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Late Night and Flowers

Personally i love all the stories that are narrated in the night, so this one personally i think is a really good story, hope you like it too <3


Late Night and Flowers

The ancient flower shop was about to close, so I took my hair out of its bun and prepared to lock it.

"OPEN" was turned off and a key was found.

We walked inside my house and locked it. Then I went back to my car to switch on my alarm and drive away."

When I heard a knock on the front door, I peeked over the corner to see who it was. Then, as I approached the front of the shop, I saw a kid who seemed to be a little older than me peering inside the store.

That means "We're closed". When I pointed to the "off" sign, I shrugged.

However, I am clear about what I desire. He pointed to a cluster of flowers in the distance.

"These?" The bouquet was in my hands.

"Yeah!" It was just a nod of the head. That's all I need."

Our doors are locked, however. When I walked away, I pretended I was going to finish locking up. I really went back to switch on my cash register.

Why don't you get up and go!" He was on the verge of pressing his face on the glass. My wallet was full of cash when I arrived here. He reached for his wallet.

"After placing my hand on the door's latch, I said to the guard, "On one condition: Do not call me "lady" again. Making me sound elderly."

When I opened the door, he laughed and almost shoved me over.

"Someone is rushing." While walking back to the counter, I murmured. There is a $7 charge.

'That's a possibility.' It was a $20 bill that he gave me. "Thanks." It didn't take long for him to grab the flowers and go before I had a chance to calculate his change.

"Weirdo." I muttered as I returned to the front door to lock it.

After setting the alarm, I walked out of the shop.


The night shift resumed the next day. Closing up always prolongs my night.

My eyes were drawn to the clock as I wiped the surface clean.


There are just 13 minutes left.

Checked to make sure everything was in order for the morning shift.

Yesterday, a guy had given me $13 and I had forgotten about it. You may always ask him for it when you see him.

It was time to retire for the night.

Suddenly, the front doorbell rang, signaling that someone was entering the store.

As I looked up, I said, "Hey." Oh, you're here."

"What? Why did you give me a whole speech?" The previous night's youngster smiled.

"We're closing in six minutes."

Okay, I will be back in a few minutes." He laughed.

During his wanderings around the shop, I feigned to be occupied.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Inquiring minds want to know!

Just a few of daffodils will do."

It's over here. One of the buckets was carrying a variety of single flowers, as well bouquets.

6 were chosen, and he took them to the counter to sell them.

"Are they going to be packaged?"

It's fine. Thanks.

The six flowers were put on a piece of paper.

"Leave one out, in fact." I was stopped by a boy. "Please."

"Sure." I took a deep breath and grinned. A solitary daffodil was included in the little bouquet that I presented to him.

Does anything seem to be amiss here? He was nearly laughing as he smiled.

"Like?" I scowled.

In other words: "I haven't paid yet." He fumbled about in his pockets.

"This was the case last night," I said, shaking my tip jar, "since you departed without your $13 in change". Please accept my payment." I chuckled as I handed him the additional $9.

Here's the deal. This time, he returned it to my tip-jar with the comment "Maybe I'll be back."

Someone is telling me you'll succeed. I smirked as he made his way to the door.

"Oh!" Then I called him back and said, "Uh.. You forgot your tulip!"

For you, it's a gift. In response, he grinned. "Good night," he said.

Sincerely, "Thank You!" I was certain he hadn't heard me. That's when the door slammed. But that's ok. I shook my head and started closing up the shop once again.


I was scheduled to work the night shift for the third day in a row.

That's why I anticipated him to show up again again. Wasn't it great? If only I'd had a few minutes to chat with him at the conclusion of my shift.

After 3 minutes, I assumed he wouldn't show up.

How many flowers does he really need?

Once the room was secure, I turned out the lights and gathered my belongings from the rear.

"Hey," Front row: "I'm sorry for being late tonight. But please bring me some pink flowers!"

Because I knew the voice, I grinned to myself and grabbed a bunch of pink flowers that we already had and brought them to the door.

He said, "I'll take care of it with your $9." Through the door they went.

A card would be appreciated.

"I didn't give up," he said. My response was a wry, "Have a nice night." That's when I realized I had no idea what his name was.

"Dom." As I stood there, he smiled.

"Bell." "Good night, Dom," I said with a grin. Before he could respond, I closed the door.

It took around 10 minutes to shut down the shop.

As soon as I opened the rear door, I was unable to see anything on the other side. Lighting on the porch had gone out.

On my way to the front door, I stumbled over something.

Why is that? I gathered myself and looked around to see what had happened.

Dom had just purchased a bouquet.

If you look at the card, it's hard to understand why he'd do such a thing!


You're welcome!

— Dom

You're such a freak.

Stepping onto the streetlamp lighted street, I made my way to my vehicle and parked it.

'Hey, Bell! ' Behind me, I could hear footsteps.

However, instead of screaming, I just grinned.

Do you want a beer?

"I.. While going back to the front, I heard you fall and felt that since I was too cowardly to offer you the bouquet face-to-face, I should check on you."

This made me chuckle.

This is OK with me.

"It's clear to me." As he uncomfortably giggled, I giggled even more in response.

It was a pleasure to work with you. This is what I held up: a bouquet of flowers in my hand

When asked, "I assume that you didn't turn over the card?" He glanced up at Dom with a hopeful expression.

"No..." To prepare for this, I began gathering my belongings.

This is pointless at this time. He grabbed the card from me before I could get it. What it's saying is something that should be expressed in person.

"Like?" Just now, I realized how much taller he is than I am.

Then I asked Bell, "Will you come along?" He panicked when he saw my startled expression and said, "Oh, never mind."


"What?" He was squinting his eyes towards the ceiling.

As I smiled, he said, "Yeah."

How about 'Yeah.

'Yeah, I'll go out with you.' I was amused by him.

It's a miracle. Sighing with contentment, he exhaled.

And then you'll have to explain to me why you arrived to the shop so late," I taunted.

This is a piece of cake. As soon as he saw that I had worked late, he let me put my stuff in my vehicle.

"What about those flowers you purchased yesterday?"

A good excuse to return was all I needed. Dominik shaved his head "Originally I was going to give them to you all, but I changed my mind and just gave you one instead. Other than that, I handed them all to my mother."

- "You're very kind to your mother." - I teased him a little bit more.

Also, "I got you some flowers!" He returned the floral card to me. 1

That's what I've been told." I smiled and thanked him once again.

It was time for Dom to go to work. "Want to see a movie? I'm familiar with this very excellent one that's playing..."

As soon as I got out of my vehicle, I went to Dom's.

A late-night flower run landed me a date, who would've thunk it!


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3

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