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Random 3am Thoughts

So here we are my fam with another blog, this time with a kinda poetic and life story blog. We all have those night were we can´t sleep at all, so we are thinking about everything and not trying to actually fall asleep. So i made a compilation of some thinkings so may you feel identified or just enjoy the blog <3



- 1 -


These thoughtless remarks were spoken.

This is a strong and widespread force that...

Either they cure us...

Or smother us.

There are moments when words aren't sufficient.

Then we'd be set free.

Then again, his remarks...


- 2 -

"It was a kid who could make anybody smile, but he was also a guy who couldn't stop breaking."

His destiny, though, would betray him.

It was love at first sight, but he had no idea that life would take her away from him as well!

- 3 -

In his arms, she was in his arms...

It was because he had no hands.

It was because she wanted to, that she held him.

To saturate her hands with his.

- 4 -

Like the stars, I want your presence.

It's time for the moon

It's like the moon

A yearning for sleep

To radiate light

Please come back soon, I miss you!

Never give up on your cause.

No matter how long they last

The moon is yours!

- 5 -

My mind is buzzing with ideas.

Faster than light, merging into inconceivable worlds

No distinction between the real and unreal is made in my mind.

There is no one idea that stands out.

There isn't a clear-cut answer.

A mixtape of wishes, Haphazard is moving away from politics and into the realm of past talks.

Waiting for the right situation to occur

"Perfect World" and "Perfect Ending".

My daydream is interrupted by the booming sound of a horn.

- 6 -

The finest of the best.

I've been the hardest hit.

The happiest people on earth.

I've shed the most tears.

The hearts that are closest to each other...

I've been the most broken!

- 7 -

I don't want a love that is TOXIC that comes and goes.

I simply want someone to deal with me when I'm being difficult to deal with!

- 8 -

She was left behind.

She was shattered.

She had been duped.

A number of occasions, her heart shattered...

However, she has now realized.

A thousand parts of her heart have been torn apart, just to be put back together with the tale that was meant to be hers!

- 9 -

A little part of my heart belongs to you.

For the time being, I'm not saying for the time being, or until I've found someone else...

No matter how many times I fall in love.. Or how many times I never fall in love again... There will always be a little.. Quiet space in my heart... That belongs to you... I hope that makes sense.

- 10 -

The way you carry yourself is a source of beauty.

Basically, it's how you treat others

Acceptance of oneself is a means to love.

Your soul is full with beauty!

- 11 -

There was no turning back now! The moon spoke up.

When asked "where do you get your tales from?" The sparkling stars enquired.

Every day I hear some heartbreaks and some love filled tales," said the moon.

- 12 -

Plus, all the suffering in the world

It was your love, however, that I selected above all other medicines in the world!

- 13 -

The sun and the moon come to mind at times

Rarely meeting, constantly chasing one another and nearly always missing one another, yet once in a while they meet and kiss and the world is awestruck by their eclipse..

- 14 -

She sprang from the ashes like a phoenix from the sands of time.

She stopped second guessing herself and her decisions, and she let her words and love to flow freely.

She was certain that they had been released into the universe with the greatest of intentions, and that they would land where they were needed and remain where they were accepted...

- 15 -

Not knowing who to trust or who to avoid since everyone seems same to you

Can you imagine feeling like that?

When you cannot hear your own voice as whispers

Have you ever felt so hopeless?

In the depths of time, you have given up on having a soul.

Have you ever felt so far away?

like though you've been missing for years and were only now discovered

As though you had no purpose in life

You've felt this way before, haven't you?

- 16 -

While we've grown with some wear and tear, let's say, "WE'VE MOVED ON."

Mortal is a myth because stories do exist.

- 17 -

Unpalatable truths

Find a place in the circle of friendship

Moreover, despite the fact that circles are becoming smaller

It used to make me feel uncomfortable.

They are now speaking about peace.

And I begin to have doubts.

If there are any more, please let me know.

I take a walk outdoors.

And take in the view of the sky

And I'm well aware of it.

Others are taking notice, as well!

- 18 -

If you like to spend some time with me at my house whenever you get the opportunity...

We'll take a seat by the window.

Keep an eye on the rain...

And enjoy each other's company while enjoying a cup of steaming coffee and sharing some secrets...

The following are some of yours and some of mine:

And I vow to treat them as if they were my own personal journal...

- 19 -

Understand this, my love: You were born with a fire burning inside of you, and doing nothing about it will allow it to consume your own soul...

- 20 -

My t-shirt was playing a joke on you.

It was one of your favorites...

Pink, abstract pattern, and a size bigger than I normally wear were the reasons I wore it. It was a size larger than I normally wear pink.

My arms were touched by the sleeves.

I cocked my head and let my hair fall on the other side, and I'd forget to put one earring on the other side of my head.

I extended my arms, inviting you to examine me. You came closer without saying anything, settling yourself securely in my arms.

With my arms wide and your head resting on my left shoulder, I wrapped my arms around you and smiled. Even though I couldn't see you, I believe you were aware that I smiled...


So this was the compilation my fam, hope you all like it, i know sometimes is teally hard to turn off our minds, but try to lead all those thousands of thoughts in a positive way that help you to do better <3

Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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