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I´m Vaccinated and You?

Personal thoughts and some recommendations if you get or not the COVID-19 Vaccine.


You have chosen not to get vaccinated? I understand and accept your choice (but please do not contact me since I have people who your decision may have an impact on!!).

Please respect my choice to get vaccinated.

  • No, I am not being vaccinated to appease the government, but rather to attempt to avoid dying from Covid-19.

  • To make every effort to avoid being confined to a hospital bed if I get ill.

  • I kissed my family on the cheek (vaccinated).

  • Go to a restaurant, go on vacation, and do a variety of other things without having to worry about PCR or antigen testing. * Covid-19 will become a distant memory.

  • I believe in science because it has the potential to safeguard me, as well as mine and yours.

And certainly, I have no idea what is in this vaccination, or what is in the meatball, or what is in the Coca-Cola, or what is in the tacos that you purchased from the booth; I have no idea what is in other therapies, whether they are for cancer, HIV, polyarthritis, or immunizations for children.

Neither I nor anybody else knows what is in ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or any other medication. They just alleviate my migraine and discomfort... I'm also not sure what's in tattoo ink or hair color, to be honest. What's more, we have no idea what is going on, and yet this tale is growing in popularity and tearing families apart.

We are battling something we have no control over, and I know one thing about life: it is brief, and it is very short. Consequently, I still want to do more than simply live each day and be confined to my house. I still want to travel and embrace people, but I'm less afraid of doing so.

God is watching over us! But let's try to get him out of this bind.

What Do I Do Now That I've Been Vaccinated?

Your vaccination against COVID-19 has been completed successfully. Vaccination is a critical weapon in the fight against the present epidemic; the greater the number of individuals who get vaccinated, the better off we all are.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revised its recommendations for those who have received all of their vaccinations on May 13. Answers to frequently asked questions to assist you in making the most of your immunization status are provided below.

Can you explain what it means to be completely vaccinated?

Fully vaccinated implies that you have had all required doses of your COVID-19 vaccination and that it has been at least two weeks since you received your last dose, as defined by the World Health Organization. The fact that you are not considered completely vaccinated until 14 days following your last vaccination must be kept in mind.

How can I determine whether or not these new rules apply to me?

The new recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are intended for the general population who has received all of their vaccinations, but they do not apply to individuals who work in the healthcare industry. In hospital settings, masks are nevertheless needed to be worn. An official healthcare setting is defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a location where healthcare is provided. This includes, but is not limited to, hospitals, long-term care facilities, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, home health care services, vehicles where healthcare is delivered (for example, mobile clinics), and outpatient facilities, such as dialysis centers, physician offices, and other similar settings.

What happens if I have received all of my vaccinations yet begin to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19?

Even if you have had a complete vaccination against COVID-19, it is possible to acquire the virus. These are referred to as “vaccine break-through” situations. If you are experiencing any of the signs or symptoms of COVID-19 infection, you should isolate yourself and call your primary care physician for guidance. Also, obtain a COVID test—the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that anybody having symptoms of COVID-19 be tested.

If I have had all of my vaccinations, what am I permitted to do now?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fully vaccinated people:

  • A mask or social distance is no longer necessary, unless where mandated by law or workplace norms and regulations. (masks are still required in healthcare settings)

  • Can continue domestic travel without needing to be quarantined or tested before or after traveling, and no testing is required before or after traveling.

  • Do not need to be tested or isolated after a confirmed exposure if they are not exhibiting any symptoms (have no symptoms)

You can perform the following things without wearing a mask if you are completely vaccinated, to name a few examples:

  • Attend a small, indoor gathering with relatives and friends who have all had their vaccinations.

  • Attend a small, outdoor meeting with individuals who have been completely vaccinated and those who have not been fully vaccinated.

  • Enjoy a meal in a restaurant, either outside or inside, with friends from different families.

  • Attend a busy outdoor event, such as a live concert, parade, or sporting event, to get some exercise.

  • Make an appointment with a barber or a hair shop.

  • Visit a movie theater that is inside.

  • Participate in a high-intensity indoor fitness class with a group of friends.

  • Attend a church service that is filled to capacity.

  • Visit a museum or a shopping mall that is not overcrowded.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these activities may still be dangerous for those who have not been vaccinated, even if they are wearing a mask.


In summary.

As I told you, this is just my personal opinion and some recommendations that I personally consider important, even though we are in the middle of the pandemic and that is not yet complete. The application of the vaccine is totally voluntary and I do not want you to misinterpret what I want to convey in this Blog. Let us not lose hope that all this chaos will come to an end and that God will free us from this bitter and difficult experience that we as humanity go through.

Thanks for being here in another blog i really appreciate it a lot.

See you all soon <3


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