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The Boy with the Mask

For those mystery adventure story lovers, this is the perfect story for you. Relax and take your time and follow me in this interesting story.


The Boy with the Mask

It's time to get out of here, Taylor! My closest buddy was yelling at me. Lipgloss takes how long to put on?

'A lifetime with her' Kevin, her brother, laughed as he went by me.

"Apparently." Inwardly, I moaned. There's a vehicle running! I raised my voice.

"Coming!" I could hear Taylor singing down the stairs.

"Finally!" Hands in the air, I yelled.

Oh, wait, I forgot something." As I saw her return to her room, I decided to go to my vehicle and switch it off.

While I went, I raised my dress to prevent it from becoming soiled as I took my time.

I looked through a window outside Taylor's home to see if I could see my reflection.

A masquerade ball is being held at our school, and everyone is dressed up to the nines. Girls are wearing long dresses and guys are wearing tails and tails. Mandatory masquerade masks must be worn at all times during the masquerade festivities

It was time to go back inside the house. Even with a dress on, it becomes chilly when you're outdoors at dark.

"Is she still there?" A doorway in the living room led Kevin to a halt.

Trying to make light of my irritation, I chuckled, "It's Taylor." "I'm always running late for fashion."

"That's what I'm going to say." Erupted a sigh of disapproval. Because we are identical twins, we aren't the same. Laughing, he entered the living room and sat down on a sofa.

Do you remember when I said Taylor and Kevin are twins?

They are, in fact,

I had had enough of standing in my little, two-inch heels, so I followed Kevin to the sofa.

As I sat down, I straightened my outfit. When asked, "Why don't you go tonight?" 1

Wasn't interested. After flicking through the TV stations, Kevin shrugged.

Is there any reason why not? That's what I did.

We just did not want to do so. He shifted his focus to me. "By the way, you look great."

My cheeks were flushed from his remark as I chuckled.

You may ignore the praise if you choose. That's great," he said with his palms in the air.

The mask I was wearing around my neck was causing me to squint as I messed about with it.

The two years Taylor and I have been friends may just be two, but it seems like a lifetime. My younger brother, who knows Kevin, introduced me to her. Taylor was introduced to me after I met Kevin. There was a loud bang, and then everything A friendship developed. Kevin and I have become good friends as well.

Why don't you simply leave the room? As I was listening to Kevin's mumbling, I heard him say, "I

"At this moment, I am really contemplating it." In the hope of hearing her come down the stairs, I looked over at my front door.

The answer is no, I didn't do it either.

How come you have no desire to go tonight?" This is the lamest thing I have ever heard," Kevin said with a smirk as he sat next to me.

'But that's the reason' It made him chuckle, and it made him feel better

"That's for sure." When I teased, I was being sarcastic,

It's Macy, I swear. There were a lot of giggles coming from Kevin.

"You're telling the truth." It was a sly smile on my face.

"Mace! Prepare yourselves, I'm ready to go." On the way down, Taylor could be heard.

"Awesome!" So I phoned her back. "How about tonight? A ticket is not required; just pay at the gate." I returned my gaze to Kevin.

This is due to the fact that I am single. His focus had returned to the television.

This is also true of me. Then I went to meet Taylor "Your sister is the same way. Why don't you come?"

I said to him, "You don't get it." "I'm sorry," he said, waving me away.

I gave Kevin one final look before heading to the front door, frowning.

Time to get up and dance!


We all look great! In spite of the loud music, Taylor screamed. Not wanting to scream back, I just nodded.

Because of the masquerade masks, it was impossible for me to locate anybody. Masks covered much of the faces of some individuals.

A lot of the kids were people I didn't know either.

It took me quite a while to get Taylor to dance with me before a guy came up and asked her to dance. After telling her to go, I walked over to the snack bar.

This is the first time I've ever eaten that much food in one sitting, and it was a lot of food. As I ate, I sat alone and watched others dance.

I walked over when I saw someone who looked just as lonely as I did.

"Hey." I smirked with self-assurance. Most likely, none of us knew the other, and I could keep it that way if I so desired.

Smiles and waves from the child were returned. Since his mask hid much of his face, I couldn't tell whether I recognized him. Similarly to mine, his snack dish was almost empty.

"Are you having fun?" Was there anything I could say? As a result, I received a nod.

I tried to think of anything to say as I threw my plate in the trash can a few feet away from us.

"Are you all right?" Inquiring minds want to know! As a response, he gave another nod. "Why don't you speak?"

The youngster pointed to his neck with his index finger.

Your voice has been lost for a while. It made me chuckle when I realized how loud the music must have been.

I received a huge thumbs up.

In the words of a friend: "I've got to go!" Despite the fact that I knew it was useless, I attempted to locate Taylor among the throng. A nice conversation, if I may say so."

"Do you want to dance?" he said. But I could see his lips moving as he spoke. 1 Agreeing, we discovered a way inside the gym's center.

"Hold on! He screamed, not caring that his throat ached. To get to the DJ, he had to force his way past the throng.

I couldn't help but smile as I jumped and danced to Desperate Measures, and I couldn't stop smiling.

It wasn't long until the strange kid showed up again.

'Alright, okay' Speakers blared out the DJ's voice, "For the night's first soft song, we've received a request. Then, find a buddy and let's get things going!"

I turned my head in the direction of the young man, and my eyes widened. He was apologetic.

To make a long story short I was just about to depart when Hedley's For the Nights I Can't Remember blared out.

'This song is awesome' Looking at the kid, my smile returned. 'Did you ask for it? '

A proud smile appeared on his lips.

Our bodies moved as the music played. Dancing with someone I didn't know was weird.

Looking away from him, I concentrated on the ground and our feet instead of him.

"Are you all right?" He spoke in a very loud voice.

"Mhm." As I glanced up, I smiled and met his eyes.

"You're not paying attention to me." Error! He grabbed my chin without whispering. Although oddly familiar, his voice was curiously unfamiliar. 2

He's presumably in the same class as me.

Then I said, "I'm sorry."

After then, he didn't utter a word more. Afterwards, he grinned and walked out of the room.

Taylor proved to be more difficult to locate than I had anticipated. It took around 30 minutes.

I was able to catch up with her shortly after seeing her roaming around the circle's perimeter.

"Macy!" She smirked. What happened to you? "I was getting worried about you!"

Just dancing, I thought. Because I knew she was dancing with him the whole time, I laughed out loud.

How about going home now?

Does he still live with you? Then, I mocked her a little bit, and she laughed

As Taylor laughed, "He isn't my boyfriend." 'But I'm quite sure he went home'

We apologize for not being as exciting as your mystery guy. Laughing, I grabbed her arm and we walked outside.

What a terrible name for a cat! This woman smiled at her. "Then then, you're a lot funnier than I am! I'm just weary."

"I agree."

Taylor told me everything about her dancing partner on the way home.

My best guess is that it's Eric from biology. "He didn't want to give me his name, but I believe it was him," she added.

It seemed like a good idea to go inside for a little while as I pulled into the driveway of my friend's house. Her parents had gone to a business meeting for the night.

In addition, Mace has the option of staying the night. Taylor opened the door to her house.

When I say no, it'll be me dozing off on your floor." My shoes came off, and a chuckle escaped my lips.

"Sweet! If you like, I'll go get you some new clothing to wear." Considering the gown she was wearing, she sprinted up the stairs in a hurry.

It was at this time that I phoned my mum to let her know.

I thought it would be easier to go to Taylor's room instead of asking her to bring the clothes down.

Taylor and Kevin were chatting at the top of the stairs, and I could hear them.

When asked, "What did you do tonight?" She had to consult her brother.

Simply hung around. Taylor's bedroom was next to mine when I heard him respond.

Her bed was covered in a mountain of clothing. Instead, I snuck into her bathroom to change without knowing what she had planned.

I borrowed one of Taylor's face scrubs while I was washing my face.

I grabbed a hook from her closet and put my dress and mask on it to keep them wrinkle-free.

As Taylor walked into her room, she apologized, "I was going to get the clothes, but Kevin phoned me." Then she took a closer look at my outfit and said, "But I see you have everything under control."

With both of us giggling, Kevin said, "Shut up!"

"He's fantastic." This is going to take a little bit of time," she said. So, she snuck into the bathroom and hid.

You may also wait a year. Then I mumbled beneath my breath.

To avoid having to wait for Kevin alone, I knocked on his door. Whether he saw me in pajamas was irrelevant to me.

Come on in!

My eyes were drawn to Kevin, who was playing a video game on his bed.

It was nice to meet you, Macy." He stood up.

When Taylor changed, I didn't want to wait by myself, so I didn't wait for him." As I sat on the floor at the foot of his bed, I shrugged. "What's up?"

It was "Uh, GTA 5" Kevin flopped on his back. "Why not take a seat here? Not a lot of comfort on the floor"

I'm all right.

A beanbag chair may be found in my closet.

For fear of blocking his view of the television, I crept and pulled myself to his side.

Something flew out as he opened his closet.

"Kevin, what's going on?" It was in my hands. If you wear a masquerade mask, why? Walking back towards him, I waved it about a little more. 3

It took Kevin just a few seconds to get from shocked to worried.

"I don't know." He hid his feelings and continued to play his game.

"Kevin.." At the foot of his bed, I stood. Both of us are aware of your deception.

A long time ago, it was hidden. It seemed as though he was trying to ignore me, yet he was

"Then why did it simply fly away? Ich halte it for nothing!" It made me want to smack my head against the wall. I said, "Will you be going out tonight?"

"Nope." While looking at the mask, Kevin took a break from playing.

"This suggests otherwise." I waved it at him.

No matter whether I was intending to go out tonight or not. But he couldn't get a chuckle out of him.

"No, I'm simply curious as to why you're lying."

If I lie, why is it just you who knows about it? Grumbling, he stroked his hair, which was already untidy.

"I'm just too good." When I heard the joke, I couldn't help 'Now, tell me.' At the foot of his bed, I sat cross-legged, facing him.

My plans for tonight changed when I realized I would have to ask a female if she wanted to go with me. However, Kevin still seemed to be apprehensive.

"So that's why you didn't go?" I resisted the urge to chuckle.

Yeah, I know it's a little complex."

In the absence of a date with Taylor,

I'm sure you danced with others there, however. She pointed out.

[quote]"Taylor did and I was asking-" "

"See? What if you had a crush on someone and were forced to watch them dance with others?" “I didn't want to do that,” Kevin moaned. 3

Sadly, Kevin's controller fell to the ground. We were on the floor when I saw a piece of paper next to him that had been lying on it.

My lips formed a cocky smile as I grabbed it.

Kevin, are you sure you didn't go out last night?"

"Positive." Sitting up from holding his controller, he nodded.

Keeping a straight face, I said, "That's hilarious." "Really funny," I added, "because it tells me you're lying." As I handed out his boarding pass, he shook his head and

"Shit." As Kevin shook his head, he felt a pang of pain

I asked myself, "Why is everyone so dishonest?" The ticket was returned to him. As of now, I felt like I'd teased him to death.

'Because I didn't want you to know.'

Of course," he said. For the beanbag chair and mask, I went back to his closet.

When I glanced at the masquerade mask, I could feel Kevin's eyes on my back, and I knew he was watching me.

My attention was drawn to it for a reason.

Put this on," I said, turning back to him.

"What?" His face had lost all the color it had ever had.

Place the item on. I pressed it into his palm and waited for him to take it out.



When Kevin eventually got around to putting the mask on me, he was grumbling about something.

What the heck is going on? I sat there staring.

Do not panic out, Mace. He shook it off his face with a swat.

That's who it was! In fact, I almost shouted it out: "It was you!" When I spoke, I dropped my voice to a whisper.

Kevin's ashamed expression told me everything I needed to know.

My dancing partner said, "You're the one." I was stunned. "That's why you didn't want to speak. If you believed that I'd remember your voice, you were mistaken."

In response to my question, Kevin's response was the same embarrassed look that he gave me during the dance:

You requested that music since it's one of my favorites." I didn't know what to do.

Kevin's silence was getting on my nerves.

No response to "Please say anything." No response to "Kevin, you scare me." No response.

"Wait..." My heart rate increased "Hold on, hold on. What if I said yes?"

"Yeah." He had stopped looking at me.

It would have been a yes if I had been seated next to him.

After hearing it, he looked up at me with wide-eyed wonderment.

"You're just saying that," he shook his head in frustration.

This is not true. If only I had the guts to say "yes," I thought. My heart was pounding.

When Kevin finally glanced back at me, he said, "I like you."

It's a given. As he tossed a pillow at me, I laughed.

We were expecting you to say something else. He mumbled.

It turns out I like you too, Kevin," I said as I threw the pillow back.

The corridor was filled with a faint gasp.

That's impossible. When the door opened, Taylor sat in it. Is anything wrong?

"Kevin?" I took a peek at him. He avoided it by shrugging. You're invited to sit down. My response was "This is a tale you'll want to hear."


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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