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Patching Things Up

A dramatic and emotional Blog, the perfect blog to read when its raining outside adding a really good music playlist and a coffee. Hope you like it <3


Patching Things Up

"Well, you know it's always okay to stay with me."

I sure hope she remembers saying that.

I brushed back my hair as I drove down the familiar streets.

Playing with my necklace, I prayed Carly would be home. I haven't talked to her for a year.

Last year around this time I had a fight with my mom about my boyfriend of three years (we've been dating for four years now) and Carly took me in.

She always did.

We stayed in the old shed behind Carly's house, which we had converted into a fort when we were younger.

With an old couch and recliner, mini fridge and a CD player, we were happy staying out there.

It was our place to talk.

Except, Carly and I graduated four months after the fight with my mom.

We both went our own way; Carly staying in town an extra year and me taking off for college right away.

When I told her I was leaving with Brody, she was cool with it. My mom practically kicked me out, but everything seemed okay.

But I messed up with Carly.


The day before I was planning on moving, Carly phoned me wanting to talk. She needed me and I blew her off.

I was so stressed out with the move that I forgot how many times Carly had been there for me.

All she needed was a friend, and I couldn't even do that.

I moved and didn't talk to Carly again.

I tried, she just never answered.

I didn't blame her.

So, a year later, I'm back for the summer and I need to patch things up with Carly.

Here goes nothing.

I knocked on her parents' front door.

"Dawn?" Her mom answered. "How have you been?" She waved me inside.

"Alright, thanks. Yourself?"

"Everything is just fine, darling." She smiled. "You're looking for Carly, yes?"


"She's living in an apartment on Rockwell Ave, up by Main Street." Carly's mom gave me a strange look, "I'm surprised she never told you where she's living."

"I've been really busy with school and work..." I faded out the ending.

"If she's not home, just come back here. I'll give her a call."

"Thanks." I left in a hurry.

Taking off down the road in my car, I hoped Carly would be home.

I searched the bulletin outside listing the residents' names. Finding Carly's, I rang the buzzer for apartment 207.

"Hello?" Her voice came through the intercom.

"Hey, Carly..." I had no idea what to say.

"Who is this?"

"Dawn." I said quickly, "And before you hang up, I just.. I just wanna talk."

"Talk?" Carly laughed.

"Well.. uh... yeah."

"Am I suppose to let you in?" She sounded impatient.

"No, just forget it." I sighed, knowing this was going to happen, "I'm sorry, Carly."

As I turned to walk away, I heard the doors unlock.

A shuffling came over the intercom before I heard Carly click off.

Grabbing the door, I swung it open and ran for the elevator.

Pushing the button for floor 2, I almost laughed after realizing the stairs would have made more sense.

I knew things between me and Carly would be tense at first, but I just wanted to have her as my friend again.

Stepping out off of the elevator, I found Carly's apartment easily and knocked.

The door was whipped open by a girl I almost didn't recognize.

The Carly I accidentally ditched had long blonde hair, wore contacts and a noticeable amount of make-up.

This girl wore dark purple glasses and her brown hair was shoulder length. The only make-up I could see was mascara.

"Carly?" I stared wide eyed.

"How ya doing, Dawn?" She laughed, helping me erase any doubts that this wasn't my friend.

"You look..."


"Yeah, definitely different."

"A girl down the hall does hair and she thought I'd look good as a brunette."

"It looks pretty good."

"Where's Brody?" Carly looked behind me.

"With family."

"But you're still together, right?"

I nodded, suddenly feeling guilty for every bad thing I've ever done to Carly when we were kids.

"You gonna come in?" She laughed again.

"You're not gonna yell at me?"

Carly shrugged, "What's the point? You look guilty enough."

My face broke into a grin as I tackled her with a hug.

"I'm so sorry for ditching you."

"Dawn, it's alright."

"It's been eating me alive since I left."

"But you tried calling and I blew you off." Carly shut the door, "I'm just so happy that you and Brody are still together!" She grinned.

"My mom isn't." I joked.

Carly showed me around her apartment and told me about her starting school in September.

"I'll be moving out in a few weeks." She said.

I couldn't believe how fast she forgave me. Carly was the greatest friend anyone could ask for.

We sat in her living room, chatting about the past year.

Carly told me stories about what she's been up too and I gave her all the details about college.

When I asked about our old fort, she said it'd been cleaned out, but that her parents will keep it for grandkids

"I have the mini fridge." She pointed to the dining room, "and anything else that was in there besides the old recliner and couch. Those were sent to the dump."

"They're keeping that old shed for grandkids?" I laughed.

"I don't know when they're expecting those." Carly shook her head, "I'm only 19! I don't even have a boyfriend!"

We laughed and joked around for hours.

"Hey, Dawn." Carly looked over at me.


"Why did you come back?"

"We were best friends and I knew I screwed up bad and I just really really really wanted to say sorry." I bit my lip, "Plus I remembered you saying 'Well, you know it's always okay to stay with me.' and it reminded me of how often you were there for me."

"It's true, you're always welcome to stay with me."

"And you're always allowed to call me when you need to talk." I smiled, meaning it.

"I don't know," Carly grinned, "ignoring each other seems to have worked out okay."+

"Next time you say you can't live without a best friend, I'll remind you of that." I laughed.

"I was doing just fine." She laughed with me, waving her hands to show me the apartment.

"I am sorry, Carly."

"Everything worked out." She smiled, "don't worry about it."


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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