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Aesthetic Wallpapers You Should Not Miss Pt.2

In this new blog i will share to you all a serie of wallpapers that will make your phone look the most aesthetic phone ever, with different colors and patterns, hope you like it!

I'm very happy to have you all here ! So now let's get into it :

Just one thing, all this wallpapers are vertical, so that means it's for your phone, get in touch for the horizontal ones for your computer or tablet :)


1. Studio Ghibli Art

2. Sailor Moon Evolution

3. Moonlight Night

4. Sunset Vibes

5. Nebula

6. Clear Sunset Sky

7. Cloudy Sunset Sky

8. Studio Ghibli Art Pt.2

9. Fall Sunset Day

10. Windy October Day

11. Sunset Fence

12. Sunset Lake

13. Lake Bridge

14. Midnight Lights

15. Sunday Walk

16. Calabasas

17. Iphone 13

18. Korean Nights

19. Toronto Nights

20. Macro

21. Sunset at Beach


So this was the second recopilation of phone wallpapers, the first blog went really good and i'm that kind of person that changes wallpaper frequently so it's really fun to me make this kind of blogs, hope you all like it and put it on your phone to make it the most aesthetic ever. Just one thing to say that all this images are not my images, just founded in social media and i really like it so i wanted to share with you all <3

Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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