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A Wish Upon a Star ( Part II )

Here we are with another Blog Story, and here is the next part so if you liked it the first part this will blow your mind, Hope you all like it and enjoy this section of the blog, stay tune for the upcoming content, you will not regret !


Hope you like this next part of the story, don't forget to share it to your friends and family, i will appreciate it a lot, so now let's get into it :

A Wish Upon a Star ( Part II )

It's been 6 years since I beacame her protector. Her guardian, her defender. Lavienge Kriste Ardon. She is 18. She is crying. Why? Her heart was broken. By who? Her ex-lover, Justin. Why? He is a douche...7

"I will never date you again!" he yelled.

"Why not?" she questioned with a quaky voice, as brimmed tears threatened to pour out of her eyes.

" Why?" He repeated. Giving a smirk, he replied," Cause, you're not as beautiful as her! And you're as fat as a pig! and Kristen's rich! Are you?" he answered with question, slamming the door behind him.4

She froze. She felt her heart slowly tear itself into shreads that she could never fix back. Tears fell out of her aqua eyes. She was hurt. Hurt real bad. She started to starve herself. He said I am fat. Am I fat? Aren't I fat? I am... I tried to mke her realise her inner beauty. She slowly regained her slef confidence, and realised that she should not suffer over a cruel man's words. She flipped open her diary.4

17 August

Dear Diary,

I realised something really important today. My angel helped me to realise it. She whispered in my dream. Who's my angel? Scarlett. I love my angel. She loves me too. I hope that my angel will also find her inner beauty.3



Lavienge is growing up. She soon found the right boy, called Josh. Her life is almost perfect. It's almost my time to die. Or live.

It's 10 years. 10 years since I met Ms.Ardon Kristie Lavienge. She's 22. And owns a business. What? It's the best business she could ever dream of. She operates the most famous hotel in America. She now has a perfect job, perfect boyfriend, and a perfect family. Today, is my last night with Ms.Ardon. I hope that she will continue to be like this. It's night now. The moon was up. I asked the moon a last time. Who am I? The wind came. It started to whisper. You are Scarlett Amber Joanson. You were a fairy. An Angel Fairy. You risked your life for others, and the moon thought it was right to make you a star. The highest rank of them all. And now, you will become something even greater. Something even greater? I don't know what that means. Something even green--...

*****Change Of Pov*****

It was finally time. It's time for Scarlett to turn into a greater being. She, will turn into, into, into--...3

*****Change Of Pov*****

Everything is white. I looked around. I am Scarlett Amber Joanson. Everything is blurry. I was an Angel Fairy. Everything is gone. I am a star. Everything is white. I am becoming something greater. Everything

Everthing is black. Everything is black? Everything is balck! Wait! A tunnel! Must...reach...the...tunnel...2

*****Change Of Pov*****

She is now something greater...

*****Change Of Pov*****1

I reached the tunnel. I looked around. Clouds everywhere. Wait! Clouds? Am I? Could it be? I slowly inched my head downwards. I...had hands? And feet? Am I really? I turned my head around to see a pair of majestic wings. Yes! I was An Angel Goddess! I flew around in joy! Now, I can be free And it was all thanks to a time I can't remember. Sudenly, flashes of images ran through my mind. Memories..memories...memories....


*****FLASHBACK =D*****

"Help! Help!"

" Hold on, Byranna!"

The beautiful Queen fairy flew as fast as she could with her shimmering translucent wings. Kestrel was here. She was the evil witch of the land and she wanted the Queen Fairy's soul. The long curled-hair blonde was terrified. But her friend, Scarlett was fearless. She had pinkish-purple hair and a beautiful pair of sliver-blue wings. Ulike the Queen fairy's long golden silk gown, she bore a petite dress coloured in light bluish-pink, coated in glitter. However, saving the Queen would mean potentially losing her life. Mustering up all her courage, Scarlett flew towards Bryanna, pushing her out of harms way. As Scarlett took Byranna's place, Kestrel swung her syth down. Scarlett felt an immense pain surge through her body. Her soul was slowly being sucked out of her body and into the witch's syth. As Scarlett neared her death, her wings, bit by bit, disintergrated into tiny pieces and crumbled to the floor. She soon dropped to the smooth grassy feild of the fairy kingdom, left for dead. Nobody could help her. Nobody knew how.5

"Wow! A beautiful Angel Fairy! Much better than a queen fairy's soul. Thanks, my dear! Ta-ta!" Kestrel cackled, before departing on her broom into the sky.

I soon snapped back to reality. My past, it was there in my brain. Every detail engraved into it. When I still had been a fairy, I woud dream of this very day to happen to me. Becoming a strong and powerful Angel Goddess, with big and magnificent White wings and a long silky dress flowing down my body. Who knew that my wishing upon stars in the dark night would lead to this? If only my friends could see me now...

I'd like to dedicate this story, its popularity and ideas, all to Yuki, a dear friend of mine. Though we've drifted, the friendship we had was one of the best, closest, and truest ones. The last of our friendship lies in this book— it's ideas and story derived from our young imagination.+

I hope you're happy in life, Yuki. Thank you, for the best years of my childhood.3


The end.


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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