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So guys welcome back to another blog, i know a lot of you like to read and and get into many kinds of interesting stories that happen throughout the world and in our minds. So this time we are starting a new section were we are going to post stories, stories that i find interesting and i hope you will find the same way.

It will be different types of stories, short stories, love, science, fiction and maybe horror hehe.So guys thanks for be here again i really appreciate it a lot, hope you like this new section.



The room was filled with heavy silence. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of her bangles clicking against each other as she passed him his white plain 'sherwani'. "When you are willing to do this much just because of that stupid reason, then do the honour of attending the wedding too", his voice was calm but she knew he was nowhere calm. " Do you want me to?", she asked, her voice composed. "What if I say YES?" "I'll come with you." A blank chuckle full of remorse escaped his lips as he placed the sherwani on the chair and sat down on the bed. She too silently walked towards him and sat in front of him, on her knees, on the floor. " Iffat? Don't do this. Please. We don't need a child. We are happy as we are. And even if you want a child, we can always adopt one. This second marriage won't do good to anyone. Not you. Not me. Not her. I won't be able to love her. My heart is filled with your love. It beats for you. We both are enough for each other.", he pleaded holding her hand and entwining his fingers with hers.

"Azam? That adopted child won't have your blood. I want you to have a child of your own. YOUR CHILD. The one who will call you baba(dad). This decision may look absurd to you now but when you'll hold that little bundle of joy in your arms, you'll realize what I am doing is the best. For all of us. I have a fault in myself that doesn't mean you have to suffer too. You deserve happiness. I'll make sure you'll get yours."

"My happiness? My happiness lies with you. Can't you understand this?", he said loudly scaring her already scared and innocent heart. The tears she was holding for so long started running down her face.

"I-I don't - I am sorry. I didn't mean to shout. Shhhhh. Stop crying. I just can't understand why are you doing this. Instead, if you if I would have been infertile, you would have left me? No? Then how can you force me to do this? Doesn't it hurt you? Iffat? You can't bear a girl looking at me. How Will you share me with her? I'll have to spend days with her, nights too.

Can you bear me with some other girl? I making love to her? She carrying MY BABY? ", Azam said hugging her tight, his voice heavy with emotions. He was on the height of be-basi(helplessness).

He wouldn't have ever agreed to this if she wouldn't have blackmailed him about going to court for a divorce.

They stayed in each other's arms for some moments until Iffat backed out from his embrace and stood a bit away from him to have a clear view of his face and what she saw broke her already hurt heart. He was crying. She was crying too. They both were crying.


But she wasn't ready to back off. She could do anything for his happiness and when a child would give him happiness, how could she back off? She had seen him looking at kids with certain emotions in his eyes. Even if he never said anything to her, she knew she lacked the ability to let him feel the happiness of fatherhood. Thus, she decided to do what she was doing. "She is a nice girl. She'll keep you happy. She'll give you a child. I trust her on this.", she said while wiping his tears. " Wow. The girl who never trusted even herself when it came to me. Now trust another girl? " "She isn't any other girl. She's going to be your wife in few hours", He was about to cut her off but she gestured through her hand to not say anything and went to pick sherwani. "She'll be your wife in few hours. I want you to take care of her. Be her support. No girl deserves a husband who would only use her for his needs. Try to understand her. But j-jus-just don't forget me. Don't forget my love. Don't forget us. You are all that I have. But after few years, I don't want you to blame me for not having a child. This is another reason why I want you to re-marry. Try to understand my reasons", she never planned to say last Lines about them but sometimes heart talk on it's own and same happened with her. She was handing him to someone else. She at least had the right to ask him not to forget her even if she knew he won't ever do that. "I won't ever blame you. Don't you know me? Don't you trust me? ", he was furious. Beyond furious. "I do but I can't risk You hating me for not giving you a child ." "What is the guarantee that I won't hate you after this marriage. That I won't divorce you?'" "You agreed to this marriage because I blackmailed you about divorce so you won't divorce me plus I have no other place to go other than this house", her reply left him defeated.

He knew she wasn't going to back off. She was stubborn. She had always been. And he always thought she looked more than pretty while being Stubborn. But today he wasn't liking it one bit. She was creating distance between been and he wouldn't let her do this. Therefore, he decided to play his last card. He was guilty to use her weakness but he was majboor(forced by circumstances) too. And if she doesn't back off even after this, then he had to do what she wanted. RE-MARRY.

"agr shaadi ke baad mujhe usse muhabbat hogai? (what if after marriage, I fall in love with her?) , And there he played his last card "Hojaane dijiyega. haq hoga uska". (Let it be. It will be her right) "Aur agr tumse na rahi?" (And what if I stop loving you?) She felt silent. Her colour paled. It was as if all the blood had drained from her face. 'Agr mujhse na rahi tou?ye tou mene kabhi socha hi nhi. Kiya muhabbat bhi hone ke baad khatam hojaaya krti hai? ' (what if his love for me leaves his heart? I never thought about this. Is it even possible to unlove someone after loving them once?), she thought. "Me kuch pooch raha hun. Agr tumse muhabbat Na rahi tou?" (I'm asking something. What if I stop loving you?", he knew his idea was working. She was getting weak. She was losing her stubbornness to her fear. "Tou Phir meri mout hogi". (Then it will cause my death). With this, she ran out of the room and he wasn't even able to move an inch from his place. 'From where did death came from?'


Hope you all liked the story and this new section, Thanks for being here. See you all soon <3


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