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Our Friendship History

Welcome back to another blog, i personally liked this story a lot, so relax, turn the noise of the world off and follow me with this cute short story <3


Our Friendship History

Dear Rose Petal: "Hello!" In my locker, Myles sneaked up behind me. I was startled by his voice and fell back into his arms as he spoke.

"Myles!" Even though he was still holding me tight, I turned around to face him. "I didn't even notice you were approaching." His silly grin smirked at me from below.

"Surprise!" He chuckled and squeezed me tightly.

The effort to escape made me chuckle. When he sneaked up behind me, I hadn't unlocked my locket yet. "Myles, I've had to go get my stuff."

'The bell hasn't rung,' he said. He shook his head, still holding me close to him.

And yet, I still need..." Myles' hold on me loosened as he tickled my sides with his hands. Because of my hysterical laughing, I was unable to complete my statement.

It was "Smiling.. Smi... Myles"! In the end, I couldn't stop laughing. They watched in fascination as the adorable, dimpled kid teased the wild, purple-haired female. " Please stop." He was making fun of me.

His hands eventually came to a halt on my hips, resting there. I smiled and gave him a little kiss on the cheek as a way of thanking him for his help. Another group of youngsters passed by, gazing at Myles' lips as they brushed against my for the duration of the encounter.

"Don't worry about them, Rose Petal," He said as I saw their backs go down the corridor. Only my beautiful girlfriend is making them envious." Myles embraced me one again. It gave me comfort.

Our relationship has lasted for months. "Why do they keep looking at us?" I let out a sigh and sank into his embrace. We've been dating since the day we first met. At first, our relationship was more of an on-and-off affair since we were both preoccupied with difficult courses, but now that those are behind us, we're dating full-force.

Especially at school, we try not to kiss too often in front of others, but people still look. What makes you believe this is the case? Myles tells me that it's because I seem like a freak with dark purple hair, and he looks like a better match for me. In any case, I'm in love with my hair and have no intention of altering it in the near future.

We wish they were us, as I often say. Since I first met Myles, I've been enamored with his dimples.

I lay my head on his chest while I laugh at his response. His breathing helped me relax. I knew the bell would soon sound, and I would have to hurry to class in order to avoid being late.

Is Leah with you? I raised my head to meet his gaze.

'She was with Bradley, I believe.'

I attempted to keep my groaning to myself by closing my eyes. However, I was losing it in my mind. Leah is my closest friend, and I adore her, but she has a terrible track record of choosing decent men. Whatever her feelings for them, she's awful at figuring out which guys are good people.

Myles is the only person I've ever dated, and I don't want her to find out. In middle school, I had a couple of those 1-2 week romances, but none as intense as the one I'm in now. Surely she'll bring it up if I tell her that she doesn't have a good sense of who to date. After chasing four men for approximately six months, she's been dumped, cheated on or brokenhearted by all of them. It's been a combination of all three in the past as well.

"Rose, she's a big girl. "She can handle the big, nasty guys of high school," Myles said, breaking me out of my rage.

A little concern for her comes naturally to me. We parted ways with Myles and headed to my locker while I shrugged.

"That's true." It was obvious that Myles had a huge smile on his face, revealing his all-too-likeable dimples, even before I had seen him.

When the bell eventually sounded, Myles agreed to meet me outside for lunch as soon as it rung again. I gathered my belongings and made my way to class. Halfway there, Leah caught up with me, but she didn't say anything to me about it.

Leah said just the bare minimum for two classes in a row. When I asked her about anything, she would only respond to basic inquiries. Leah kept her distance from me with a nod or a shake of the head.

A last look at Leah before leaving to meet Myles came when the lunch bell finally sounded.

"Rose!" He summoned me and motioned for me to sit down.

'Hey, Smiles'. As I sat across from him, I smirked.

Why is Leah ill?" "How was Leah? His grin was gone, replaced by a scowl. I glanced over my shoulder and saw her gazing at the ground with a sorrowful expression.

"Leah?" I sprang to my feet and dashed over to her. "What's wrong, Leah?" Then, I grabbed her by the shoulders and led her to our table.

What do you mean, "I'm simply tired?" However, I could see straight through her attempt at a grin.

Then we'll speak later, alright?" As I saw her stiffen at the sight of Myles, I murmured to her, "I'm sorry." She gave me a nod before taking a seat next to me gently. 1

He said, "Hey Lee." Myles smirked and threw her moniker into the conversation. "How's it going?" he asks.

"Good." She was fixated on the meal I had just given her from my own lunch.

In response to his gaze, I shrugged. When my boyfriend is there, Leah isn't going to talk about anything that's troubling her. I let out a sigh as I ate my meal.

Another discussion ensued, which ended with Myles turning to me and asking, "Are we still on for a movie tonight?"

About to respond, my lips produced a big smile. It's been a few weeks since we've gone out for a movie or supper. As a result of my telling Myles that he didn't have to spend money on me, we stopped going on these kind of dates as frequently as we used to do. Now, we prefer to remain home and play games or go for walks.

A tiny cry came from my normally cheerful and cheery best buddy before I could give him a full response. Leah wasn't feeling well, and I had to find out why.

Oh, I was going to hang out with Leah tonight. Know what I'm talking about? When Myles asked why I had to leave him for the night, I thought he would understand. While her head jumped up, her eyes were somewhat bright.

In addition, the movie will be shown all weekend and perhaps Saturday night. He smirked and changed the topic.

After lunch, we tried to have a nice time and make sure Leah was okay. I'm going to find out what's upsetting her so much tonight.

In the glass, I could see Leah's bleached blonde hair as I got up to answer my front door. They had a sloppy bun instead of her normal style of wearing it down and wavy. She must have come home after school and changed into something more comfortable.

Upon letting her in, I saw that her jeans had been changed with navy blue sweatpants, and the flowery tank top she wore to school had been replaced with a plain white tee.

This made me feel overdressed for an overnight stay at my home.

Let me introduce you to Leah. I smiled and closed the door behind her.

'Hey, Rose.' On the sofa, she tripped over her luggage.

A tiny grin appeared on her lips as she said, "I feel like I'm overdressed." You can count on me to be back soon." I hurried up the stairs to my room. I threw on a pair of black track trousers and a loose-fitting tank-top before heading out. Hair was left down down my back.

If you ask yourself, "What will we do tonight?" In my haste to go back down the steps, I nearly collided with her when I got there.

"Dunno." Leah shook her head, seeming to be back to her old self. "How 'bout a marathon of movies?" She laughed.

I went through my library of movies and let her choose a couple. Her selection included all four Shrek DVDs.

What a great pick! Setting up the first one made me chuckle. Just after six o'clock, I rummaged around the kitchen for something to eat. Aside from supper, I had more than enough munchies in the kitchen.

Leah was as cheerful as she always is during the first film. Just to make sure, I looked at her every now and again. Any issues that arose in school appear to have been resolved at this point.

Just as I was about to put in the second DVD, my phone rang. While getting our second round of munchies, I had forgotten to get it. "Myles" appeared on my computer screen.


It read the message while my usual ringtone blasted. I answered it by reaching over the counter.

"Hello?" I pretended I didn't know who was calling.

Dear Rose Petal: "Hello!" It sounded as though he had guests over for dinner. Wait, I know you're dating Leah. There is no sign of her."

"What? No. In the living room, she's located. 'Why?' I asked quietly.

When your phone is not on speaker, it may sound as if it is. In the background, I heard a smashing sound and he chuckled.

Why is this happening, Myles?

They're here." "But I've had to tell you something," he said with a shrug.

Your presence frightens me to death.

A: "Did you discuss the attitude of Leah in school with her?" It was as though he didn't hear me. "No, we're watching a movie," he said. In the kitchen, "What's going on?" was my question as I paced.

"It's OK. No need to be alarmed, Rose Petal. Myles attempted to calm me down. Just to clarify, I spoke with Bradley. I'll be happy to speak with you later.

"Myles!" I was so frustrated that I almost shouted. There are a lot of things going on with you." Say what? You spoke with him? When? Why?"

After that, I'll tell you." First, I'd want you to discuss it with Leah.

I'm not sure what to say! When I stopped pacing, my heart rate dropped.

Is it safe to say that you have faith in me?"

You know what I mean." Instead, I murmured under my breath, too furious to pretend to be a contented girlfriend.

Please trust me when I claim everything will be made clear once we've spoken with her."

This is fine. Sobbing, I leant back against the counter. I promised to call you later.

"Bye." When Myles finished speaking, he disconnected the phone.

Where did all the explanations come from?


(Myles) "I'm sorry you had to leave him." In order to see me, Leah turned onto her stomach. We're now watching the night's final movie. For the most of the time, she's been stretched out on the floor while I've been seated.

"Take no notice of it. That was a long time ago." Then I turned my head to look at her and gave her a kind grin. More sleepovers are needed, he says.

It's a yes! She sat up and nodded. She had let her long hair fall out of the untidy bun earlier, and now she was braiding it to one side and tying it up. Blonde bleached hair was more flattering and suited her than her original hair color.

I took a second to appreciate her hair before returning my attention to the movie. As I sat back down, I flipped my purple hair over my shoulder. Leah retreated to her bed, where she was enveloped by cushions and covers once again.

For the remainder of the film, the room was filled with a pleasant, comfortable quiet. The credits rolled and I jumped up to turn the tv off as soon as they did.

'Hey, Rose.' When Leah looked up at the ceiling, she sighed, still lying on the floor.

"Yeah?" Once again, I sat down on the sofa.

Know how I've gone through a lot of men lately?

"Uh-huh." Not sure what more to say about it.

What do you think? What she was going to tell me next was unclear to her. Recent crushes on Bradley include:

"Really?" In my best startled voice, I said. Truth be told, I've known for a few of weeks. A close friend will be able to tell.

"He's a kind person." To my regret, I did not speak out when she said the same thing regarding Todd's infidelity. "And yeah, yeah. I've said the same thing about Todd, but this time I'm serious. We love him."

"Congratulations!" I really grinned.

As for me, I've discovered that he likes me. When Leah wasn't talking to me, she was chatting to the ceiling instead.

"Really? I love it!" When I stated that, I was being honest with myself.

"But I'm afraid, Rose," he said. Her speech was delicate and slurred.

That's when it clicked for me. It was because Bradley had told her he liked her at school that she was acting strangely. She wasn't depressed. That, or you're just plain wack Fear gripped her and it still does. Because she's afraid of being shattered again, she's afraid of being thrown to the curb. 1

Because of this, I realized it was impossible for me to bring up her poor judgment today. There are lessons to be learned from the experience she had with those other guys. Bradley is now a favorite of Leah's, therefore he must be a nice person.

"Leah, don't be scared." In order to be near her, I got up and walked up to her. I felt her relax as I wrapped my arm over her shoulders.

"Recently, I've been very stupid. What if it's a mistake again?" To be honest, Leah muttered a lot to herself.

Not at all. When I grabbed her shoulder, she said, "I'm sorry "No, I swear. A nice person like Bradley must have caught your eye."

"My latest evil guy parade, on the other hand, is another story. They drew my attention to them."

You know what to look for in a man today, and Bradley has everything you need."

"An attractive face. Laughing, Leah turned to face me.

There must be more to it than that. I joined her in her mirth. Laughing out loud, she rolled about on the floor, making jokes in between bouts.

Leah kept on fooling around for almost 30 minutes. We laughed so hard that our stomachs hurt and tears streamed down our cheeks as a result.

From her expression, I knew she felt a lot better about it all. The clarity of her thinking allowed her to consider whether dating Bradley was a smart idea or not. Personality-wise, I've always thought of him as a terrible man, even though I've never met him in person. Unfortunately, it seems that I am the culprit.

Leah thanked me for listening to her and comforting her once we had both cooled down. Suddenly, as we sat on the floor, laughing and reminiscing about the good old days, I realized I had a task. I sprang to my feet and rushed to get my phone.

This morning, it's 3:30 a.m. " Again, I broke into giggles. "What happened?"

Every movie was finished about 1 p.m., I believe." Leah confessed as she got up from the floor and stood up.

'Myles was supposed to call me back,' I said. A burst of air escaped from my cheeks.

You know he's up."

"Just a thought! He's been attempting to cut down on his late-night drinking."

"Phone him up." Putting my phone to my ear, she smirked. "A few of rings should be enough to get his attention. It's okay to tell him in the morning that it was an accident."

The Leah I missed today is there. When I saw my sneaky best buddy, I smirked.

"At your beck and call." During the whole time, she was giggling and curtsied. "Let me wash my teeth. Brb."

I shook my head at Leah's back as she walked out of the living room and decided to contact Myles. His terrible habit of staying up late hasn't changed, and I'm sure he won't.

As the phone rang, I assumed he was sleeping. It seemed like someone answered on the sixth ring, and I was ready to hang up when I heard a response.

"Rose?" Why are you still awake?

Leah is over, do you recall? "And I may have forgotten to call you back earlier," I said with a chuckle.

"I knew you'd do it." As a result, I was taunted by Myles, who made fun

"But I did speak to her.

'I went straight to the point, and I'd want to know why you were acting so strange,' I said."

What do you think about that? This time it was his usual funny voice. "After school, I spotted Bradley roaming the hallways, and I decided I'd speak to him about something important. I figured it wouldn't be that strange since we used to hang out with a large bunch of people from time to time."

"Right..." Then I pretended that everything made sense to me." As we began to converse, he let out that he liked Leah. I warned him that he had better be serious about her because she doesn't need another terrible man."

"Thanks for that, Myles," I had to tell him before he concluded.

'It wasn't much at all' I knew he had dimples on his cheeks because I could see them. It is not necessary for her to go through it again since I know a little about it."

He said, "You're one of the greatest." As he went on, I muttered.

"In the end, I trusted him to be an honest person after he assured me that she was the one for him. I wished him well and left. My suspicion is that we made a mistake in our judgment." However, I already knew this.

"What do you mean by "I know." I suppose I'm not as good a judge as I thought Leah was." Then I chuckled and paced around the living room.

In that case, Rose Petal, no worries. In his voice, he could be heard smiling. 'At the very least, you're aware of it'

When Leah returned from the toilet, I informed Myles that I had to go.

There was no need to get rid of him so quickly, he told me. She giggled as I hung up.

"We'll call you back if you need us." After falling into the mound of blankets, I grinned at him.

'Prank call'? She wiggled her eyebrows and sat down next to me, leaning against me.

"That's precisely what I mean." It made me happy to see that my closest buddy was back, and I ginned.

Also, why did you say that I had poor judgment?" Leah gave me a serious look as she glanced across at me. Almost fell out of my chair as she erupted into laughter. "You're aware that I'm joking, right? I'm sure of it."

Then, while we joked about and planned a prank call for Myles, it occurred to me how fortunate I am that my parents aren't home.

Myles and Leah are such a blessing to have in my life.


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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