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5 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Going To College

When i was in my senior year there was nothing more important to me than figure it out what i was going to study in college and which college i was going to choose, that was my first big mistake! I was so focus in the applications that i didn't enjoy my last year in high school. So here you have 7 tips i wish i knew before going to college that i hope will help you in some way. Enjoy and thanks for read you're the best <3

This is the first blog that i write, so i´m very excited with the upcoming ones! Hope you like it and enjoy it, i really appreciate it to have you here !!

So lets start it:

1. Do not compare yourself to others

This is without a doubt the first thing that I would have liked to be corrected, comparing myself with others was one of my main mistakes on my way to college, I am usually a very insecure person and I tend to buy from others and this time was not the exception. If you are starting in this process of choosing what to study and what college to choose, please do not compare yourself.

Each process is different if in one way or another you feel that a colleague or friend is ahead of you, do not compare yourself, he has his process and you have yours, enjoy it! Enjoy each step you take, enjoy each achievement and every disappointment, because that's how life is and you have to try to see things in the best possible way, but above all do not lose faith that everything will be fine, you will be fine, Cheer up.


2. Don´t drain yourself just studying.

At a few factor in college, I determined that I had to step up my game. I commenced analyzing an excellent quantity for every examination. For instance, if I had an examination that blanketed 8 chapters from a huge textbook, I’d study every bankruptcy inside the weeks constructing as much as the examination – highlighting standards that have been now no longer intuitive to me alongside the way. Then, approximately every week or earlier than the examination, I could write out all of that highlighted content material in a pocket bookperhaps filling up 5-10 pocket book pages for every bankruptcy.


3. Put the phone down when it´s necessary.

Let's face it, the times have changed and almost everyone is addicted to their mobile phones.This is where the problem lies. At this point, I assure you that if you look at your phone in class, your teacher will be 100% unhappy.You may not realize this, but when your teacher is giving a lecture, he or she will try to getting touch with every student in the class. We all know how annoying it is when we talk to someone and they look at the phone. In short, if a student makes a phone call in class, it will be difficult for the teacher to concentrate, and all students in the class will be affected.


4. Seek help before problems emerge.

There will be obstacles. You can appear in your class. You can study hard for the exam and get a D or F. Maybe you have a roommate who makes you crazy. May be your friendship developed at the beginning of the year. The first semester will not end well. You may have problems with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe you are homesick. You see, college is a great experience overall, but it will not be perfect.


5. Have fun, but stay focus.

College is an expensive endeavor. With that much money and your future on the line, don't take your classes lightly. Are you planning a night out? Check to see if you're up to date on all of your assignments. Do you want to skip a class? Make it a point to plan for it on occasion, but don't make it a habit. Enjoy your time in college, but don't lose sight of why you're there.

Your student loan services, on the other hand, will not. Keep these tips in mind as you begin college, and you will have an advantage over the majority of your classmates.

But always keep in mind, everything will be okay, just try to do your best, you will find your way and again, everything will be more than okay.

Thanks for read wish you all the best!


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