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Notes from the New Boy

Welcome back to other story blog my fam, this time with a drama and mystery story. So relax, prepare your favorite drink and follow me in this cute short story <3


Notes from the New Boy

Tapping my foot against the leg of my desk, I tuned out the conversations around me. Most of them were friends catching up after not seeing each other all summer. I sat in my assigned seat and ignored everyone. The few friends I do have in this class are seated on the other side of the room.

French class is terrible when you have friends around you. I'm going to struggle without anyone. And sure, you could say;

"Well, Megan, why don't you talk to the kids around you?"

My answer is fairly simple- I tried and was turned down. The kid looked away.

It's the first day of class too. Nothing really happens on the first day back except for going to homeroom and hanging around with friends.

My french teacher obviously missed that part and instantly assigned us seats in alphabetical order. There's the few kids who got by their friends, but not me. I'm stuck beside a wall and a kid who doesn't want to talk with me, so basically two walls.

The teacher is suppose to spend the few hours we're here explaining the school's rules for any new kids or just to refresh the memories of the kids who don't even remember yesterday. Except my teacher is sitting at his desk, looking at his computer screen.

He took attendance when the bell rang, assigned seats, figured no one needs the rules and expectations lecture, and sat down. That was 20 minutes ago; I've been staring at the clock since.

And believe me, I would have no problems with him not giving us a lecture if he let us move! I can't go sit with my friends. He expects us to sit in our seats and chat amongst ourselves. I can't yell at my friends from across the room. I'd be kicked out of the class.

At this point though, that actually doesn't sound so bad. At least in the hallway, I could wander away or talk to people who are wandering.

I took a look around the room before catching my friend's eyes looking back at me. I rolled my eyes and made a disgusted face while she simply grinned like an idiot. Glaring at her, I checked the clock again.

I refocused my glare towards my teacher for a second. I can't believe how little he is caring right now. Does he really think a bunch of 16 year olds can sit still for 2 and a half hours doing nothing? Half of us don't have any friends around us. We're dying on the inside.

I clunked my head down on my desk in defeat and one last glimmer of hope to get away from all the nonsense conversations happening around me.

The classroom door creaking as somebody opened it brought my attention back to reality. Nobody has left the classroom; meaning it's someone new coming in. Hopefully it's the counsellor coming to take me to fix my classes or something. I just need out of here.

I caught a glimpse of the school counsellor's shoes as she entered the room. You could tell which kids had no friends to talk with when you looked around because they were the only ones looking at the door.

"Knock, knock." Her voice was quiet and sweet.

"Ms. Perry, come in." My french teacher, Mr.Teller, waved her in.

As Ms.Perry entered, I noticed her being followed by someone else. His eyes stayed staring at the ground, while every pair of eyes in the class looked at him.

"I'm just showing Lucas around. He's suppose to be in this class." She spoke, trying to stay quiet so only Mr.Teller would hear. The only problem there was that every student in the class had shut their mouths the moment Lucas walked in.

Nodding, Mr.Teller stood up to address the new student. I had to cover my mouth when a laugh almost slipped out. Lucas, who made Ms.Perry look even shorter than she is, made Mr.Teller seem like a dwarf. Mr.Teller was almost craning his neck to look up at him.

A few hushed words were exchanged before Mr.Teller asked what his name is and if he had ever taken french before.

A shake of the head from Lucas told me he was in for a real treat taking this class.

The class gradually lost focus and began chatting again. Not wanting to be caught staring, I looked away from the front of the classroom too.

"Could I have your guys' attention?" Ms.Perry spoke up, smiling at all of us. A sudden hush fell over the class.

"This is Lucas- a new student joining our school." She introduced him, making him look up at the rest of us. "His family just moved here and he doesn't know anyone."

I thought I heard Lucas mumble something under his breath.

"So, I expect you all to welcome him to our school." Ms. Perry finished.

Lucas shuffled awkwardly as he looked to the back of class. His eyes caught mine before I glanced away. I looked at Mr.Teller instead.

"Thank you Ms.Perry." He said, walking back to his desk.

Ms.Perry told something to Lucas before leaving the class. He was left to stand by himself at the front.

"Lane," Mr.Teller called the boy who ignored me earlier in my attempt to start a conversation, "You're new seat is one over."

Lane slowly stood up, making as loud of a commotion as possible as he moved his things to his new desk.

"Okay, Lucas, you can take a seat between Megan and Lane." Mr.Teller announced, making everyone turn to look at me.

Oh great.


"What the hell is he talking about?" Lucas leaned over to whisper to me while Mr.Teller had his back to us.

I shrugged and forced myself to focus on what was being written on the board. It's a portion of french grammar we learned last year and is only being reviewed.

Mr.Teller finished explaining and set us to work. I looked over at Lucas to see him frowning at the board.

The past 2 days of school have been spent watching girls try to get to know Lucas and seeing him wander around looking for friends. He has hung out with different groups both days of school.

I feel kind of bad, but what am I suppose to do? He seems nice enough and all, I just don't think he wants me as a friend. We have said a few things to each other here and there during french.

"Um," Lucas stuck his hand in the air, "I have no idea what I'm suppose to do." A few kids snickered.

"Daniel, go explain it to Lucas." Mr.Teller told the smartest kid in the class.

After listening to Daniel spend 10 minutes explaining to Lucas what to do, I realized Daniel even managed to confuse me and I know what I'm doing.

"Got it?" Daniel asked, ready to leave.

"I guess, yeah." Lucas thanked him, pretending to get to work.

In the corner of my eye, I could see him staring blankly at his page.

"Hey," I leaned over to whisper, "He confused me and I know what to do."

"I have no idea what to do." Lucas looked at me, shaking his head.

"That's what you get for having the class smart-ass explain it to you." I laughed, looking around to be sure no one else heard me. Of course everyone else were already whispering amongst themselves while Mr.Teller was out of the room.

"But you get it?" He looked hopeful.

"Yup." I nodded, forgetting to whisper. My voice wasn't loud, so only the kid in front of me turned around. Sheepishly, I turned back to Lucas.

"Want some help?"

"Please." He grinned, shoving his desk next to mine.

"Well, actually, Mr.Teller doesn't allow-"

"Partner work? Yeah, I know. He gave me a lecture yesterday on it after class. I'll just tell him you're helping me."

"Because I am." I laughed.


By this point, the majority of the class had turned around to glare or frown at us. Lucas only shot them a polite smile and they looked away.

"Megan!" Mr.Teller entered the classroom, "What are you two doing?"


"Uh, well, um." I don't do well when confronted.

"She's giving me a hand." Lucas grinned, "Is that alright?"

"There is no partner work in my classroom, Megan." The look I got sent shivers down my back. Did I mention our french teacher can be pretty nasty?

"I.. I kno.. I know that." I stuttered uncontrollably.

"She's only helping me out." Lucas stood up from his desk, "It was my idea."

"Daniel, didn't you help him?" A simple nod came from him. "What do you need help with then?"

"I don't get it." Lucas admitted to the entire class, "so Megan offered to help me. I can move my desk if that's the problem."

"Right, okay." Mr.Teller didn't know what to say. "Megan, you can help him out, but I expect you two to work on your own. Understood?"

"Yes." My voice came out very quiet compared to normal.

"Good. Now get back to work." Mr.Teller to his seat.

I stared down at my own desk for a few minutes while Lucas moved back into his row. I could still feel eyes staring at me. I decided to pretend to be working.

"Megan?" A almost silent whisper came from my right. "Here." A note landed on my desk. I looked up to see Lucas working again. I was able to explain most of the work to him before we got caught.

Rolling my eyes, I caught my friends staring at me. They looked terrified. One mouthed 'oh my god' while the other shook their head. I wanted to laugh at their reactions to me almost getting into trouble for basically nothing, but I couldn't.

Looking away from them, I opened up the note Lucas had thrown over. He had quickly folded it up and scribbled my name across the front. Inside I could see half the page filled with a quickly written note.


Sorry! I didn't mean to get you into trouble. Well, if you can call that trouble. I'm sure you sometimes like to just stay fairly unnoticed. (sorry for that too. It sounds creepier than I meant it to.)

What are you doing at lunch?


I wasn't in the mood to work anymore. With 10 minutes until lunch, I decided to write back to Lucas. I shuffled papers around in my binder until it looked like I was working while I was really writing out a note.


Don't worry about it. Mr.Teller isn't as scary as he seems when you realize that even I'm taller than him and I'm 5'8. You make him look like a dwarf. (how tall are you?) (oh god, that sounds creepier than you. Sorry!) Okay, now that I've managed to embarrass myself, I'll give this to you.

I'm probably going to eat outside at a picnic table with my friends. What are you doing??


During the time that I spent writing, I could see Lucas glancing my way and smirking every now and then. As I tossed it over to his desk, Mr.Teller announced that the last 5 minutes of class could be spent doing nothing.

I shot from my desk and raced to my friends' side of the room. I didn't bother looking back at Lucas because I knew he really didn't care what I was doing for lunch. He'll go hang out with yet another group of kids until he finds people he likes.

He'll be fine. He's likeable. Smart. Good looking. He'll fit right in somewhere in the school.

I sat with my friends until the bell rang. When it did, I jumped up and almost ran out of the room. I need a break.

And food.

Once my things were 'properly' thrown into my locker, I hung my bag over my shoulder to head outside. The two friends who have french with me caught up as I got out to the table our other friend reserved by getting out of class early.

On sunny days, the few picnic tables out here fill up quick. We usually have Dylan save one for us because he has no problems with getting out of class a few minutes early. Teachers love him.

Teri and Jane took seats across from Dylan and I before spilling the details of what happened in french.

"Aw, little Megan is growing up." Dylan teased me, squeezing my shoulder.

"I was just helping him out." I grumbled, continuing to eat.

"You were helping Lucas Walters. The new kid. The cutie. The new kid." Jane has a thing for new boys. According to her, 'they're just so different.'

"He's so into, Megan." Teri chose to throw in.

"He is not." I frowned. "I haven't really talked with him."

"Ooh. Megan's got a boyfriend." Dylan chimed in.

"You guys suck." I shook my head.

"I'll remember that at your guys' wedding." Teri winked at me.

"Whose getting married?" A voice came up behind me, making me jump. "Sorry, Megan."

I turned around to find Lucas looking down at me.

"Oh, uh, hey, Lucas." I scrambled to find something to say, "What's up?"

"I was kind of hoping to sit with you guys, if that's cool?"

"Go for it." Jane grinned, obviously please that I hadn't seemed interested in dating him earlier.

"Thanks." He plopped down beside me.

"Boy sandwich." Dylan laughed, whispering beside me. I elbowed him in the gut when Lucas wasn't looking.

"This is Jane and Teri from french." I introduced them, "and Dylan. I don't know if you guys have any classes."

"Metal work." Dylan said between bites of his apple.

Everybody chatted with Lucas; all hoping to get to know him better. I remained silent for most of it. I only wanted my food.

When the time came to clean up because the bell was about to ring, I packed up my bag and waited for either Dylan or Lucas to get up so I could go. Sitting in the middle on a picnic table bench is not easy to get out of.

Dylan was the first to stand up, giving me my chance to escape back to my locker.

Jane and Teri were entertaining themselves while attempting some sort of flirting method on Lucas. He didn't seem to be taking it when Dylan and I walked inside.

"Megan," Somebody followed me as I walked into the school with Dylan, "thanks for letting me sit with you guys."

"Uh, yeah. No problem." I smiled at Lucas. I didn't mention how it was actually Jane who had first agreed to it.

"I'll see you around." He grinned, stepping closer to put something into my hand. Dylan had already left me alone. "You left french before I could give this to you."

And just like that, he left me standing at my locker all by myself with a crumbled up paper in my hand and a confused look on my face.

Knowing the bell would be ringing anytime and that Jane and Teri would be coming in to chat about Lucas, I tossed my bag in my locker before unfolding the note.


You're funny. I actually get asked that a lot. I'm 6'2. The only kid I've met over the past three days (I'm counting today even though it's only second block) that is probably almost 6'2 is this Dylan kid from metal work. I think I saw you eating with him yesterday. (Sorry for my creepiness.)

Could I eat lunch with you? I know you'll be with friends, but I'm trying to make some of my own.

-- Lucas

Gripping the note, I felt horrible. He wanted to sit with me and I took off from french thinking he didn't want too.

I grabbed my things for art class and took off not bothering to wait for my Jane. I needed to write a note back to Lucas before she came and started making up stories.

I took a seat at our usual table, ripped out a piece of paper from the binder I brought, and wrote;


Yeah, that's my friend Dylan. He's like a brother to me, so don't worry about you're creepiness. Everybody sees us hanging out.

Sorry that I left french so fast. I was starving! It's cool with me and everybody else if you sit with us again tomorrow.

-- Megan

P.S. don't feel like you have to though.

I folded it up and set it aside. When Jane finally showed up, she sat down and talked the whole class about Lucas.

Finally when the bell rang, I took the long way to my locker in hopes of passing him.

I threw it over his head as he bent down to pick something from the bottom of his locker. The note skimmed the top of his hair as it landed on his shelf.

I took off down the hallway before he could talk to me. What am I'm getting myself into?


"Megan, I need help." Lucas whispered beside me. I acted as if I hadn't heard him.

It's already the third week of school and Lucas has spent every lunch with us since that third day of classes. He and I are getting to know each other better everyday and I'm still helping him out in french.

Jane and Teri are completely head over heals for him. Well, his smile and looks really. They seem to love his green eyes and dirty blonde hair. Plus his killer grin has grabbed the attention of most of the school's single girls.2

I'm one of them, I'll admit. I do think he's good looking in a cute sort of way. A lot of the girls that had been all over Lucas the first week have moved on to some other boy who just came back late from summer vacation. They think this kid is hot.

"Megan, please?" Lucas whispered a little louder.

"With what?" I sighed, turning to face him. I could see a piece of paper folded up and placed on the corner of his desk.

Since the first week, we've stuck with sending each other silly notes here and there. Now, most of the time, it's just Lucas writing something like;

You're funny.


You're really really funny.

Or even

You're awesome. (and super funny!)

I always reply to those notes with some long message about absolutely nothing. Yesterday I wrote him a note about how bored I was and he replied with how funny I am again.

I think he's stuck on repeat.

"How do I know which tense to use?"

"It says here." I pointed to the top of my page.

"Oh." Lucas looked at his, "Okay. Thanks."

The classroom was silent for another 20 minutes until Mr.Teller announced that after only a few weeks, we're already ahead of his other classes. He gave us the last half an hour of class to chat, but with his famous rule.

"No moving, just stay in your seats." He continued marking the pile of work already stacked high on his desk.

Smiling to myself, I was happy that at least this time I wouldn't have to try and communicate with Lane. I had Lucas now.

"You should do that more." Lucas' desk slammed against mine as he moved closer.

"Do what?" I wiped the smile off my face.

"Smile for no apparent reason." He laughed, "You look pretty when you do it."

"And I don't look pretty all of the time?" I joked, flicking my hair over my shoulder. That got a good grin out of Lucas.


"Luke, what are you doing?" Lane was frowning at us.

"Talking with my friend."

"You should come sit over here." Lane waved Lucas towards his own desk where he and his buddies that sit near him were all chatting.

"I'll pass." Lucas almost laughed, I could hear it in his voice. Lane and his friends grumbled.

"Luke?" I burst out laughing.

"I don't know." He shook his head, laughing with me.

I wanted to ask what he was about to say before Lane interrupted, but I was too afraid. It was probably something like;

"You're funny."

Letting it go, I watched as Lucas snatched the note he wrote earlier from his desk and added something to it.

"Here." Lucas slipped the note into my sweater pocket.

Once the bell rang for lunch, I dumped my things in my locker. I took my bag and headed outside before Jane and Teri could make up some kind of story for Dylan.

I found him by himself at the table, so I sat across from him.

"Hey, Megan." Dylan smiled, already digging into his food. "Where's the boyfriend?"

"In your imagination because I don't have one." I laughed at my own comeback.

"Sure you don't." Dylan teased me more. I did my classic eye roll.

Jane and Teri came out and we all ate, chatted, and laughed. Lucas never showed up. I thought I saw him sneaking into the school, but I wasn't certain.

By the end of the day, I still hadn't seen him anywhere in the hallways between classes. It was strange.

Grabbing my things to head home, I shoved my phone into my pocket. Something crinkled when I did. Reaching in, I pulled out the note Lucas gave me in french that I had completely forgotten about.


You're super duper funny!

-- Lucas

P.S. You're also just as gorgeous, sweet, and smart- both book and street smart. (I think I could fill a page, so I'll leave it at those three things for now)

No wonder I haven't seen him since lunch.


Lucas hasn't been to school since Tuesday.

It's now after school on Friday.

That's why I'm currently walking to his house. I had to ask Dylan where he lives because I had no idea. Dylan thought it was funny and made jokes about me not knowing where my 'boyfriend' lives, until he realized how serious I was about it.

Dylan then offered me a ride because he's a year older than the rest of us. He was held back a year after he moved around a lot in grade 4. I declined and said I'd walk.

How dumb am I?

Lucas lives a fair distance from the school and it looks like it's about to rain. Pulling my hood over my head, I tightened the strings to keep it more in place.

Ever since I first read the last note he gave to me, I haven't been able to stop thinking of what it could mean. Does he like me? What did he expect would happen when he wrote that?

For three days Lucas has been about the only thing on my mind. I've been trying to come up with a way to politely let him know what I think. I don't want to mess things up. We're becoming good friends.

Jane and Teri have no idea what's wrong with me or why Lucas hasn't been around. They haven't connected the dots yet. I think Dylan suspects something happened because he gives me strange looks whenever Lucas is mentioned in a conversation.

It's not really a problem, so I haven't wanted to tell anyone just now. Maybe once I settle things and sort everything out with Lucas I will.

Hiking up the last hill before Lucas's house, the first few raindrops hit the top of my head. I made sure my bag was closed properly before keeping on.

A few raindrops suddenly turned into hundreds. I could feel the water soaking through the bottoms of my old converse high-tops. My socks squished with every new step I took.

My hood began falling off so much that I ended up leaving it hanging off the back of me. Fed up and wet, I could see what Dylan had told me Lucas' house looks like ahead of me.

I sped my pace up and dodged as many puddles as I could. It wasn't a huge deal to step in one though because my socks are already soaked.

I only needed to get to his house before the contents of my bag - including a note for Lucas - got wet too. All I could think as I trudged up to his front door were two things:

1) He better be home

And 2) he better appreciate this because I am so cold.

Shivering from the rain, I raked up enough courage to ring his doorbell. I needed to be sure he was okay. Lucas is my friend after all.

A car was parked in the driveway and lights were visibly on from the outside, and yet, no one answered. I contemplated ringing again when somebody finally answered.

"Mom, I got-" Lucas stopped yelling, "Meg..Megan?"

"Lucas, get the door!" A woman's voice screamed from upstairs.

"I got it!" He yelled back before looking at me. "What the hell?"

"Hey." I waved- rather awkwardly if I do say so myself.

"Megan, you're soaked." He pointed out the obvious.

"It's kinda wet out." I laughed, trying to get him to smile.

"What.. What are you doing here?"

"Seeing why the heck you haven't been at school for three days." I folded my arms across my chest. He looked healthy. His eyes were bright and his hair was done. Lucas looked fine to me.

"I'm sic-"

"Don't even lie." I stuck my hand up to stop him. "I just wanted to give you this."

"Lucas, who's at the door!" His mom screamed again. This time, Lucas ignored her.

He watched me as I pulled out my crumbled up note for him. I read it over once in my head before handing it to him. I saw worry flash across his face.

"What is this?" He waved it around, a grin almost spreading across his face. I had to stop myself from saying anything rude or it might disappear again.

"A note that I haven't been able to give to you since you disappeared on Tuesday." I scrapped my left foot across the ground, getting ready to spin around and leave.

"Lucas!" His mother called again.

"One sec, mom!" He looked back at me, "I've been sick. That's why I haven't been at school."

"Well, I hope you feel better." I knew he was lying to my face. Even after only three short weeks of knowing him, it hurt. A lot. I didn't understand why he couldn't just come out and say what he meant when he wrote me that stupid note.

I turned on my feet after seconds of watching each other's different emotions spread across our faces. It was silly to let someone so new to me get me down like this. I knew it, but it still felt wrong as I left his house.

I began my walk home in the pouring rain. My hood stayed off and my hair dripped down the front of my coat. Shivers ran through me as I got to the top of the large hill Lucas' house sat upon.

"Megan!" Lucas' voice called behind me, "Hang on!"

I'd be lying if I said my heart beat stayed normal when I heard him call my name. It felt like it missed a beat all together to be honest.

"What's up?" I sighed, feeling a small smile forming just from seeing him.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I could ask the same about you." I laughed, staring down at his flip-flop clad feet.

"You come all the way to my house in the pouring rain to see why I haven't been at school?" Lucas' famous grin made me grin too.

"And give you a note."

"You're insane!" He threw his hands in the air. Water splashed off of them as it fell from the sky.

"And really funny." I laughed, waiting for a comment from Lucas. When one didn't come, I added; "You know, for someone who has a cold, you sure don't mind standing the the rain." I wagged my eyebrows just because.

A worried expression took over his face before he burst out laughing.

"I've always been a terrible liar." Lucas admitted, "I was at home avoiding someone."

"I never would have guessed." I rolled my eyes, smiling.

"There you go again." He stared at me.

"What do you mean?" I completely forgot about the rain falling.

"Your smile is the best thing ever." His voice muffled from his quiet tone and the rain.

"Lucas, look." I wiped rain water from my forehead as he took a step closer to hear me, "I don't think-"

"Don't even lie to me." He grinned, copying what I said to him earlier, "I know what you think. I read the note, Megan."

"Aw, crap." I mumbled, shutting my eyes for a second. I had hoped he would wait to read it.

"I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I'm sorry I took off. I'm sorry for being so damn creepy every since I've met you." Lucas grinned, pulling me closer, "But I really, really-"

"Think I'm funny?" I tried to finish for him.

"No," he shook his head, "I really, really like you." I felt his lips on mine before anything else could be said. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me in closer. I found my hands reaching up to run my fingers through his hair.

"Lucas," we both pulled away, "I can't believe you just did that." His laughter urged me to go on, "You don't just kiss people in the rain!"

"Sure you do and I'll happily do it again." His lips met with mine again. Any coldness I had felt before from the rain vanished as we stood on the sidewalk kissing.

"We're both going to end up with colds now." I laughed, standing with his arms around me.1

"Then let's go back to my house so we can dry off and my mom can drive you home."

"I can wal-"

"As my friend," My head spun. I'm only his friend? "and my girlfriend, you're coming over before you get sick." Lucas grabbed my hand to walk me back. It felt so surreal that he was the same boy who saved me from classroom boredom three weeks ago.+

"And you're going to have to help me out with all my french homework."

Never mind. There's the Lucas I met.


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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