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A Forever Cutie

A Kinda life Story Blog, read it and turn the world noise off. Hope you like it <3


A Forever Cutie

How can I get a hoodie from you? My arm was wrapped around Cale's as he inquired.

He said, "Don't worry, I'll be OK!" We're walking and I put my head on his shoulder. "It's not really that chilly," I say.

That's what you said." He looked down at me with a smirk on his face.

"I agree. Your hoodie is not required for me." Laughing, I pulled my bangs out of my face.

Our trip through the park, which we've been to many times, continued as Cale and I strolled along.

Then, I murmured, "Stupid stuff". Despite my best efforts, my bangs continued sliding into my face. Bangs are out of the question for me.

This is my opinion: "They make you appear adorable." Cale taunted me by ruffling my hair.

There's no need for you to deal with them. I re-aligned it and it was perfect. Furthermore, I may not want to seem charming."

Cale put on his most serious expression before bursting into laughing. It was hysterical!

"Maddy is correct. The truth is, you're not cute."

"I never said I wasn't attractive. Could be that I just don't want to be?" To express my displeasure, I halted my progress. No one finds it amusing at all.

There was no pause in Cale's laughter. It persisted.

This makes me laugh since I don't want to be regarded as adorable. I crossed my arms as I walked away from Cale's embrace.

"Everyone thinks you're adorable."


"Oh, you're cute then."

"So, that's it?" My eyebrows were lifted.

This is how Cale explained it to me. "What do you suppose people think of me when they look at me?"

When I saw him, I thought, "Wow, that guy is Indignantly, I muttered.

'And why is it so?'

'Cause they haven't met you.' When I heard the joke, I couldn't help

"Ouch." Then he winced and laughed with me.

I'm impressed by your strength. That was all I could do as I shrugged.

"Exactly. I come across as a tough guy." A warm embrace from Cale engulfed me as he said, "and you simply come across as charming to everyone."

It's possible for me to change. This forced me into a position of strength.

"How?" For the whole of our walk around the park, Cale held on to my hand.

"Who knows? My hair and clothing have been changed."

As if to say, "You're no longer you." He looked at me with a puzzled expression.

I sat down on the ground next to Cale on a hillside.

My goal is to avoid being seen as adorable.

"Maddy, you're the one. As long as you're a cute person, you'll always be one." Then he teased me with a wink to make me even angrier.

Just have to be tough, I guess. So, I showed off what little muscle I had by stretching.

This caused Cale to lose his balance.

'Or maybe I won't,' he said. While gazing at my giggling lover, I shook my head in disbelief.

"Bring it on, Mads. You're adorable for saying that." Cale stood up. In other words, "you have to be viewed as adorable."

"That said, being adorable won't get me anywhere. Those that annoy you may at least be scared off by your toughness. Cute? What can cute achieve?" With my arms up in despair, I flopped onto my back.

It's a cute can. My friend Cale sat next to me on the sofa "To make people envious or to make them forgive you, be cute. Have a disagreement with your partner? Cute can rescue the day." To play, he took my hand "Underestimation may lead to disaster. It was a brave thing that she did."

In other words, "cute" doesn't make others envious.' I swiveled my head to face him.

"You betcha! How many times have you witnessed an angry person get a gift? No. There are discounts for everyone who is cute. I'm envious of you."

In the past, I've experienced it. "Okay, tell me how cute helps after a fight."

I clasped Cale's hand when I saw him smiling.

"To be honest, it's hard to be angry at a cute. This is correct, you cannot." The man smiled as though he was delighted with his ideas, and I could tell.

I have never had a more stupid argument than this one. I muttered to myself.

No, Maddy, it's not true that you're not cute."

There's no need to deny. I smirked at Cale and sat up "As far as I can see, I am not an attractive person! See? Easy."

He sat back down again. "Mads, you are the prettiest girl I know," he said.

Because my ears were muffled with earplugs, I said, "I can't hear you!"

Cale had me in his grasp in a second, and he was tickling my thighs.

With a combination of chuckles and hysterical laughter, I finally got Cale to stop laughing.

They say, "You're adorable." After letting me recover my breath, Cale put his arm around my shoulders and kissed me on the cheek.

"You've already stated that," I replied with a chuckle and a sigh.

"Keep repeating it until you do. It's a wonderful thing to be adorable."

No, I don't think so...

It's a promise, Maddy.

A kiss on the cheek came out of my mouth as I laughed. I knew I wanted something after a few minutes of quiet.

I'm sorry, Cale. In response, I grinned up at him and waved my hand at him. "Your hoodie would be much appreciated. Please?"

Cale's third bout of laughing this evening was triggered by this.

Mother, your cuteness is unmatched."

Shut up, please! As I put on his hoodie, he smirked. What a bunch of dumb bangs! Again, I pushed them back.

'They make you seem adorable,' I remarked.


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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