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My Fellow Loser

Welcome back to another story blog my readers, this time we have a kinda funny and emotional story, hope you like it as much as i do <3


My Fellow Loser

What a loser you are." While sitting in my chair, I leaned over to talk to my buddy.

In other words, "You're simply rubbing off on me." Smiling, his gaze returned to the board.

Angry, I shifted my gaze to the front of the class and did my best to ignore Daniel.

Whenever the fool makes faces at you, it's a challenge.

...and swinging his arms about when the instructor isn't looking at him

Ignorant, like I stated.

"Katie. Pssst. How are you?" "He poked me," he said. "Look."

I gave in and looked over to see a paper ball coming towards my face from the other side.

"Gotcha." He laughed, trying to keep his voice down.

Then she said, "I detest you." Taking out the paper ball to throw at him, I scowled.

You can't go wrong with Daniel and Katie. When our English instructor stood up, her hands were on her hips. What are you whispering about?

"No." When they turned to look at us, I shook my head, my face becoming redder.

"Good. It's time for everyone to get their books. We'll be-" My attention was drawn away from her after that, and I didn't bother with her anymore

I started reading my book and answered the questions. Daniel had no idea that I had declared my hatred for him.

Or maybe he didn't care.

"Kaaaaaatieeeeee." Daniel slid his desk next to me and sat down. My problem is that I'm in need of assistance.

"Since then, I've known that. I have a few physicians that my relative knows if you need them." I said it with a grin and a false civility. 3

"Not the sort of assistance you want." He moaned, attempting to get a better look at my responses.

""Get out of here," I said at him, "and read the book." Every solution is available."

yet there is so much work to do. Daniel groaned and said, "Give me the first."

A: "I doubt it."



It's time to go, Katie! This is the last time I'll see you," he said.

"Ew." Without laughing, I sucked in my cheek.

"Would you mind?"

There's no way I'm going to assist you, since you threw a paper ball at me."

After that, Daniel kept his mouth shut.



Tomorrow, I'll be there for you!" While walking to her bus, my buddy Anna waved.

"Bye-bye," he says. When she didn't answer, I yelled, locking my locker.

From the ground, I scooped up my backpack and slung it over my shoulder.

On my approach to the school's rear doors, I saw Daniel and his buddies.

I didn't bother to smile or say hello to him since I was staring at the ground. When his buddies are present, we don't speak much outside of class.

Because he's not popular (because he's not), his buddies dislike me, or Daniel's embarrassment at having to speak with me outside of class. These things aren't the case.

Not at all.

When we get out with our pals, it's usually in English.


Strange, sure.

Then why do I have a problem with it?

Sure. As a result, I assumed that he didn't want to seem too attached outside of class. I soon understood, though, that it would always be this way.

Because that's simply the way things are with us.

So that Daniel wouldn't notice me, I accelerated as I passed Daniel and his companions. An open classroom door struck me while I was doing this.

Before anybody behind me realized that I'd fallen, I raced to get back up before anyone else could notice.

My God! Are you all right? A little girl inquired.

Yeah, that's alright. I brushed myself off and got up. 1

On the way back, I nearly ran.

There were no problems on the way back, which made me happy. For a few more hours, both of my parents were at work, so I was alone in the home.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket as I was unpacking my luggage.


My caller id showed up.

Were you expecting him?

I picked up the phone despite my initial hesitation to do so.


"You're welcome, Katie! Hey, what's going on with everyone?"

"Um, I'm just unpacking my suitcase." I began pacing around my bedroom.

When did you arrive at home?"


"What time is it? Because you took half an hour to do it." In his voice, Daniel seemed to be quite worried. 1

"Who knows? A half-hour drive from school?" Recognizing his lack of knowledge, I chuckled hysterically.

Our whole connection began in an English class where we were seated next to one other because of a seating arrangement. It has been a while since we've seen each other. Although the odd information about the other is mentioned, nothing too significant occurs over the course of a discussion

This is the longest drive you've ever made home.

This made me laugh out loud "No, it takes 30 minutes to walk home. There is no way I could drive to and from school since I don't own a vehicle."

Daniel remained silent for a few seconds on the other end of the line.

"Are you a walker every day?" Eventually, he did.


"It's raining?"



'Does it ever snow in this area' Once again, I chuckled, wondering why he had bothered to phone.

What if it's raining?"

My response was, "Yeah.

'Since when'?

"Since the beginning" Daniel's frustration was growing.

Why haven't you called me for a ride since we met back in September? His voice indicated me he was angry that I hadn't come up with the concept before now. 1

"Nope." "Why did you even call?" I said as I slumped down on my bed.

"What? Your phone number is blocked for me?" When I heard him grinning, his tone changed quickly.

'It's never happened before'

It hurts. Daniel feigned a sombre tone "And then you blame me of not having called you, when I find out you walk in all conditions and never thought of contacting me for a ride! Katie, you're in a world of pain."

"Please forgive me. Then, what would you want to do?" Suddenly, I was on my back.

"We're chatting. In 15 minutes, I'll be there to pick you up." With confidence, Dan expressed his opinion.

'Am I there yet?' So, I smirked and taunted, "I do have plans."

How come?" This was evident in his tone.

"The answer is no, you loser. On a very chilly February Wednesday, it's after school on a Wednesday. What kind of plans do you think I have?" I chuckled knowing he had previously believed me.

When will you be available to get out with me?

This is such an idiotic comment. Though I couldn't see him, I still shook my head in disbelief. "Sure, let's hang out," he said.

"Good. Your ride is on me."

What do you expect me to do if I don't show up at your door?" Then I jokingly said, "It'

"That's OK. Have a nice day!" My conversation with Daniel ended before I could finish.

It was just to ask for my address when they called me back.


What a moron.



"He invited you to get out with him. Was that a sudden occurrence?" Anna asked as we were leaving the changing rooms after physical education.

"Mhm. Wasn't it strange?" In agreement, I gave a little nod of the head

There's a particular someone who seems to have a crush on you. It was a wink from Anna as we exited the gym and made our way to our lockers to eat.

A: "No he isn't." "I was frowning," I admitted "In any case, Daniel isn't fond of me. All he wanted was to relax."

That's OK, just keep telling yourself it. She chuckled as she reached for her lunch in her locker.

What you wish to believe in. That didn't go down well with him.

Dan explained to Anna why he doesn't like me and I explained to him why he does. Our discussions had gotten to the point where we were both in agreement. 1

It was a pleasure to meet up with you after school! Me and Anna were left in my locker. We only have morning courses together, and we use the time after school to rapidly catch up on the previous two classes that we had before we left for home.

Daniel's name was on my mind as we walked to English. In his opinion, I was not a good fit for him. Isn't that simple?

It's nice to see you. Daniel sighed as I sat down.

'Why not?' I asked myself. There was a raised eyebrow.

"I'm sorry I haven't seen you lately." That's what he did; When you go home from school, what are you going to do? "

Homeward Bound. When I heard the joke, I couldn't help

"Thereafter." It was Daniel who gave me the look.


"Would you want to do it again?" Hopefully, Daniel enquired. He took me to a few odd stores to browse around while we were hanging out the other day. A lot of money was spent on sweets.

There is a great deal to say.

"Sure." I chuckled. Previous attempts had been quite enjoyable.

"Are you going home?" As our instructor came in, he dropped his voice a little bit.

"What's next?"

It was Daniel's turn to nod as he said

"No..." Slowly shaking my head, I murmured, "I'm sorry."

"Good, then we can leave the school," he said. Before returning his gaze to the instructor, he smiled, and I gaped at his apparent desire to spend so much time with me.

What the heck is going on?!

Daniel ignored me for the rest of the lesson. When I could, I tried to get as many looks in and spoke as loudly as I could. That's how I knew he'd heard me: his voice.

While tossing a few of paper balls into the air, he didn't even bother to look—he just smiled.

To avoid Daniel's intrusion, I concentrated on my job until the bell sounded.

Finally, I made it to the conclusion of the day.

I grabbed my belongings from my locker, thinking Daniel would be waiting for me here.

As a result, I began to walk home.

As a matter of fact, I was never in favor of his leaving with me from the school. He made a supposition.

Instead of following Daniel and his gang through the hallways, I pulled through the school's rear doors.

It poured down rain.

My bag had an umbrella in it, just in case. Quickly, I ripped it out of its packaging, and began my lengthy journey home.

In my luggage, my phone began to vibrate around halfway through the trip. I was digging it out when a vehicle slowed down to avoid splashing me.

"Katie! It's a sham." Daniel rolled his window down.

Food buying is a common activity. 'Sarcastic' was my reply.

"Didn't I think we were going to hang together after class?" He didn't care about what I had to say about him.

"We're not. Simply put, I never consented to accompany you to the school."

"Come on in.

With my seat belt fastened, I checked my phone and saw four new texts from Daniel, as well as a missed call and a voicemail message.

"Are you in a hurry to reach me?" I scowled.

As a result of not knowing where you were, I was a little concerned. He remained focused on the road.

"Worried? Pfft. If anything, you didn't want to be disappointed." My seatbelt was adjusted.

"Worried, I was. Weirdest of all, you didn't reply to my messages at all!"

“What's with your concern about me?” I asked. It made me squint and shook my head. "Last night was the second time you've phoned me since we've known each other. The only time we really communicate is in English." 1

Unusually for him, the mood in his vehicle suddenly became tight.

Despite my remarks, I could see Daniel was tensing up, but he maintained his eyes on the road.

Think I don't give a damn? I caught his attention as we both sat at the red light.

A lot less than you think, it turns out. My bangs were pulled back and I shook my head in disbelief.

The trip was quiet until Daniel drove up in front of my house.

"Thanks for taking me along." I answered the door and apologized for being so inconvenient. Having said that, I went back to my front door.


When I awoke on Friday morning, I had no desire to attend to school. As soon as I explained to my mother that I needed a break, she agreed to allow me to take my once a month day off work. 10

I spent as much time as I could watching cartoons in my pajamas on the living room chair. As a 17-year-old, I quickly became tired of them.

A few minutes later, I returned downstairs to play on my phone on the recliner after taking a shower.

There are three new messages that I found:

There is something I must tell you. That was yesterday, and I have no idea what happened to me.

Whoa! You haven't even started your education yet! Anna and I had a long conversation. If I may ask, where exactly are you located at the moment

This is a terrible thing to happen. Last message makes me look weird, but I promise to God, I'm not as creepy as it seems. 2

It's all Daniel.

Then, my phone went off again, and I decided to respond later.

You and Daniel had a tiff, didn't you know? When dad asked me where I was, it was obvious he was concerned that I wasn't at school. Then I explained to him that you probably simply wanted a day off.:o I hope everything is going well. 1

There was a message from Anna that showed up on the screen. Before snuggling up in the chair, I wrote a quick reply back to the woman's email.

That was yesterday, and I have no idea what happened to me. As a result, Daniel was furious with me for abandoning him to walk home in the rain. The truth is, I'm guilty. 1

Was he wounded by it? You were right. In reality, we just speak English. Wasn't it odd that we hung together outside of class?

I fell asleep while cuddled up on the chair. I was just awakened by the doorbell.

Hundreds of times.

Then, groaning, I combed my hair while I pondered who could be at the door.

As soon as I opened the door, I slammed it shut behind me.

My backyard was once again invaded by a soccer ball, but this time it wasn't a child.

Daniel was the one.


The doorbell rang repeatedly.

What do you think? My door was wide open. "You can stop it now," I said.

"Sorry," My irritation made him shuffle. I asked her why she closed the door.

He said, "I didn't expect to see you." We both laughed a little.

"Surprise!" This is the first time I've met you, and I'm glad I did.

"Why?" As much as I could, I tried to forget what had occurred between us yesterday, but I failed.

It occurred to me that we could hang together. You know, to make up for yesterday," he said as his hands were pushed deep into his pocket.

"Have you ever used a cellphone?" Instead of turning up at a stranger's door, I teased him, "Most people utilize one."

"It worked for me. Nothing came out of your mouth in response to my query." He raised his hands.

I shook my head and opened the door for him.

This strange freak out is my fault, I'm sorry." During our conversation in my living room, Daniel apologised profusely.

Why don't we put this behind us? I chuckled.

Even so, I'm concerned.

Of course you would come out here to see me if you did. In order to keep it out of my face, I began braiding my hair.

'I really like you.' Daniel shook his head.

"I certainly hope so. The two of us have become close friends over the years."

"No, I did not hear you and Anna. The fact that I admire you is undeniably true."

Suddenly, my body was paralyzed by a n

"That's great, Daniel! What you're trying to say has been explained to me. You consider me to be a good buddy." My bangs were pulled back and the braid was finished. 1

"You know what? I'm serious. Because you believed I didn't care, why do you think I was so worried?" Suddenly, Daniel sprang to his feet.

'This isn't funny, Daniel,' he said. I gave him a stern look.

"This is not a joke, Katie. Do you like me, then? I realized the other day that I should spend more time with you since, well, we don't spend much time together."

Not a word was fudged by Daniel.

My adversary would never go so far as to threaten me.

There was a pause in the conversation. I was able to stammer.

"No." In his opinion, he wasn't.

This leaves me baffled."

Is it true you're not angry at all?" I asked.

"Mad? Because you're fond of me? That's impossible." However, I kept my calm and said, "I'm completely and totally astonished."

Did you miss it? When Daniel chuckled, the room erup

Is it fair to say that it was?

"Since November, I've enjoyed your company. As soon as I realised how little I knew about you, I had the confidence to ask you out." He acknowledged.

This is such an idiotic comment. When I heard the joke, I couldn't help

In spite of this, he grinned.


"Daniel!" I threw a pillow at him and he screamed.

It's all your fault. That pillow flew back in his face.

What a loser you are." You are my loser. I grabbed it with both hands.


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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