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My Delivery Girl

For those who likes unexpected endings this is the perfect blog for you. Lets relax and enjoy this new story Blog. Hope you like it <3


My Delivery Girl

We've received three additional delivery! A few minutes later, my boss called back and told me to get ready.

Taking the addresses and double-checking my understanding of where they were, I nodded and grabbed the address book.

Another on Keith Drive and a street called Elmer Street. Simple, I thought to myself.

It was time for me to get out the pizza delivery bags and soda that came with each order.

Five minutes, Chlo." "Five minutes, Chlo. Someone behind me screamed at the fan.


With my back to the store's front window, I saw a girl go past carrying four dog leashes, each of which had a misbehavior of its own

A dog-walking job I had last summer with the Georges, an elderly couple who travel every summer and leave behind their three dogs, came to me when I read this article.

When I met Jordan, a 17-year-old kid who began meeting up with me every day, my work became much more fascinating.

We spent the summer hanging together and I felt we were on the verge of dating, but as fate would have it, he moved away in September.

As a result of this experience, I made two commitments to myself.

Secondly, I'd be more cautious with guys. Because of Jordan's family's decision to relocate, I'm prone to stumbling.

Hearing the bell for the pizzas, I grabbed my delivery bags, took the order papers and pop from the counter, and made my way to my vehicle as quickly as possible.

After checking the time, I switched on the radio and started my journey to the suburbs.

I couldn't stop thinking about Jordan as I hummed and tapped my fingers on the driving wheel in time with the music.

Hey Chloe. It's been almost a year.

Once again, I tried to distract myself with the music.

But Jordan wouldn't leave my thoughts no matter how hard I tried.

What is he doing?

Who is he? When are you 19 years old?

He's most likely heading to school or anything like that.

And he's forgotten me.

As I neared Elmer Street, I slowed down to shake off the terrible attitude I had imposed on myself.

What about 4871? Scannin' through the home numbers, I thought to myself,

There was a home number 4871 about ten houses down from the start of the street.

Containing one hand, I grabbed the two bags needed to carry three pizzas, and the other, the plastic bag with pop.

Waiting for a response, I knocked on the door and waited for a response

Then he knocked on the door.

Doorbell, where are you?

I was going to knock on the door again when a girl not much older than me opened it for me.

Three medium pizzas and 2L of soda are at your disposal. In exchange for $32.52 I gave them the boxes and plastic bag.

When she couldn't find it, she handed me two $20 bills.

"You're welcome to keep it." Smiling broadly, she closed the door.

"Thanks." When I saw the locked door, I grinned.

To locate the next home, I ran and walked a little bit before jumping into my vehicle.

"Keith Road." It was approximately five minutes away when I started my vehicle.

I was reminded of Jordan when I saw a girl and boy strolling hand in hand along the street.

As long as there was a dog walker in sight, I was in a good mood!

As I continued on my journey, I found myself at Keith Drive far sooner than I expected.

When I looked at the order form, I was able to quickly locate the first address.

To which the elder guy said, "Here's a little pie for you, and a drink," I apologized profusely.

Take the box and pop and don't worry about the delay. "You were much faster than the normal delivery lady," he said.

Knowing who he was referring to, I chuckled, "That'll be $17.89,"

"Here." He gave me $28.89 in cash "Keep up the good work. You're welcome!"

Yours as well," he said. Once again, I smiled and drove away.

A huge tip is expected tonight.

This got me thinking about the other homes I'd already delivered to tonight.

"2398." I sped down the road as fast as I could to make it to the final home on the list.

Two plastic bags containing 2 liters of pop were in my possession, and I carried them to the front door after weaving past the numerous vehicles parked outside.

From the sounds of laughing and music emanating from within, it was clear that the party was off to a fantastic start.

When I rang the doorbell, I contemplated knocking extra loudly to be heard above the noise of the ringing.

"Kyle, you're fucked!" Someone screamed from within.

While it was being opened, there was a loud bang.

"Hey." My age was given as a response by a nerdy young man.

It took a long time, I'm sorry." There was $54.11 on the bill.

Just a moment, please." "There you go," he said as he rushed back inside, returning with $60.

How about some change? I gave him a bite to eat.

"You don't have to thank me for that! Have a nice night."

You're welcome.

On the way back to the office, I continued humming.

My vehicle was parked in the rear and I entered via the employee's back door.

While waiting for calls, I dropped my delivery bags beneath the counter.

"How are you doing today Chloe? Tanner will be here in a few minutes, so you can take the rest of the evening off." My employer told me about it.

"Really? Awesome."

Your flight will depart at 10 a.m.

When I saw that it was 9:33 p.m., my mood improved. It's a gift to be able to leave work early on a Saturday.

I picked up the phone twice in the span of five minutes, but none of the calls were for delivery, just for pickup.

On my third call, I provided the caller our address.

For the third time in one night, I found myself thinking about Jordan while I drummed my fingers on the counter.

What's the matter with me? The fact that I haven't thought about him in almost a month has never troubled me so much.

The ringing of the phone jolted me out of my trance.

"Thank you for visiting the website of the Petro's Pizza. Please tell me what I can do for you, Chloe."

Yep. It's true. In the voice of a boy, "I would want to make an order for pickup" was replied

How about a cup of coffee?

When asked, "What type of pizza do you recommend?" The boy's laughter made me feel queasy.

"The deluxe is the most popular pizza in this place, it seems. It appears to be a hit with everyone."

That sounds great, I'll have one medium pizza and two cans of Sprite. "

"If you want it done in 20 minutes, the cost is $14.50. What should I call it?"

"Tilner. T-i-l-n-e-r." He wrote it down for me.

Who else except Tilner could that be? " Then I laughed a little, unprofessionally.

Sure, call him Just Tilner.


"Thanks." After the call, he hung up the phone.

'Weird,' I said to myself.

Once again, I took my seat after giving the order to the chef in the rear of the house.

Tilner? Which part of it sounds so familiar?

I spent the next ten minutes trying to remember where I'd heard it previously, but I couldn't.

After delivering a pizza to a client, I walked back to my desk to reflect on my actions.

As soon as the second client left with their pizza, I had more time to ponder.

I decided to give up, telling myself that it simply seemed familiar.

The doorbell rang as I walked to the kitchen window to retrieve the freshly baked pizza.

The counter bell sounded while I was in the back.

You can count on me to be there when you need me!" That pizza box and two sodas were mine.

When I reached the front desk, I checked the order form without glancing up to see who was there.

Then, I glanced up to see who had just entered the store.

My mouth hung wide in shock.

"Hey." He laughed. To pick up, I'm here.

Right, I thought to myself. "That'll be a-"

"$14.50." He gave me a $20 bill and laughed.

"Thanks." Adding money to the cash register and tips to my jar, I nodded and added the cash to the register.

At the window counter, he grabbed his pizza and two sodas and sat down to enjoy them.

Hey Chloe, you know it's me, right? On the stool, he swung his legs around.

"How in the world did I forget to do this?"

"It's been a long time."

There is no mistaking you, Jordan." Keeping my seat at the cashier, I smiled.

Has anybody figured out what I meant by leaving out my last name?

"Why does it seem so familiar to you? You don't go by that name."

"It's the maiden name of my mother." In return, Jordan smiled at the camera in delight.

In that moment, my heart pounded, I felt butterflies fluttering about in my stomach, and I had a million questions running through my head.

'How'd you find out that I work here' As a first inquiry, I inquired.

"At the gathering you brought to earlier, I spotted you when Tony opened the door. It was a pleasant surprise to see you! Turning up here seems more sensible than simply showing up at a party." His container was opened, What made you believe it wasn't an accident?

There's no way you purchased two pop cans for yourself. I giggled and fell off my stool as I laughed.

"Exactly! One of them is for my girlfriend."

I sat down.

What a blast!" I feigned a grin. Everything in me was racing.

"Je suppose she'll be my girlfriend," Jordan said as he rose up. When some wild dogs helped us meet last summer, I liked her. Since I relocated, I've been missing her like crazy."

My throat tightened as I tried to exhale.

Is there a reason why you didn't stay in contact with her?" Keep an eye on her. "You didn't even say goodbye to her," I muttered to myself.

"My parents were concerned about my going to college."

'And now they're not anymore?'

When it comes to choices, I believe I'm old enough.

I emerged from the shadows.

"That's great!"

"I'm sorry, Chlo."

That's correct.

It has been a long time since I've seen you."

That's correct.

"I really like you."

That's right.

Isn't it true that you've become a know-it-all by now? In Jordan's case, he teasingly

You'd better keep your mouth shut, then. As I checked the time, I laughed. 9:57p.m. This is Tanner's turn to take over the remainder of my shift," I said, grabbing his hand without any thinking. It sounded like Tanner was entering from the rear.

So, you'll go out with me?" Jordan said, glancing at our hands.

"To say no, I'd have to be as insane as those dogs."

Grabbing his pizza, Jordan gave me a soda.

'We need to get caught up.'

That's for sure. When I laughed, I was filled with joy.

We spent the night hanging out with each other, just like we did during those summer days a year ago.


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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