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Prayer of the Day - A Prayer of Much Blessing

Dear God, on this day I come to You to thank You for all the blessings You give me without ceasing. You are my friend and my provider and although I do not have great luxuries or riches, You always give me everything and even more than what I need...


In this prayer I also want to make a request that comes from the depths of my heart: You know my life, my desires, my anxieties and also my needs. I ask you to fill me with the intelligence necessary to make good decisions and the strength necessary to get up and achieve those miracles that I so need in my life.

Lord, today I implore you to be my guide every day, to help me make the best choices, to remain firm even in the midst of adversity and to give me a noble heart that is capable of loving, understanding, forgiving and sharing with others. generosity.

Heavenly Father, I know that for You there are no impossible things and that is why today I ask You to take me by the hand, guide me along the right path, allow me to emerge victorious from every trial and be that beautiful ray of light that clarifies all doubt and darkness.

Please give me the courage to face difficult moments, teach me every day the importance of faith, help me remember that You are the captain of my life and that after every storm the days of calm will always come.

For my part, I will work with love and live every moment trusting that always behind what seems like a difficult trial, a great blessing awaits.

Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer and for comforting my anxieties. I have nothing to fear because You are with me and are my God, who strengthens me, helps me and sustains me with His victorious right hand, Amen.

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God bless you! 🙏



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