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A Wish Upon a Star ( Part I )

Here we are with another Blog Story, This time with a two part Story, Hope you all like it and enjoy this section of the blog, stay tune for the upcoming content, you will not regret !


Hope you like this new Story, don't forget to share it to your friends and family, i will appreciate it a lot, so now let's get into it :

A Wish Upon a Star ( Part I )

It's finally here. The day I've been waiting for. I'm going to be a protector. The moon told me that I would be protecting a human. Her name? Lavienge. She is 12. I, am her protector. From what? From evil, harm and any other negetive entity. I must keep her happy. I can grant her wishes. But, I want to have a wish too. What's my wish? My wish is for the moon to tell me what I am. What am I?

Today. It's my first day as Lavienge's protector. I can see her, but she cannot see me. I don't know why. I followed her to school. I can read her thoughts. She was unhappy. So, I made a puppy appear. She became happy. In school, she was unhappy again. But, this time, I could not do anything. Why? I cannot let other people know of my existance. If I did, I would be punished. And people will abuse our secret and strong powers. Lessons for Lavienge was finally over. But, she was being bullied. I made her teacher come outside. The bullies were punished. Now, Lavienge is home. But her parents are not. Lavienge's parents do not get along. Why? I don't know. They would always fight. They would throw things. Sometimes, the would hurt Lavienge. But, there was nothing I could do to stop it. I can only make Lavienge happy. That, is my job as a protector. To make Laveinge happy.

Who am I? I don't know. What's my name? Scarlett. How do I know? The moon told me. All I know is that I am the protector of Lavienge. And I must make her happy...

***Change of pov*** =D

" You're horrible! How could you have spent all that cash on beer?" she shreiked with rage.5

" As if you didn't do the same with gambling!" He retorted, face turning lava red.

" Not as much as you! And I worked for that money, which makes it mine! All you do is go drinking night and day, you jobless freak! At least I care for my daughter!" she shouted.2

His face turned red with anger.

" You think I don't care about Lavienge?" He yelled.

" From the looks of how you treat her, pretty much!" she answered as Lavienge timidly approached the arguing couple.

" Mum, dad, please sto-" Lavienge siad.

Before she could finish, her dad slapped her.10

" Listen Lavienge Ardon! You shall not interrupt our conversation! Go to your room!" Her dad boomed.

"Daniel! How could you! And you said you cared!" Her mum piped with shock and rage.

With her head hung low, and a red mark on her face, she silently went to her room, with tears streaming down her face...

***Change Of Pov*** =D4

I felt sad. Sad for Lavienge. Why? She has a unnhappy life. That night, the moon was up. I asked the moon who I was. No response. I sighed. I lookedat Lavienge. She was writing in her diary...

31st March

Dear Diary,

Today was good and bad. When I went to school this morning, I found a puppy! It really liked me. And after school, when the mean girls started bulling me again, my teacher saw them and gave them a good scolding. But, when mum and dad came home, they started fighting again. I tried to stop them, but dad slapped me. :( I wish that mum and dad could stop fighting. That's all for today! Bye diary.



I felt sad. Why? I cannot help Lavienge. But, I suddenly had an idea. When the Ardon family was asleep, I looked through Lavienge's diary. On all og the pages, she wrote " I wish that mum and dad could stop fighting." My idea. What was it? To show Lavienge's parents her diary.

It's going to work. It will. It must...

***Change Of Pov*** =D

"I hope mum and dad will not fight again when I get back home." She mumured to herself.+

As she slowly opened her house door, two figures appeared. She raised her head. It was her parents . They looked at her, and looked at each other.

"We're sorry." They said in unison.5

She looked at them in confusion. They had her diary in hand. She understood everything now...

***Change Of Pov*** =D

Her family was now whole. My plan worked. It has worked. It had already worked. With a small part settled, it's time to change this little girl's life for the better.

Lavienge. Who is her protector? Me. Who am I? I don't know. What do you know? I'm Scarlett, and I am Lavienge's protector...+

"Happy birthday to you!" They said, faces full of glee.

She blew out the candles. She's now 15.2

"Happy birthday sweetheart! Now, go to bed! There's an education waiting for you tomorrow!" said her mum, who was smiling from ear to ear. Lavienge gave a reluctant nod and scurried to her room. She flipped open her diary.1

15 July

Dear Diary,

Today was fantastic! I had the best birthday ever! Things have changed for the better after mum and dad finally stooped quarrelling. Hopefully things will stay like this forever, till the end of time! Bye diary!



Once Lavienge's life is perfect, I will no longer be here protector. Only two things can happen. What are the two things? I die, or, I live. Simple. I watch over Lavienge, her family and her friends. The moon was out. I decided to ask it about myselft. What am I? Who am I? No response. It's been 3 years, and the moon has said nothing for 3 years. I was frustrated. The wind started whispering .' patience'. Patience? Yes, patience. Why patience? I don't know. Why patience? Why?...

To be continued.....


Stay tune for the part II, hope you liked it this part, personally i really like it, i think the author is really talented with this imagination :D

Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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