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A New Beginning

Welcome to a new story blog, this time with a nostalgic and dramatic story. So relax and follow me in this cute short story <3


A New Beginning

After hearing my alarm go off, I turned over and nearly fell off the side of the bed Logan was sleeping on.

I banged my head on the bedside table while scrambling to grasp for anything.

I grabbed my phone with one hand while holding my head with the other.

It took me a few blinks to adapt my eyes to the brightness of the phone screen.

After a bad night's sleep, my thinking was clouded. My mind was blank as to why I had to get up so early this morning.

"Gwen? What's up, buddy?" He made a gentle knock on our front door.

We're on our way. I groaned.

"Okay," he said, pushing the door open. "I have to go in approximately 45 minutes."

It's a mess! That jolted me awake. In my haste to get out of bed, I pushed Logan out of the way.

He's going on another trip today. He's going to New Zealand this time since a buddy of his won two tickets and asked him to come along with him.

Logan nearly bought me a ticket, but I didn't want to get in the way. To make up for it, I said I would take him to the airport instead.

Afterwards, I combed my hair and teeth, and put on some make-up.

I searched everywhere in our closet for my favorite blouse, but I couldn't locate it anywhere. I chose a different one and rummaged through our wardrobe in search of a pair of shorts to go with them.

If you ask yourself, "where are all my clothes?" A jacket and thin pants were quickly donned as I scowled. 1

Normally, I don't notice when my clothing are being washed, but today was different for some reason. As though my whole outfit had disappeared.

Tossing aside my worries for now, I made my way into the kitchen to prepare some food for the day's meal.

Logan had just walked in from the cold.

There's a lot of stuff in the vehicle." They were on the counter next to me. "And we have 20 minutes until we have to go."

Nodding my head, I walked away from the table. Wasn't it heartbreaking that he was leaving?

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not a clinging girlfriend. It's simply nice to be around him. The fact is, life moves on and things happen. It's simply nice to have Logan around.

As soon as I was done cleaning up, I went to get my vehicle keys.

Logan, what's up? I put my shoes on. As he was leaving the restroom, I saw him carrying a suitcase with him.

There were a few things I forgot. As I grabbed my pocketbook off the table, he said, "I'm sorry."

Walking with Logan to my vehicle, I locked the door behind us and got into my car.

The trip to the airport was rather uneventful. To begin with, I'm not much of a talker, so when you put me in a terrible scenario, I say nothing.

Logan saw me wiping my tears and said, "Gwen." love says, "It's alright. 1

That's what I've been told." I chuckled at the odd moniker.

This time, I'm not going to stay gone as long. He made an attempt to cheer me up.

"That's true."

In a few minutes' time, I'll be back." He gave me a kiss on the cheek while smiling and bending over to kiss me.

So, I drove to the airport with a little grin on my face.

Logan instructed me to park there while he went in with his baggage. He promised to wait for me inside.

So, I got out of my vehicle and followed Logan's directions.

They were easy to identify thanks to Logan's striped black-and-white luggage. We each have tiny bags, so he has to carry everything in both. ' No, these are not mine. 2

I assumed men packed light, but it turns out they don't!

'Where's Chris?' During Logan's wait for his buddy, I sat next him. There was just a shrug.

Promise to bring me a gift? I smiled, attempting to make Logan's situation appear better.

You know what I mean." On the armrest, his hand touched mine. 1

"Good." My head lay on his shoulder.

I closed my eyes and attempted to concentrate on Logan's breathing for a few minutes before opening them.

"Gwen?" His voice was low and hushed, like if he


If so, are you about to doze off? I could see he was having a good time.

Not at all. Just relaxing." Logan's hand was squeezed as I opened my eyes.

Have you slept well lately?

In light of the fact that I forgot you were going since my head was hazy this morning, I'll have to say yes." When I heard the joke, I couldn't help

This explains why you sprang up so quickly after hearing me say when I would be leaving.

Logan's departure was temporarily forgotten as we laughed and joked around with one other.

Then Chris appeared. Logan held my hand while pointing to his buddy. The two of us got up and greeted him.

In the end, I was exhausted.

"Logan!" Chris walked up to us and said, "Hey, Gwen." To my surprise, he gave me a big grin as he I managed to return a grin.

When I observed something strange about Chris, I was able to pull myself out of my funk.

'Chris, where's your suitcase?' I said, interrupting the guys' discussion.

Has she heard from you yet? To Logan's right, he turned his head.

When you finally arrived, I felt relieved.

'What's that?' My eyes darted from one to the other.

« Logan, you're doing well! I didn't think you'd be able to hide it from her," Chris said, patting him on the back. To his buddy, Logan gave a smirk.

Is anything wrong? I shook my head and crossed my arms.

"You know what? What is happening?" Chris laughed. I didn't let up on my frown.

So Chris isn't coming to New Zealand with me," Logan said with a smile.

"What? I don't see why not." I had to stop frowning.

'Cause someone else is coming.' This time, Logan's expression was one of sheer enjoyment. Chris seemed to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

So why is Chris here?

My love, I won the tickets. " I'm not using these," Chris said, waving them about. 1

Because of his little moniker for me, I rolled my eyes and gave him a look of disapproval.

Is there any reason why not?

"I've gone to New Zealand twice already. Surely Logan would be interested in going?"

Although, two tickets were found. I pointed it out, which made both of them chuckle. "What?"\s"Gwen," It was Logan who had my hands. "I'm taking you with me."

After hearing this, I swear my jaw hit the floor.

Let's shut our mouths, darling." My friend Chris made fun of me.

"Are you going to travel with us?" Despite the fact that my eyes were wide open, I couldn't look away

"You're on your way." To Logan's ecstatic nod.

I leapt onto Logan and wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.

The tickets are in fact in my possession. In the background, Chris sneezed a few times.

"What a waste of time." It sent chills down my spine.

As I kissed Logan, I came to a second startling conclusion.

Then he released off of me and said, "I don't have anything."

When you woke up this morning, all of your clothing were gone. A wide smile spread over Logan's face. When I came out of the restroom, I had a second bag.

Why did you pack for me?

"How else would you be able to survive?"

I turned back and gave Chris a big embrace.

You're welcome. When he wore his shirt, my voice was muted.

"Gwen, don't be alarmed."

I thanked him once more and grasped Logan's hand, almost screaming.

Everyone has to hurry up. As Chris had forewarned us.

We said our goodbyes and checked in.

From packing my belongings to having his mother check on our home while we're gone, Logan assured me that everything was taken care of.

What a wonderful surprise! I walked alongside Logan with my handbag in hand.

This isn't the vacation you wanted, but...

"'Hey, Logan', I said, pausing to make sure he was looking at me. Absolutely not."

You wanted to see London, and I had promised to make it happen.

"Due to a buddy of yours and some careful preparation on your side, I'll be traveling with you to New Zealand. Any commitment made in the past is irrelevant. I think this is a much better idea than the last one" Then I kissed him on the lips.

To whom it may concern: His arms encircled me from the waist down.

It's the same with me.

Our flight will be delayed if we don't hurry. While tugging at my hand, his smile reappeared.

You know what I mean." Following his lead, I laughed.

This time, I don't mind if Logan has to go a long distance.


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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