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Apple 2021 September Event

With all Apple has been doing, creating, and leaking over the last several months and years, no event has been more anticipated and awaited than this year's event. "We're excited to see what Apple has in store for us this year," said Apple's CEO Tim Cook in an interview with CNBC.

Let's take a closer look at what to expect in a month, in the middle of September.

Devices that are supposedly to be presented in the event.

1. New Iphone

Naturally, we can't talk about Apple's next event without addressing the new iPhone, as it is by far the company's most popular product. Since it has traditionally been the highlight of the September event, we may expect to see the iPhone 13 (or iPhone 12S, if Apple opts for that) on display.

Compared to Apple's other devices, the next iPhone looks to be a small advance. With its 120 Hertz display, an enhanced camera, and the newly developed A15 processor, Apple's new iPhone will be a welcome upgrade for anyone looking to replace their previous devices.

2. Apple Watch 7

Next fall's presentation will also showcase the Apple Watch 7, which is expected to have a new chip inside, a new design, longer battery life, and maybe a new health function that could have a huge impact, such as the ability to monitor blood sugar levels. Since quite some time, Apple Watch has been reported to be coming out in September.

3. New Generation of Airpods

As part of the forthcoming presentation, Apple is expected to unveil the latest version of its immensely popular Airpods earbuds, which are due for an upgrade. With a redesigned design for the Airpods and case, greater battery life, noise cancellation, and even a better sound management system, the Airpods 3 is a highly appealing bundle and a gadget with so many selling points for customers. It is predicted that Apple would sell a lot of new Airpods because of this big update.

4. New Version Of The Popular Macbook Pro

Apple's new MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch models have been in the works for some time and are expected to be released as soon as feasible. A month after the following September event, they'll be released.

Some sources suggest that they might be released a month after the new iPhone so that they don't overshadow it. New M1X processors with enhanced performance will be used in the MacBooks, along with upgraded screens and more ports for added convenience and better use by professionals.

5. New Version Of The Macbook Air.

The new MacBook features a completely new design, a much improved battery life, and the much anticipated M2 chip, making it a fantastic device for anyone seeking a cheap laptop alternative. In September or October, the new Air is likely to be introduced together with the Pro MacBooks.

6. New IMac Version´s

Apple has been preparing to update the 27-inch model for some time, and it will be available very soon. A redesigned look, a larger display, better performance, and much much more make it the perfect complement to any professional's arsenal.

Next year's event will not see the debut of the iMac. A smaller event is likely to take place at the beginning of next year.


Personal Thoughts.

I consider myself as an Apple lover and i´m really excited to see all this new products, i know maybe its going to be a little expensive products as usual, but it´s excited to see what new technologies are going to bring to their new products. So lets be a little patient and wait to this big and excited event.

Thanks for being here in other blog, i really appreciate it.

Se you all soon :D


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