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How Is To Live in LA ?

How is to live in LA according to people that already lives there.

You will almost certainly find aspects of your environment that you like and dislike, no matter where you live, whether it is a large metropolis or a tiny hamlet. This list has 21 individuals who will tell you about the greatest aspects about living in Los Angeles, and perhaps you will be able to connect to them or be motivated to come and see for yourself.

According to a July 2017 estimate from the United States Census Bureau, the city of Los Angeles has almost four million residents (3,999,759), which may seem to be excessively crowded. However, to me, this just means that there will be more people and things to adore.

With nothing more to say, let's get down to business:

Guest 1: The greatest part about living in Los Angeles is having access to escape valves – the outdoors. The beach, the desert, and the mountains are all within a reasonable driving distance. The mountains are the finest part of the trip. Being able to travel from sea level and insanity to 8,000 feet and isolation is what allows me to stay here... and sane.

Guest 2: I like the fact that you can eat at thousands of restaurants or food trucks at any time of day or night, and that there are hundreds of different types, pricing ranges, and cultural traditions to choose from. On the streets of Los Angeles, you may find it to eat if you so want.

In a similar vein, the arts community is lively and diverse, and there is always something new to see, hear, and do in the fields of visual, performing, and public art, among other things.

Guest 3: It's wonderful to meet individuals from all walks of life in Los Angeles. For me, I am able to be versatile in my professional activities, such as switching between my remote business job and going to an audition on the same day, for example.

Guest 4: My favorite thing about Los Angeles is its variety - our city's various cultures, languages, and cuisines all come together to create who we are as a city. In addition, I like the gorgeous beaches, bike lanes, and pleasant weather all year round.

Guest 5: LA urges you to have a healthy attitude, not just in terms of exercise, but also in terms of eating more nutritiously. This is also due in part to the pleasant weather that exists throughout the year. After all, how could you not want to go on a walk when the weather is so pleasant and bright out?

Guest 6: Celebrities and pop culture are two of my favorite things, and seeing celebrities on a daily basis never gets old to me. There are other landmarks in Los Angeles! When I see the Hollywood sign, travel to Dodger Stadium, drive by the Capitol Records building or any big movie studio, I still get a grin on my face - it's exciting to live in the city where dreams are created. In addition, there are the televised automobile chases! I have no sympathy for criminal activity in any manner, yet the way the local news reports on vehicle chases is consistently fascinating.

Guest 7: One of the most enjoyable aspects of living in Los Angeles is meeting so many motivated and inspirational women. Even more so in these challenging economic times, there are a growing number of women making moves and connecting to conduct business while also giving back to their communities.

Guest 8: The most amazing thing about Los Angeles is the incredible variety of people from all over the globe who have come together in the grace of not just getting along with one another, but embracing one another as individuals and as cultures as well.

Guest 9: As a native of Los Angeles, I am enthralled by this subject, and the following are my top three favorite aspects about it: 1) Los Angeles is a city of transplants, and everyone is delighted to be here. There is never a complaint about the weather in Los Angeles; 2) You can go from any area of the city to the mountains or the beach in less than an hour; 3) You can remain in the city and explore; 4) The weather is always perfect.

Guest 10: I'm a transplant from the Midwest who now resides in downtown. There are many sectors, professions, and individuals on the move in Los Angeles. I work in design, and it is the greatest place to be if you are interested in anything related to fashion, design, or business.

Guest 11: I relocated from Belgium to Los Angeles last year, and to say that I have loved my new surroundings would be an understatement. The lifestyle in Los Angeles is even more beautiful than I could have imagined from half a globe away, whether it's gazing out my office window over the ocean or playing beach volleyball with pals on the weekends, followed by a meal at one of the city's hippest restaurants.

Guest 12: I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I reside in Echo Park, where there are many things to do, including swimming at Echo Park Lake on a hot day. And then there's the cuisine in Los Angeles, which includes Mexican, Thai, Cuban, Italian, American, vegan, and gluten-free options (Grand Central Market has everything). Although Los Angeles is a large city, there is something magical about being able to discover a hidden treasure just by strolling about your neighborhood, such as Baxter Street (one of the steepest streets in the city), Chavez Ravine, or the Victorian-style houses that line Angelino Heights Boulevard.

Guest 13: Without a sure, the greatest thing about Los Angeles is its culinary culture, which is very democratic: Most cities need you to dine at high-end restaurants to get the finest taste of the region, but here, the tastiest cuisine may come from a taco truck or a tiny mom-and-pop store hidden away in a shopping center, depending on where you live. Restaurants such as Jollibee, which reminds me of going overseas and seeing KFCs, are also available for purchase.

An additional quality that I like about Los Angeles is that it is a city of transplants, which means that everyone belongs and can always find their niche. Since I've arrived, I've been coming to a specific pub to support the Washington Redskins football team. This group of individuals, who are all from the East Coast, has come to be some of my closest friends since we met here in Los Angeles. As soon as you get beyond the Hollywood clichés, you'll discover real individuals all throughout the city who will accept you no matter where you come from or what you do.

Guest 14: When most people think of Los Angeles, they immediately think of the glitter and glam of Hollywood, but the fact is that this city has evolved into one of the most creative places to live in the world today. Entrepreneurs from all over the globe are flocking to Los Angeles because, at its core, it is a city founded on the principles of ambition and innovation. It's an amazing community to be a part of, where entertainment and fashion are coexisting with cutting-edge technological advancements.

Guest 15: The greatest part about living in Los Angeles is that there's always something to do to keep you entertained. My hometown's main entertainment choices were going to the movies, bowling, or just hanging out at the local Sheetz (which was larger than your average convenience store owing to the MTO stations and had everything you could ever want!). I like how there are a variety of things to participate in on a daily basis in Los Angeles, and how, no matter what kind of weather environment you're in the mood for, you're just a short car trip away from the snow, mountains, or desert.

Guest 16: If you ask me, the best things about Los Angeles are: 1) Cinespia outdoor movie screenings; 2) lesser-known hiking trails besides Runyon Canyon, such as Los Liones Canyon and Will Rogers Park; 3) Tito's Tacos; 4) the Italian chopped salad at La Scala; 5) Dodgers games; 6) Topanga Canyon; and I could go on and on...

Guest 17: The following LA restaurants are favorites of mine: Sugarfish, Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles, Zankou Chicken, and Versailles (Cuban Restaurant).

Guest 18: Here are just a few of the reasons why I love Los Angeles: 1) Unobstructed views of the beach, the mountains, the hills, the panoramas, and the canyons on a year-round basis; 3) Ethnic enclaves (Artesia, Thai Town, Chinatown, Ethiopia Street) that seem genuine, not pushed up; 4) Keanu Reeves sightings around the city.

Guest 19: The variety of the people is something I appreciate. Living in a neighborhood that was established in the 1920s, I am surrounded by individuals of various nationalities, some of whom are third generation in the same home. It's a really beautiful piece. Also, I like the creative atmosphere – Los Angeles is still the epicenter of the American film and television industries. Although some projects may film in other locations, the origin of the majority of them remains in one location. And I like the architecture of the city (take a look above), as well as the abundance of murals, both big and little, that can be seen in unexpected locations. Additional to this, apart from the Santa Monica Mountains and the beautiful Griffith Park, which straddles a split between the Los Angeles Basin and the lowlands, there are many parks and green areas spread across the whole city.

Guest 20: I like the vast range of delicious cuisine from all around the globe that is available for under $20. In addition, there are many activities and pleasant weather throughout the year.

Guest 21: Los Angeles is a vast metropolis that attracts a diverse range of individuals from all over the world. Spend the day living like a celebrity if that's what you want, but if visiting one-off coffee shops in Silver Lake is more your style, that's also an option. Weekends in Los Angeles are never boring, thanks to the many activities that take place there. With choices ranging from music festivals to weekend markets to hikes in the hills, Angelenos will never be short of things to do.


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