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Meeting Us

Story Blog that will make you feel you are part of the story and the main character. This will like you a lot.


Meeting Us

"It's Em! What's this?" She approached me while I was standing by my locker.

"What?" When I finished my arithmetic study page, I didn't bother to glance up.

We have a new student! Maggie is always thrilled when new kids come, even if she's in the 10th grade at the time.

What a treat! Over and over again, I re-read my arithmetic problems.

Please hurry up! A piece of paper was torn from my grasp by Maggie "We have a new pupil. You don't want to meet him, right?"

"Him?" I gave up on attempting to reclaim my paper.

When Maggie chuckled, she was astonished "I knew you'd be interested in it. He's a boy, yes. Come on, now!" She was so close to picking me up.

Because there were so few good men in grade 10 or 11, a new guy always made a difference.

And no, Maggie and I had no intention of dating any of the new men. Watching the other ladies fall over each other to get to the men was a lot of fun.

Despite the packed hallways, Maggie appeared to know where she was headed.

He's probably still checking in.

After turning a curve, Maggie reduced her speed a little. Untold numbers of females were encroaching on a single object.

It may be be someone else.

"I'm not tall enough." Maggie whimpered next to me. She constantly complained about her height since she was just 5'6".

I'm 5'10", so I'd be happy to share a little of my height with her. While I don't mind it, the fact that most men don't have a growth spirt makes you seem to be a giant.

It's great for me to see." As I craned my neck to see above the throng, I teased.

"Whatever." Maggie crossed her arms across her chest "I think we should leave it there for now. In any case, those ladies won't be leaving his side for a little time yet."

Suddenly, a kid emerged from the throng, his face beaming with relief.

As soon as he noticed I was looking at him, he gave me a smile and smiled.

As I raced to catch up to Maggie, my cheeks burned.

That was a slap in the face.


Other days flew by in a flash.

In Maggie's and my courses, Cole was surrounded by females for three of his four classes.


They didn't ask him 100 questions in 30 seconds, which made him happy. Every time he was able to get away, he seemed relieved.

Less and less females came to him each day, and Cole stopped trying to speak to the ones who had gone.

Does he seem disinterested to you? On Friday afternoon, as we were walking out of our final session, Maggie asked me a question.

What do you think? I shook my head.

It's true, he's adorable. It was Maggie's turn to smile at me, and she did.

"Sure." I shrugged once more.

"Come on, Em," I said. While I was grabbing my stuff from my locker, Maggie waited for me outside. "What's the matter? This is a joke, so don't take it too seriously."

"What do you mean? It's been a hard week, to be honest." I laughed.

Are you interested in attending a hockey game on Sunday? She inquired with a sly smile on her face.

Was that really a Chiefs game?

It's true, I've got tickets.

There is no chance they can win while you're there." I snorted in her face.

"Maybe they won't this time." The two of us had a chuckle as we walked down the hallways to her locker.

Your luck isn't very good, is it? That's what I did: I teased her a little bit

Do not bother to show up." She moaned.

Suddenly, a voice from behind jolted me out of my reverie.

"I'm sorry."

I apologized, but I couldn't do anything except look.

"Em." It was Maggie who pushed me.

You're welcome. Cole and Maggie heard me murmur.

I had no idea that Cole's locker was three lockers down from Maggie's until now.

As a matter of course, I had to stand in front of it at all times!

Having been seen gazing at him on Monday, I've been doing my best to stay away from him ever since. It wasn't necessary for him to bring it up.

Now I can't help but look.

There is no need to worry. This was the same kind of grin he had given me on Monday.

In the days that followed, I turned my back on him, listening only to the fumbling of binders.

"Ready?" After locking her locker, Maggie enquired. As a reaction, I nodded.

""Wait," Cole said, looking at us. You're all in my courses, right?"

This is a good way to observe your environment. Maggie muttered to herself.

"Yes, we have." Then I smiled at Cole and gave her a nudge.

You've never introduced yourself to me, huh? His hand was extended and he said, "I'm Cole."

Shaking his hand, I introduced myself and Maggie to him before introducing myself.

This time, I'll be able to recall your names. Cole's laughter made me grin, as well.

This is what I'm asking. Maggie turned to face him. She is constantly looking up to others.

It's true that even I had to respect him a little. He was about 6 feet tall.

"This week, a number of females came up to me at once and introduced themselves. It's a surprise I was able to hear their names at all when they told me. There were just two people who did not." Cole rubbed his chin.

That's all I could say.

"I know you want to go home," he said. Mr. Glinned at her. After a few days, I'll be back.

Maggie and I walked out of the school, waving goodbye to each other.

Maggie muttered something about his being polite in the vehicle, but that was all I heard her say.

I had no idea what to expect when I met him.


It wasn't long before Cole was meeting new friends and the females were no longer bothering him.

Most of the time.

When Maggie and I were in class or at Maggie's locker, he would start chit-chatting with us.

Towards the end of the third term (Cole had arrived at the beginning of the second), he was frequently hanging out with Maggie and I.

Not expecting to be friends with him, but I'm glad it happened.

A great time was had by everyone.

When we finally became friends, I had fallen in love with him.

Simply unlucky for me!

What are your plans for telling him? On our lunch break, Maggie pushed me when she saw that I was once again gazing at Cole as he walked by us.

"What did you tell him?" Despite my lack of knowledge, I behaved as if I did.

"Oh, I have no idea. Is it possible that you're infatuated with him? There's a place to start." Like she hadn't said anything, Maggie shrugged.

"My voice trailed off as I said, "I don't love him." A tiny, inconsequential crush that will go away in time." That's what we were trying to do.

"You're right, and I never sarcasm." She chuckled, The two of us are both laying down.

It's not a secret to me. As Cole walked towards us, I pointed at Maggie and said, "And neither are you."

It was a pleasure to meet you, Em." "And Maggie," he said as he took a seat next to me on the floor. While waving at me, it was clear that he was

What's going on? A foolish smile adorned Maggie's face.

She clearly felt it was the best thing ever that I liked him.

For instance, the funniest.

Hopefully this is the first.

When I saw you guys, I thought I'd sit with you."

"Why? Do you feel as though your pals have abandoned you?" His wife made fun of him.

A shyly confessed "No," he said.

In an instant, Maggie started stumbling and fumbling for words.

It was just a joke, I'm sorry." She flushed in my presence.

"It's OK," Cole replied, giggling with delight.

"As it turned out, they were planning on leaving me to buy pizza. I'm out of money "him pocketing the money, he said.

"Oh," Maggie said without embarrassment, "so you come to us when you're bored and alone?" However, despite the fact that her tone seemed furious, I knew she was only kidding about it.

This is not the case. While shaking his head, Cole's eyes became wide "Trust me on this one! We have a lot of fun when we're together."

I swear he glanced at me when he said that, so it was either the infatuation talking or it actually occurred.

I gave him a kind grin, and he returned the gesture with

In return, he grinned at me.

Then I stared at him for far longer than I should have.

Em, get your act together. Please, don't even think about him. A buddy of mine.


By the conclusion of the school year, my crush for Cole had not diminished.

Maybe I liked him more now than I did before.

Maggie, Cole, and I tried to spend as much time together as possible during the summer. The vacations were taken by all three of our families, and at separate periods too.

There were times when Maggie and I didn't see Cole because he was on vacation.

However, I knew she did it because I loved him and she said it was because "you're the one who prevents us from murdering one other."

Before we knew it, summer was over and we were back in school, trapped in 11th grade.

It wasn't long before Maggie and I began counting down the days before spring break. We all needed a break, and it was well earned.

It's nearly Valentine's Day," Maggie said me one day as she caught up with me in the corridor after school.

"And?" I chuckled.

To tell Cole you've been crushing on him for a year would be the ideal moment to do so.

Then I'll tell him after all this time." Me and Maggie have inherited each other's humor.

Why not? It seemed as though she didn't care. Were there any indications that your close buddy has been crushing on you for the last nine months or so?

My response: "I won't." No, I said as I pursed my lips.

I said, "What's wrong?" Suddenly, Cole crept behind me.

Em is just refusing to accept my dare. Maggie gave me a sly grin.

If you dare, what is it? His eyes glowed with interest.

"She's got to tell you this. Tell me nothing." It was as if she had zipped her lips shut with a pair of tweez

"Em.." He smiled at me.

No, I won't tell you. That didn't work for me.

Then I'll tickle you into submission. His words were ominous and forebod It took Cole a year to realize that tickling me is the worst conceivable punishment for me and that I'll tell him anything.

No, you wouldn't do it. When I saw him, I narrowed my eyes.

"Not much more to it than that, is there? So, who knows?" As Cole laughed, we all laughed.

Before they could stop me, I took off running down the hall.

I need to stay away from Cole.

Then I did it.

Cole and Maggie were on my mind for the following week, so I stayed away from them. In the school, Cole had no clue where to search for me.

Maggie, on the other hand, was well-versed in the area. For the rest of the week, I had to flee from her at lunchtime just to make sure Cole didn't find me.

The fact that Maggie was my closest friend meant she understood why I was hiding. Once he caught me, he'd most likely beg for my confession of whatever dare I'd shied away from, as well as my admission of like him.

Tumblin' definitely got under my skin.

Finally, I decided it was safe to speak to Cole again. Truth be told, I missed our conversations.

We'd had a lot of close calls in the previous week.

So on Monday, I informed Cole that I had been doing schoolwork at lunch since I had to babysit after school all previous week so I had to do my homework at lunch.

He took me seriously.

"I feared you may be avoiding me," she said. Cole stroked his hair with his fingers.

Right on.

"You can't have that, can you? I have to do my homework." Were you lying to me?

Without your company, I felt strange. He acknowledged.

In this case, it was the same thing. Looking down at the floor, I laughed.

"Em?" What did I see? "I've got something for you!" What ever it was, Cole reached inside his open locker to take it out.

"What? Why?"

Because it's Valentine's Day." Cole's cheeks glowed a vivid shade of crimson.

What the hell is that?

'But I have nothing to offer you.' My mood plummeted. The two of us could have discussed buying each other something if I hadn't been such a baby the previous week!

"Here." This man presented to me an adorable pink bear, chocolates and an elegant red rose.

Why so much? That's when my heart started racing.

"Not really sure. You should definitely just read the card instead of me, since I'm just.. well.." He giggled a little.

As I handed him the bear and rose, I removed the card from the box of chocolates that I hadn't even seen.

As I pulled the package open, my heart rate increased.

There was a picture of Cole's bear on the card, with a speech bubble that read: "This is a shout out to all of you! I have to tell you something."

Upon opening it, I saw a text written on the inside and a voice bubble with the bear stating "Here goes.."


Therefor, you may think it is strange that I'm giving you so many things with Valentine's Day, but it's not. My intention was not for it to be strange.

I'm constantly anxious about things, and everytime I've tried to tell you about it, the anxiety has taken over and I've been unable to do it. My plan was to wait until today to send you a card so that I could handwrite the message.

This is Em. There is a great deal.

Will you join me on a night out?


Cole's face was redder than I'd ever seen it before when I looked up. In an attempt to grin, he turned to me.

Uh-oh. I rushed over to give him a hug and he stopped. It would be great if it was. My teddy bear and rose were placed in his locker as he smiled.

The answer is "yes". As his arms wrapped around me, I giggled.

"What the hell is going on?! It's Em and Cole up in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g." While we were talking, Maggie began to sing in the background behind us.

Keep your mouth closed. I laughed.

It's a fact, Cole: Em has a lot to explain. Maggie waggled her eyebrows.

It was a foregone conclusion for me. After returning my presents, Cole gave me a sly smile.

Where should I begin?


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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