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Prom Night Adventure

A cute story of a group of friends that just want to have fun in the School Prom Night but something happen ….


Prom Night Adventure

As a result, most tales have a predictable conclusion. Whatever the case may be.

We have the bad guy and the nerdy girl.

We have a flirty and a kind daughter.

Unhappy boy and girl.

There's a guy and a girl who are secretly in love.

It's almost as though they all come to the same conclusion.

They fall in love with each other.

To whom does that apply? In the real world, does it really happen? If so, how?

In my opinion, this is very unlikely to be true


It was prom night at last. This meant that I would no longer be trapped in the middle of an overcrowded high-school class.

Not even a university will have me as a student straight immediately. In the end, a year-long sabbatical from all forms of education was very much required.

Nicholas Camp, who had been my bus companion for four years, had to say goodbye as well.

Our relationship has improved since our previous field trip, although Nick still irritates me.

Still, I accepted to be his prom date since no one else was going to ask me anyhow.

The worst mistake I've ever made was agreeing to anything.


On the bus with him, I thought, was a terrible idea. "Not a chance!" Comparatively speaking, it was a breeze in comparison to the stress he put me through before prom.

In addition, he took me to so many tuxedo stores that it was impossible to keep track of how many ties I tried on.

Nick, on the other hand, was unable to sit still whenever something was brought to my notice.

Kelly, well, he texted me an hour before the dance began. I need to see you at school. Are you still in need of a taxi? Because I can locate one for you.

I was supposed to be picked up in a limo by this moron. I mean it's prom, for goodness sake.

Be sure to find out the real cause for his departure.

When I got out of the SUV my buddy had hired for the night, it was packed.

Ashley had a spare seat, which was a godsend.

It was their dates that got Ashley and my other buddy, Carrie, out of the SUV.

On the other side, I had to make my way out by stumbling and tripping.

Kelley, what's going on? It was Carrie's turn to grimace as I adjusted my puffy blue dress.

"It's all right." "I just fell out of the vehicle," I said with a strained smile. In my head, I murmured something.

As I retrieved my phone from my tiny handbag, I let the two couples go ahead of me.

Nick is nowhere to be found. Where is he?

When I called him, he said he would meet me at the front steps at 7.

7:03 p.m. on my phone

After a few minutes of waiting, I decided to walk in without him.

"Kelly! How are you? This is where I'm at." Nicholas yelled behind me.

Ah, you're an excellent watchmaker. My arms were crossed over my chest.

In the meanwhile, it was now 7:17pm (midnight).

Your anger is evident. He rubbed the back of his neck with a scratcher.

I rolled my eyes and went up the stairs.

He grabbed my arm and said, "Wait, this is for you." He took out a blue corsage from its container and admired it.

My face lit up with a real grin.

"Thanks a lot, Nick."

The reason I was late was due of it. When the deliveryman arrived, he stuffed the container back into his pocket and said, "I had to wait for him."

We apologised profusely for our rudeness and made our way to the school's gym.


What do you think of Nicholas? This is what I asked the couple that lived next door to me: Neither of them said anything as they shook their heads.

I can't find him.

While dancing and singing with friends, Nick and I spent the most of the night together.

As soon as the DJ announced a few slow songs, I tried to find a method to avoid dancing, but Nicholas was one step ahead of me. Asked to go to the bathroom, he replied: "Yes."

I know he's avoiding me after three songs.

Could it be that he felt the same way I did when it came to slow dancing?

I sighed with relief, since I knew it was true. It was inevitable.

When I saw that every other couple was dancing, I knew it was time for me to leave the room. It would be great to have a little quiet time to relax.

When I lifted the bottom of my dress to descend the steps from the gym, I saw a few shadows in the corridor.

Instead of wearing heels, I opted for flats, which resulted in rather quiet steps. There were two people across the hall who were too absorbed in their discussion to notice me.

From where I was sitting, I could hear them conversing in the gym. I didn't pay attention till my name was mentioned.

"Let's go speak to Kelly," he said. However, I couldn't place the voice.

"Sadly, this isn't something I'm capable of doing Unfortunately, I failed miserably in this endeavor." The second voice was familiar to me. There was no doubt- "It's time to move on from Nick! Most likely, she's been searching high and low for you." It was Nick's buddy James who spoke first.

Yes, I do know.

"So you won't have to see her again if she says no. You are invited to the prom. Finally, we've reached the end of our high school career!" The sound of James' voice became louder as he drew closer to

Pushing away what I had just heard, I rose from the seat and went towards them, ignoring everything I had heard.

"What's going on, Nick! What a relief!" As I approached, I grinned. A restroom break is necessary. That's what I said.

Sorry, James said, "I was preoccupied."

"You know what? Interested in returning?" His jumping legs caused the bench Nick was sitting on to shake.

A break would have been nice. My seat was next to his, if that was alright.

James waved before dashing back inside the gym, almost as if he was running. Someone is searching for him.

Advil, please?

"Huh?" I had become numb.

Does Advil help you? It was shoved in my face by Nicholas.

"Thanks." I ate it without chewing.

The quiet continued for a few minutes.

"Nick?" Eradicating the leg-shaking, "I know you didn't have to go to the bathroom or speak to James. You didn't want to miss out on the slow dances."

Shock appeared across Nicholas' face.

His voice trailed off.

"You do realize that it's alright, don't you?" Nothing to worry about!" I faked a grin.

As a matter of fact, it was a complete no go.

After all these years, there's a reason I accepted his invitation to be his partner instead of resisting.

Why did I never skip a class trip?

There's a reason why I've never swapped bus pals with anybody else.

My decision to be his prom date was not made lightly.

I thought Nicholas was adorable back then. Adorable but obnoxious

When I had the opportunity, I didn't want to miss it!

As a result, I would never speak to him again if we switched bus companions.

And I like him so much now that I had to say yes when he asked if I wanted to go to prom with him.

You know, I figured it'd be uncomfortable." It seemed as though he was shrugging his shoulders at the

"Me too." This is something I'm not ashamed to confess. Just for reasons that are different. It's like, we're hardly getting along anymore. When I heard the joke, I couldn't help

You and I have a good working relationship. Nicolai smiled smugly.

As for that, "I'm not sure." I frowned.

'I like you now,' I've been saying all year. The floor began to shake again as he seemed to be anxious.

Okay, and I have a little hatred for you."

During the quiet, the discomfort increased.

Do you dislike me, really? He fidgeted with his hands.

What do you think? "Uh, I'm not sure. Not sure how to respond. 'I really like you.'

What do you mean by that? His eyes were filled with optimism.

As I shook my head, I said, "I wish!"

It's nice to meet you, too." In the end, Nick's hand came into contact with mine.

"You've already told me," I said. In spite of my nervousness, I smirked.

That's not everything.

More than what?

This is more than you imagine. Nick reached over and kissed me on the cheek.2

We were both paralyzed by a sense of impending do

"What?" I was unable to look at him.

It's true that I like you more than you think. He kissed me again on the cheek.

Why do you do that? My eyes widened and met his. "You're always absent." Realizing he liked me as much as I liked him, I grinned a little bit.

"What do you mean by 'I keep what'?" He chuckled.


As we got closer, Nicholas and I leaned in closer to one another.

"I believe I may like you a little bit," he says. Then I said to myself as we sped away.

If that is the case, I believe I'll be OK. Then he squeezed my hand with a grin.


The endings of most tales are so predictable, as I've always maintained. Whatever the case may be.

We have the bad guy and the nerdy girl.

We have a flirty and a kind daughter.

Unhappy boy and girl.

There's a guy and a girl who are secretly in love.

It's almost as though they all come to the same conclusion.

They fall in love with each other.

These things actually happen to real people. Real-life couples have started off in these ways.

A couple like Nick and I is one of them.


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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