked away from the door handle "Both of us chuckled, "I know I'm not the most manly when it comes to difficulty as you saw, but I believe you're... As far as I can tell, you're the best. Why don't we go out?"

Despite the terrible arcade atmosphere, I was nevertheless pumped with excitement.

"What?" Were you surprised to see her?

It's a pleasure to meet you. I smiled at him.

Is that so?"

It was a lot of fun. I laughed, scratching my head.

It's the same with me, Jake." Tess grinned, revealing a dimple in her cheek. "Also, I believe you're the most manly person I've ever met. It was obvious that a fight would be a losing one, therefore you walked away from it."

Instead, he ran out of gas. I laughed.

"We'll let everyone know that you've withdrawn." In the end, she gave me another peck on the cheek with a wink.

"Are you guys going to show up or what?" My window was rapped, and Tessa and I both jumped in our seats as a result.

We caught up as Angie jumped out of the vehicle.

Have I not yet thanked you for your help?" Smilingly, she said, "I'm sorry."

"What for?"

"Are you two dating?" Walking between Tessa and myself, she inquired.

Tess flushed as she answered Angie's question.

When she opened the McDonald's door, she said, "You owe me a thank you or ice cream cone!"


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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