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Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Guys! this is by far my favorite story of the latest weeks it makes me feel so nostalgic i really enjoyed a lot !! So hope you like it too <3


Are You Gonna Be My Girl

"Big black boots, long brown hair. She's so sweet with her get back stare!" I sang along to the popular Jet's song Are You Gonna Be My Girl.

"I said are you gonna be my girl?" I clapped along with the music, continuing to tune out my surroundings.

Once the song finished, I remembered where I was.

"Ari, I didn't know you could sing!" My oldest brother's girlfriend attacked me with questions and compliments as I made my way to the kitchen.3

"I didn't really know I could either." I laughed, using my reflection in the microwave to fix my recently dyed brown hair.

"Kelsey?" Liam's voice called out.

"I gotta go," She smiled to me, "I think he wants us to try a song now." Giggling, the 19 year old left me by myself.

Sighing, I leaned against the counter.

My other brother Blake and I thought it'd be nice to throw Liam a party considering he's moving out pretty soon. We invited a few of Liam's friends and set up our karaoke machine. I figured it'd be great.

It was until Blake and I realized the group of 19 year olds didn't want to sing- leaving me to.

Somebody had to start the party.

Hearing music beginning to play from the living room, I knew I'd done my job.

Dancing along our hallway, I figured Blake was hiding in his room.

"Avery?" My dancing seized, "Can you come here?" Blake sounded troubled.

I peeked my head into his room and found him lying on his bed.

"What's up?" I stood fully in the doorway.

"I just need some help." I laughed at how young he looked. Blake hardly ever looks his age.

I'm the youngest in the family, but some people think Blake is. I guess being a year apart messes with people. 17 and 18 year olds typically look the same age.

"With?" I didn't comment on the fact that he called me Avery. Nobody calls me that.

I'm either Ariel or Ari. Even after dying my hair back to brown, I'm still Ariel.

"I was kind of hoping you could go get me something?" Blake shot me a grin.

"Like what?" I folded my arms across my chest, ignoring his attempt to seem nice.

"I need something from the store..." He winced slightly, expecting me to yell.

It's not that I don't want to help my brothers. It's just, why do they have to be so lazy all the time?

"Thanks for being specific." I laughed, rolling my eyes at him.

"I need a book." Blake's normally happy, 'let's joke around' attitude disappeared.

"A book?" I repeated, testing what he said.

"A book." He nodded, repeating it back.

"And you can't go get it because?" I couldn't believe he was pulling this on me.

About 7 months ago Liam sent me to get a book from the bookstore because he had borrowed it from Kelsey (who wanted it back) and he thought he'd lost it. In reality, I'd taken it without asking and lost it myself.2

I went to buy him the stupid book and while at the bookstore I ran into my crush of a few years Colton Leviant.

I ended up being asked on a date by him and we dated for a few months before he said it would be better if we stopped.2

I was crushed to say the least and I haven't been to the bookstore since.

"Cause I'm too cool to be seen at the bookstore." He shrugged.

"What's it for?"

"The book? I need it for class."

"Go buy it yourself, ya lazy a-"

"Please, Ari."

With a smug grin plastered on my face, I simply walked away.

"Come on, Ariel!" Blake yelled, "You can't keep avoiding the bookstore!"

The grin vanished, and I turned back to his room.

"What?" I kept a cold expression.

"I know it's cause of Colton," Blake stood up from his bed, "And believe me, Liam and I took care of him." That made me smile again.

After Colton broke up with me, Liam and Blake went to his house and tried talking with him.

Apparently Colton was too afraid to say anything. Liam and Blake didn't even say anything threatening. He was just scared.

"It has nothing to do with him." I lied.


"Blakey..." I teased, making him smile.

"Fine. If it's not about him, I dare you to go to the bookstore for me."

"What are we? 12?" I laughed at him.

"Have some fun, sis." His 'lets joke around' attitude returned. "I dare you."

"No way." I scrunched up my nose, "I'm not buying you a book."

"I'll give you the money." He took out his wallet, "Either go to the store or sing a duet with Jason."

I glared at Blake.

Jason is one of Liam's.. friends? His older brother is a good friend of Liam's and so Jason tags along to parties and things. He's my age and has the biggest crush on me. I don't like him that way.

"There is no way I'm goin-"

"Jason!" Blake started yelling! "Jas-!" I covered his mouth.

"Shut up! I'll go." I let go of him.

"Here." He gave me thirty bucks, "You can keep the change." He told me what the book was called.

"Lucky me." I grumbled.

Exiting his room, I caught sight of Jason coming down the hall.

"Oh hey, Ari." His face lit up.

"Hey." I waved and kept walking to the front door.

Blake can deal with him.

Laughing, I left the house.

The wind picked up as I crossed the street, blowing my hair everywhere. I tied it back as I walked, seeing my reflection in a store's window.

I stopped dying my hair bright red sometime after Colton and I broke up and it's not because of him really. I just wanted a change and going back to my natural hair colour seemed like a good idea.

I still kept the name Ariel though because I hate Avery. It's just not me.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped inside the bookstore. I remembered the last time when I took a picture with a little girl. She thought I really was the little mermaid.

Asking for help at the counter, the employee told me where I could find the book for Blake.

Walking up and down the same aisle, I couldn't see the silly thing anywhere.

"Need some help?" An employee came up behind me.

"Oh, no thanks." I swore I stopped breathing when I turned around and saw him standing behind me. "I'm good." I put my back to him again to catch my breath.

When did he start working here?

"Ariel," My heart stopped hearing my name, "are you alright?" He touched my shoulder.

Of course not, idiot. You crushed me and expect me to be okay seeing you?

My thoughts raged, but I stayed calm.

"Why wouldn't I be?" I faced Colton with my best 'I'm okay' look, "I'm just looking for a book."

"Right." He nodded, regret flashing across his face. "It's none of my business, but why did you dye your hair?"

"I just felt like it." I shrugged, feeling my heart pound.

"I lik- it looks good." Colton smiled.

"Thanks." I went back to looking for the book. Being rude was the only way I was able to keep it together and not break down.

"I.. I.." He stopped, "My shift is over in 5 minutes, can we.. uh.. talk then?"

Biting my lip, I gripped the book I was pulling off the shelf.

"I actually gotta get home." I couldn't look at him. Holding onto the book, I brushed passed him.

"I'm sorry, Ari." I heard him whisper behind me. "It's my parents fault." He said louder, hoping I'd hear.

I did.

But I've already heard all of his excuses.

Colton followed me towards the check-out because an announcement called for another register to open. The line was that long.

With my luck, I got him as my cashier.

"That'll be $22.50, please."

Handing him the $30 bucks, I took my change and left the store.

I could feel tears threatening to fall.

I really do like him.

Then and now.

My crush only grew once we started dating and even though we only dated a few months, it felt like longer.

He dumped me a month and a half ago and I still can't talk to him without wanting to cry.

Puffing up my cheeks, I kept my eyes on the ground.

"Hang on!" Footsteps thumped behind me, "Ari!"

Sniffling, I sped up.

"Ariel, please!" Colton called out, running faster.

People on the street stared at me with such a weird look, I had to stop for him.

Completely out of breath, Colton caught up.

"I really need to talk to you."

"Go for it." I chewed on the inside of my lip.

"You've been ignoring me at school and I get why, but I've really wanted to tell you why we had to break up."

I couldn't form words, so I stared at the ground.

"I was stupid. I still am." Colton admitted, "My parents didn't like the idea of me dating and were doing everything in their power to make you hate me. They'd hide my car keys, my shoes, or my wallet just so I'd be late for our dates."

"So you broke up with me because of your parents?" I frowned, crossing my arms.

"I couldn't do it anymore. I wanted them to like you so badly, but they wouldn't see you the way I do- did." He tried covering up what he said. His slight blush gave it away though.

"Thanks for clearing that up." Turning on my feet, I kept going down the street.

"Wait," Colton fell into step beside me, "Please let me explain."

"You just did." I blew a piece of hair out of my face.

"Avery," He gently grabbed my arm, "You've gotta hear me out."

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath before telling him to go on.

"I didn't want us to break up. I really didn't, but it wasn't fair to you. My parents barely knew you and still chose to judge that I shouldn't be dating. I figured breaking up would fix it."

"It didn't fix anything." I mumbled.

"I know that now," Colton looked so sorry, "I wish we could go back to a few months ago."

I gave him a sad look.

"Ari," He messed up his hair, "I am sorry."

"I know."

"I've missed you like crazy you know?"

"I've missed you too." I looked down at my black boots.

Not thinking straight, I took a step towards Colton and wrapped my arms around him.

"Ariel?" He froze up.

"Just give me a hug." I let out a small laugh.

We stood in the middle of the sidewalk hugging each other for a few minutes.

"I'm sorry too." I let go of him, "For you know, being rude and all."

Hearing Colton laugh was the best sound ever.

"Don't worry about that," He grinned. "Does this mean we're okay?" He gestured between us.

"I just gave you a hug," I smirked, "I think that means we're cool."

"Good," Colton's face lit up, "Do you think we could.. maybe.. try dating again? I won't mess up again."3

"And if you do?" I gave him a look.

"Then you're brothers will hunt me down, I'm sure." The both of us laughed.

We walked further down the street.

Waiting to cross, a car pulled up at the light with music blaring.

"Big black boots, long brown hair. She's so cute with her get back stare!" Blasted from the radio.

Colton chuckled beside me.

"What?" I looked up at him.

"The song just described you." He pointed to my hair and boots. "So I guess that means I've gotta ask, are you gonna be my girl?"1

Glaring at him, I crossed the street, leaving him behind laughing even harder at my 'get back stare'.


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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