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Best Friends

A cute Friendship story that you should not miss. Take your time and relax with me in this new blog, hope you like it <3


Best Friends

Walking up the steps to my friend's house, I could hear the fight happening inside.

Knowing fights happen regularly between the two sisters of the house, I rang the doorbell.

What I didn't expect was Dawn's sister to open the door. If there's a fight, it's usually between Dawn and Mikah.

"Hey, Carly. Dawn just went down to her room." Mikah told me in a hushed tone. The yelling in the house seemed to have stopped.

"Oh, uh, alright." I nodded, turning back down the steps.

Sneaking to the side of the house, I got down on the ground beside Dawn's window.

Mikah better not be messing with me again.

I tapped on Dawn's window. The noises inside stopped and the curtain was drawn back.

Dawn sniffled before giving me a smile, opening her window.

"Hey, Carly." I noticed her eyes were red and puffy.

"Is everything okay?"

"Not really." She looked down.

"Wanna come to the hideout?" I asked. Maybe she'd wanna talk about whatever the problem is.

Back when we were kids, Dawn and I found a fort on my family's property behind my house. It was originally an old shed, but we changed it into a fort with help from my parents.

We use to hide it in when Dawn's mom came to pick her up. We haven't used it for sleepovers or a private place to talk for months now.

"Sure." She nodded. I expected Dawn to tell her mom she was leaving, but instead she began climbing out her ground-level window.

Walking in almost silence, Dawn sniffed and wiped at her eyes a few times. Taking our secret route to the fort, we continued through the trees and bushes in my backyard property.

Unlocking the door with the key I always have with me-- even after months of not using the shed-- I pushed open the door. Dawn took off her shoes and collapsed on the old couch we moved in when my parents got new furniture. I opened the window to let out the stale air.

"Want a drink?" I offered her a pop we keep in the mini fridge we added to our hideout a few years back. I restocked the fridge a week or two ago.

"Yes please." Dawn sat up.

Taking a seat on the old recliner, I turned on the CD player to erase the silence consuming the room.

"You know how Brody and I have been going out for a while now?" Dawn finally spoke.


"Well, he invited me to a concert this summer and thinking it wouldn't be a problem to go, I asked my mom just to be sure. She freaked and told me no." Dawn frowned, pausing for a moment, "That's not what's bugging me though. While I was asking her why, she accidentally let it slip that she doesn't even like Brody!"

"But you've been going out for.. what? 3 years?"

"3 years next month." She nodded, "And this whole time my mom's been faking that she likes him."

"Did she say why she doesn't like him?" I asked, moving to sit beside my friend on the couch.

"No, she gave no reason." I heard Dawn's voice crack.

"Hey, it's alright." I gave her shoulder a squeeze, "Brody's a great guy."

"I know he is." Dawn smiled through her tears.

"Then what does it matter if your mom doesn't think he is? You're graduating in four months and can move out. You can live with Brody if you want."

"I.. I don't know. It just feels terrible that my mom has been lying this whole time."

I've always had problems giving Dawn advice on parents-- given that I've never had any real issues with mine. I can help her with everything else though.

Dawn's parents split up when we were in grade 8. I did my very best to help her through it. We spent countless nights hiding out in our fort to get away from everything.

"Just give her a day and then talk to her." I suggested.

"I don't know." Dawn sighed.

"Well, you know it's always okay to stay with me."

She looked up from her lap, giving me a small smile.

"How bout we have a sleep over in here?" I grinned, "We haven't done that forever."

Nodding, Dawn's mood seemed to lighten.

"We can talk all night." She laughed, "Like when we were kids and didn't have a thing to worry about."

I smiled to myself as Dawn continued to remember good times from when we were kids.

At least she'll forget about her mom for a while and just relax.

Dawn and I ran to my house to grab extra clothes, blankets, and "snuck" snacks to take back to our fort like back in the day.

I grabbed the CD Dawn gave me for my 17th birthday last year, signed by the singer, and we went back outside.

We spent hours talking and laughing; truly forgetting all of our problems and current worries.

"Thank goodness there's no school tomorrow." Dawn checked her phone for the time: 2:17am.

Getting comfy on the recliner, I wrapped myself up in my blanket.

"Hey, Carly?" Dawn's voice came out as a whisper.


"Thanks." She mumbled.

"For what?" I whispered back.

I could hear Dawn's breathing slow and relax.


No answer.

"Hey, psst."

Snoring came from the couch.

"Night, Dawn." I quietly laughed.


Author's note:

Sorry for the short, lame, and long-awaited story. I promise the next one will be better. I've had some serious writer's block, but I'll come up with a good idea soon.+

Let me know what you think! :)


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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