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The History of the CDs

Welcome back to another story blog this time with a couple story so if you are a reader that likes a lot love and drama couple stories this is the perfect one for you, enjoy <3


The History of the CDs

A bunch of guys who didn't seem to bother that my twin sister was at least two years younger than them flirted with ease and shamelessness. Her eyes told me they were only having a little harmless fun with her.

That's exactly what my sister did, too!

After seeing the awful sight in front of me, I rolled my eyes and turned my head to the other side of the room. Anytime the two of us leave the house, it's the same thing. In the meanwhile, I'm left to patiently wait while she flirts with a guy (or group of boys).

"Each and every time."

I can't do it anymore. You know we're twins! Of course, I don't seek or get the attention that Brooklyn does, nor do I want it. A+ Barbie doll as opposed to me. I almost forgot her hair was supposed to be the same color as mine since she's colored it so many times.

When it comes to twins, isn't it what happens most of the time? They're putting on a lot of make-up and colouring and re-dying their hair to hide the fact that they have a double. At some point in their lives, I'm sure most twin girls will experience this. Am I close to becoming certain?

You might be wishing for the same thing as everyone else.

My headband was changed and my braid was relocated so that it hung down my back instead of on my forehead. Neither of us is more beautiful than the other, we're simply different interpretations of beauty. Anyway, this is the way I prefer to conceive about things. Despite the fact that Brooke would want to disagree, I'm not at Brooke's level without make-up and clothes.

While listening to her giggling, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen on my phone. My attention was drawn to the kid as I looked up from my Twitter account. Rarely does that occur.

Only the tops of his eyes were visible through his dark brown -almost black- hair, which was covering his forehead. His eyes were almost as black as his hair, based on what I could see. He was tall, not too muscular, but certainly not slender. His t-shirt caught my attention as I continued to look. A recent concert I wanted to attend but was unable to attend.

Only a few yards away, he was standing next to me at one of the food courts. His attention was drawn to me, and his eyes were fixed on me. Instead of staring, I returned my attention to my phone. It took me a long time to convince myself that he was still there.

A tiny smile appeared on his lips, and my gaze seemed to lock on to it. Embarrassed and a little shocked, I had to turn my gaze away from him. So, I pretended to be reading something on my phone in order to avoid looking up again.

"I'll see you later, boys!" Again, my sister laughed. As the guys went away, I saw her flashing her trademark grin. They swapped phone numbers, and she came back to me with the phone in her hand.

Kylee, are you ready to shop now? " While holding her hands on the hips, Brooke stood tall and stooped down. Because of the attention she had recently gotten, her cheeks were still a light shade of pink, and her dress was becoming wrinkled at the bottom from her continuous flirting.

What do you think, then?" The rest of what I said was muttered, and she didn't hear me at all.

Or you may choose not to.

Then I followed Brooke, laughing and smiling to attract attention to myself as we made our way to the next shop. Where the cute guy I saw had been, we went right by him on our way to our destination. As we passed, I could still see him standing there in the corner of my eye. His gaze may have been a bit squinty at times.

After passing him, Brooklyn murmured in my ear, "Poor man, I feel terrible."

"Who is it?" If he had spotted me, it would have been embarrassing. She has a tendency to pursue men I admire.

You know, the one behind you. When she saw me, she shook her head. "When you're not paying attention to your surroundings, Kylee, I swear. However, I'm not attracted to him."

I halted my progress. When she looked at him, she believed he was staring? I bit my lip as I turned to check whether he was still there. He was. Even while I know Brooke may be arrogant at times (or all of the time), I think she may be correct. Why was he staring at me while my gorgeous twin was nearby?


'Are you getting anything out of this?' As Brooklyn paid for her new clothing, she asked me a question. Although I've only purchased five things from two separate shops, they've all been high quality. A total of four shops have been visited by Brooke, which is a first for me.

The truth is, I'm not a tom-boy at all. To be honest with you, I don't care as much about having as many clothes as Brooklyn does. In contrast, she'll purchase the identical skirt in three different colors, whereas I'll simply choose my favorite. To me, it makes no sense to have various colors of the same item in the same place.

"No." That didn't sit well with me, and I shook my head in disappro She gave me a genuine grin and asked which shop I'd like to go to next, and I gave her my answer. There are moments when she is really lovely. It reminds me of when we were kids and not 17-year-olds. It's a beautiful song.

How about visiting the music store?" I'd had enough of clothing for now. The items on my list of must-haves were all delivered. What I truly want is a certain CD.

What do you think, then? After leaving the shop, Brooke shook her head and followed after me. You can't go through all the racks of clothes because she has so many bags!

How much time do I have to spend here? " She froze. We were so near to the shop that I could hear the music playing inside the store as we walked by.

But you may opt out of it. So, I directed her to a nearby seat where she could wait for me.

"Kylee, thank you."

Although Brooklyn chose to wait outside the music shop as I inside, I didn't mind at all. I knew she would spend the time inside whining that she wanted to go anyhow. To keep herself occupied, she sat on a bench in the center of the mall and stared at the guys.

There were a lot of people inside; the area was crowded with people. I started mindlessly walking about, sometimes picking up a CD to listen to.

There was a relaxed atmosphere throughout the shop. Among my peers, there was a group of teenagers who all wore their hair in vivid colors. In the checkout line, a couple in their 70s was purchasing a CD by Elton John In the children's department, a mother and her two small children were perusing the aisles with their eyes wide open.

I saw the kid from the food court as I walked down a different lane and turned around. He stood at the end of the aisle, examining all of the CDs with a critical eye. Wasn't it obvious to me that this would be the place to look? Hopefully it wasn't too late. While gazing at the guy, I felt ashamed.

Because everything was in alphabetical order, I started looking for the letter "M." It took me a while to make my way along the row of CDs, getting closer and closer to him. While watching, I noticed that the band's name began with "M".

When I was debating whether to go without the CD or remain and attempt to retrieve it without attracting too much attention, I didn't see the kid grinning in my direction as he walked away.

When I saw him, my gaze swerved away from him and went back to scanning the CDs. After hearing his voice, I mentally slapped myself in the face.

Do you feel alright? " Immediately, I realized that he was looking at me with intense concentration.

"Mhm." I nodded when I saw the CD case I was looking for. The whole time, I could feel his gaze on me as I grabbed for it alongside him.

"You pay attention to them?" His voice was tinged with a mixture of curiosity and disbelief.

As I repeated, "Mhm." My tongue suddenly refused to allow me to speak clearly. "I'll be right back," I said, smiling shyly at him.

I consider them to be one of my favorite groups. As he kept chatting, he stuffed both of his hands into his jeans pockets. He didn't appear to notice my inability to communicate.

'Me, too.' "My voice came back." It's a win-win situation." This is what I pointed out to him.

"Really? What a great group!" For the first time, he smirked. My first impression of him is a smile.

"I was unable to attend the performance." "My sister forced me to go along with her on some stupid-" When I realized that I was telling a total stranger about my double date experience, I halted my story. What a disaster. This is not what you wanted to hear. My CD in my hand, I chuckled.

Not at all. 'I don't mind,' the kid said with a grin.

In a nutshell, she dragged me along with her for an awful two-person outing that night. "His laughing made me flinch." He laughed a lot.

Was it simply awful? As he continued to chuckle, he shook his head in disbe

'Yeah, he's her date's brother, and he's not my type.'

In the past, I have never been on a double date. He rubbed his head. Now, I doubt I'll ever be able to. Was my time to chuckle now?

"I'm never going to let anybody set me up on a date." When I looked at him, he seemed like a kind man. I could see a tattoo on his lower arm as I got closer. However, I couldn't determine from my short look what it was.

It occurred to me that he was gazing at the CDs, so I took a risk. As I stared at his tattoo, I was terrified. Across his arm from his wrist to elbow, it seemed like something was scrawled. It was impossible for me to read it from where I was standing.

"Let me see if it helps. My sister was seated on a bench when I returned." As I smiled at him, I was tempted to say something about how she's probably not aware of how long I've been away.

What a relief! Before he could blink, something flashed in his eyes. What a pleasure it was to meet...

"Kylee." I extended my hand for a handshake.

What a nice sounding title. I blushed as he smiled at me. It's me, Connor. He took my hand and began to shake it. Our hands were quite different sizes.

You're also a nice person to meet. Just as I was about to go, I grinned once again.

Kylee: "See you around." As I went farther away, I heard him say.

...and for some reason, I believed him.


Chill out Kylee. After I left, Brooke chased me down. No big issue at all, says the author.

I took a minute to turn back and face my sister before continuing on my merry way.

That's correct. The more I stared at her, the more enraged I became. "It's a huge thing. The fact that I'm always pushed to the side while we're out is becoming old."

This time, Brooke and I were going back to the mall since Brooke's clothing from a few days earlier didn't fit. Until she said we could do something together afterward, I had declined to attend. It took me a while to decide whether or not to let her drive me to the mall.

When we were about to go, Brooklyn thought that a little flirting wouldn't hurt. In the mall, a group of three men was waiting at the exit doors. I knew I was in danger as soon as I saw them.

Several steps away from them, I huffed and puffed to myself. Soon, the location where we planned on visiting would be shutting. That's impossible, right? She couldn't flirt for an hour.

Wrong. Totally incorrect.

These guys flirted with Brooklyn for almost an hour and a half! It's one of the longest waits I've ever had to endure in my life! My anger flared up when she eventually made her way to me, and I yelled at her. In my haste to get out of the mall, I created quite the commotion.

"Kylee, I never put you aside." Brooke's expression was filled with disdain at the thought of me saying such a thing.

"Really? Is that true?" My hands were on my hips as I faced her. Every every time we go somewhere together, you flirt with guys and keep me waiting."

No, "I don't know how to" When she saw me, she took a long, hard look at me. "You're not pushed aside by me. You decide to remain seated in the same spot as before."

What a treat it would be if your sister, who you consider to be less than attractive, stood by your side while shambolically trying to acquire additional phone numbers of guys you'll never speak to again!" I tossed in the "less than attractive" remark to see how she would respond. In my opinion, I'm quite attractive, therefore I don't mind carrying myself in that manner.

"I'd be OK with that," he said. It was the first time she'd ever colored her hair.

Yes, I think so. As much as it hurt, she never corrected me on the whole "not beautiful" issue.

"Kylee, whatever. The issue isn't worth a battle with you." In Brooklyn's handbag, she found her keys. Bring it on, let's go!

"I don't care" grin on my face as I walked away from Brooke's vehicle. After that, I had no intention of getting into her vehicle. Take the bus back home.

"Ky!" Then she shouted at me. Wassup?

No, I don't know what to say." I shook my head and walked back to the mall's pavement, where I was secure. After that, I'll be back. Leaving Brooklyn speechless at my bold action, I waved goodbye and went back into the mall.

That's a great job, Kyle! You did a great job. Congratulations!


It took Brooklyn a long time to figure out that I didn't want anything to do with her. Over the phone wasn't going to work.

To unwind, I walked around the mall. I decided to go back to the music shop after passing by it. Maybe I'll listen to a new CD. In the shop, I was reminded of my previous visit.


But with Brooke and everything else going on today, it would be a lie to say I hadn't thought about him since then. I knew it was wishful thinking to hope he'd show up today, but I couldn't help myself.

With so many CD choices, I found myself tune-out a lot of noise around me while I browsed through them all! Mum says I should stop, but I just can't. When I need to concentrate, I turn off the world.

It wasn't like that today, though, when I heard my name called out.


Connor's extremely black eyes greeted mine as I turned around.

"Hey." My mood shifted. Suddenly, I was full of energy again.

As a result, I was surprised when you appeared. He let forth a smirk.

"This is unusual for me. As a matter of urgency," Then again, I halted. "It's okay, it's OK. Have a great day!" I looked up at him with a big grin. We last saw one other a few days ago and I had no idea how much taller Connor is than I thought he truly was before then.

I'm doing well.' He grabbed a CD from behind me. Hello, how are you?

Pretty good. His action to retrieve the CD drew my attention to his tattoo once again as he reached for it. The lettering was curled and seemed to be written in cursive. There was a signature at the conclusion, as if it were a message or a letter.

You're the best, mom!

Just underneath the phrase, it was written. Now, I was dying to know what happened to it.

Was the CD a hit with you? The sound of Connor's voice drew me out of my stupor.

"Loved it" is a more appropriate description. I chuckled.

When was the last time you heard new music? His eyes were fixed on me as he said, "Like music indicated."

Friends attempt to recommend music, but it's never the type I'm interested in listening to. Then, with a shrug, I picked up a random CD to listen to. A picture of an almost nude woman on the cover made me want to toss it back on the shelf. Nearby, I could hear Connor's snickering.

'Perhaps I could provide some suggestions.' The young man seemed to be optimistic.

"Sure." Suddenly, my eyes glowed with a bright radiance I'm always on the lookout for new songs.

A few CDs later, he returned and asked whether I'd heard of any of the bands or vocalists. When I saw them, I gave them a quick glance.

It's okay if you want to borrow some of them first. Just as in the past, he crammed his hands in his pockets.

Wow, such a fantastic idea! "But won't you want to listen to them?" I said with a wink.

You can count on me to be quite fine without them for a time, right? Connor's chuckle made me smile.

Why not let me borrow them?

It was clear from his expression and tone of voice that Connor wanted to ask me something else. Just to be safe, I pretended to be glancing at the files in my hands.

If you're interested in going out for lunch or anything, let me know."

How about now?

As long as you're not in a hurry.

"No, not today." I smirked as I placed the CDs down. Following him from the shop, I made my way to the food court to meet him.

"Would you rather have pizza?" When Connor saw me, he spun around and looked at me. This is due to the fact that my favorite pizza restaurant is only around the corner. You must have misunderstood what I was trying to convey by my expression. "Walking is an option if you don't want to drive. That's OK with me."

I assured him that I was OK with riding with him, and he laughed.

Then does it count?


A medium cheese pizza and two sodas, please. Connor's orders were the easiest things on the planet, yet he did them nonetheless.

$10.76 is the total." A teenage girl was staring at me intently as Connor retrieved his wallet. Despite my repeated promises, he refused to split the cost. They told me, "It won't be long now." Then she told us where we could get our empty glasses filled.

How about you? What's your favorite color? The question came from Connor as we sat down at one of the two person tables.

"Hmm..." No, I didn't question his haphazard behavior. To learn more about him, as well as myself. Perhaps blue.

There was no "pink" in sight.

This is certainly my sister, I said with a chuckle. It was time to take a drink of my soda. Which one are you?

In the end, I had to choose green." He leaned back in his chair a little bit. 2

My teasing continued.

It's a definite no. I could tell he was having a good time since he was The portions of his eyes that I could see were filled with unbridled hilarity. "What's your favorite dish to eat?"

"Pizza." I eagerly nodded. "Yours?"

Trying to get to know one another, we went back and forth, asking the simplest things we could think of. It didn't matter when the pizza arrived; we kept going.

It wasn't long until the pizza was gone and the discussion starter questions had been answered. We moved on to other subjects.

"Your sister is there. There there additional siblings?" Connor inquired as he sipped on his beverage.

"Nope. As it turns out, my parents didn't plan to have twins." Laughing, I went back for a second slice of pizza.

"Twins?" "Are you and your sister twins?" he said, frowning.

"Yup. This is not always the case. In contrast, she uses a lot of make-up and dyes her hair, whereas I use little make-up and stick to my natural color."

Why have I been so baffled? He rubbed his head. "This girl flirted with me in the mall a few months ago, but I wasn't interested. I believed you were the same girl when I saw you the other day."

What the hell? My jaw dropped as I looked blankly at Connor in disbelief. "It's understandable why you were looking at me as I passed by. You didn't even notice that Brooke and I were together."

As well as the fact that I felt you were more attractive now." However, his voice trailed off as he continued to murmur. As it turns out, your sister was the one who flirted.

There was a brief moment of confusion as I believed you were smiling and looking directly into my eyes." "Honestly," I said as I started to chuckle.

You caught my attention for a couple reasons as you passed." He shared my laughter.

We were able to figure out who had done what via additional clarifications. Then he understood that Brooke and I were not the same person.

What about your siblings? While leaving the pizza parlor, I asked him a question. I couldn't recall where his vehicle was parked since the streets were crowded.

"Nope. It's just my dad and I." The subject appeared to upset him, so I immediately came up with something else.

Are you a teenager? I asked the most ridiculous question I could think of. We both erupted into laughter as we stood next to his vehicle, giggling.

It is a fact that I am 18.

"17." My head bobbed as I pointed at myself.

There was no need to alter the topic. As we stood on the sidewalk, Connor did not make a move to get in the vehicle.

Lie-telling isn't my strong point.

That's right. He looked at me with a sly grin on his face and a twinkle in his eyes. "You're also not very good at lying." In agreement, I laughed again.

Because you seemed to be depressed about the lack of a brother, I altered my mind. I couldn't help but stop. In my mind, everything were coming together. "It wasn't because I didn't have a sibling." I could see Connor frowning. I don't know what that was about. I paused once more.

It was when he told him that he alone lives with his father that he became depressed. His mother isn't there. That was the subject of his tattoo. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to continue.

Just living with my father is all that's involved. " In his eyes, Connor was filled with an incomprehensible sight. "Sorry. We don't need to discuss it." I beat my leg with my fingers. A: "I'm sorry!" I muttered to myself. Kylie: "It's alright. His expression was back to normal. "I want you to be aware." In spite of the fact that we've only just met." It was a weird feeling, yet it was also very pleasant. Everything between us was the same. You're going to be around for a long, I can tell. Connor's grin, which I'm sure you've seen before, emerged. However, I didn't mind not knowing what he meant by "friends." Not at all. As a result, "So, what does it mean? Seeing his tattoo from another perspective, I smiled.

However, this time everything was turned on its head. You should be aware of it. He turned to me and grinned. No need to tell me anything. In order to complete, I had to let Connor tell his tale. " My mother died a year ago. Her heart had stopped one morning, while I was at school, and she had died." Father had taken her to the hospital but it wasn't good enough, he said. This is why I'm sorry. While reaching for his hand, I mumbled something. Unfortunately, I was unable to help but feel sorry for him. Nothing like that should ever happen to anybody. "In anticipation of the fact that her father was going to be at work, she left me a letter telling me when she would be home. "To be my age and lose a parent or guardian was all I could think about. You know them so well at this age that it would be almost impossible to do so. "Connor..." I took a deep breath as I held his hand. Everyone was looking at us as they passed, but we weren't paying attention. I grabbed his hand and he squeezed back. Are you sure it's a tattoo? It was the quietest I could manage.

"Yeah. In the note, it's mentioned." When the desire struck, I couldn't resist it any longer. In the end, he was grateful for the embrace and I was glad to give him a much-needed one. "Kylee..." The sound of Connor's laughing shocked us all. His laughter sent shivers down my spine. 'Just give me a hug in return' I snorted into his t-shirt. His arms tightened around me. It is a pleasure to be around you. I kept my voice low so he wouldn't hear me. "I agree." It seemed as if he was breathing on the top of my head as he murmured.

Why not? "Can I show your tattoo?" In a flash, I had the courage to ask. As he extended his right arm out for me to view, his arms relaxed around me. Do your best, Connor! Yours truly, I adore you. You're the best, mom! My eyes filled with tears as Connor drew me back into his arms for a second embrace. It's going to be uncomfortable, don't you think? As soon as we were both in his vehicle, I inquired. Is that what you're talking about? "When you meet Brooklyn," Connor said with a grin as he started the vehicle. A joyful tear replaced a tear of sadness as I roared. As he laughed alongside me, Connor's face lighted up with delight.

"Will she remember me?" A: "Who knows." "But it's still going to be uncomfortable," I said, grinning. As Connor murmured, I found myself laughing again. When he stopped at a red light, I glanced over and said, "It's OK." Due of her inability to flirt with you. You're correct, sir. I'm the only one who can do it. "Are you still interested in borrowing those CDs?" he said with a grin. + 'Can I?' I knew my eyes were glowing. "Well..." he began, causing a huge smile to appear on my face. "Let's wait and see. Maybe I'll need them one day." "Connor!"

During the drive back to the mall, I laughed out loud. "You owe me the CDs," he said.


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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