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So many Questions

For those who love the stories to meditate and think about life this is the perfect blog for you, so relax and enjoy this cute short story <3


So many Questions

While studying for my impending English 12 test, I sat down at a small desk in my room.

There were parts of definitions that I read and reread many times. Perhaps I'm forgetting them because I can't recall them?

To be honest, I had the urge to call a buddy and ask him over. There's no need for them to worry about my overprotective father stepping in since he'll be gone for the night.

In order to contact one of my three closest pals, I picked up the phone. It occurred to me mid-text that everyone had gone to a nursing presentation that night. All three of them aspire to be nurses, but I don't want to be a nurse.

Weeping heavily, I attempted studying again. I read and learned the meaning of each word.

Just before the deadline, I sent a desperate SMS to my closest male buddy Aiden. Friday nights are usually reserved for gaming, but I thought I'd give it a go.

I was typing when I heard a tap on my window. I tossed my phone in the air by mistake.

As I leaned down to pick it up, a second tap sounded. If I said that I was frightened, I'd be lying.

On this side of the house, there were no trees.

I couldn't move because I was so frightened. A touch on my phone alerted me to the fact that there was a new message waiting to be read.

When I believed everything was over, a third alarm went off, frightening me to death.

Deep breathing helped me to relax. I sneaked up to my window and dialed "emergency" on my cell phone.

My first clue that someone was throwing tiny stones was when another one flew up from the ground as I approached the glass.

I swung my window wide, ready for anybody to come in.

"Cleo!" Aiden glanced up at me with a smile on his face, "Finally! I was sure you wouldn't show up."

"Aiden?" Then I unlocked my phone and said, "What the hell are you up to?"

It was a desperate attempt to persuade you to allow me inside. I could see he was uncomfortable.

Everyone has heard of a doorbell.

But you didn't show up."

'How about making a phone call?'

That's what I did, too. Tossing the stones he still had in his palm, Aiden shook his head.

When I answered the phone, it didn't ring. " In order to make my point clear, I threw it out the window and yelled.

I was drawn to your window because of it.

"You frightened me." Shivering from the cold, I confessed. There will be someone waiting for you at the door. "

As I stumbled to the door, I slammed the window shut behind me.

Seeing Aiden up up and personal for the first time, I was shocked at how frigid he appeared. Every few seconds, his teeth were chattering and his spine shivered, so he wanted to get in fast.

Then I ushered him in, and we hurried back up to the top floor.

"I'm sorry for scaring you." It was one of the things Aiden said to me, while curled up under a blanket on my bed. When I called you, I thought I had the incorrect phone number.

It's been about five months since I received a new phone." I laughed until I realized why I had done so, and then I cried.

"But I believe I erased your new one when I deleted your old one yesterday."

"Why did you keep my old one for so long?" I said.

"Dunno. Simply put, I never got around to removing it." Helpless, Aiden shrugged beneath all of his blankets, even the one I sleep with.

"Weirdo." I sucked in my breath. "You began throwing rocks while I was messaging you."

"I really hurled stones." He said, "There's a little bit of difference there." Aiden laughed.

"What do you call them? Pebbles and rocks, respectively. Whatever. That's what I'm trying to say." That made me laugh out loud. In the evening, I sat at my desk and finished my studying for the day.

Whoa! What's going on? As a result of Aiden's persistent pestering, I had to give




If that's the case, why did you text me?" That expression of pride on his face said "gotcha."

Why? "Because I procrastinated." In order to conceal my shame, I turned my back. I wanted to hang out with him regardless of whether I was delaying or not, so I did.

Our friendship dates back to elementary school. Over time, we grew away throughout middle school. As a result of our divergent interests, this is what occurred. Both of us accepted it and went on with life.

A class assignment in grade nine brought us back together when we were in high school. Since then, we've been good friends again.

Let me summarize: We can tell when the other person lies.

I told her not to lie. Aiden said with a smug tone of voice.

The answer is no. I was unable to maintain a straight expression.

For what purpose is all of this being studied? He changed the subject because he knew I'd forget and he'd accuse me again when I least expected it, so he changed the subject.

"There's an English test next week." It was time to go through my index cards.

"It was final semester for me." It sounded like he was stretching out and shedding the blanket.

Why bother bragging? I mumbled.

After a few minutes, I gave up and slammed my head on the desk. As I moaned, I shook my head.

What does this imply for us now? Aiden seemed to be ecstatic.

The question is: "Why are you even here?" As I turned to face him, I chuckled.

After school, we haven't seen one other in a while." He just shrugged his shoulders and walked on.

This is for a good cause. As I muttered, Aiden couldn't hear me. "So, what do you want to do now?" I ask. So, I stood up.

"I feel like too many questions are being asked of me." He smirked as he made space for me at the end of his bed, where I was sleeping. He remained at the top of the ladder, leaning against the wall.

Then I gave him my best 'whoopsies' face, all while smiling.

If we want to keep the theme going, we may play 20 questions. It occurred to me to say, "Because I'm done studying for the night."

"Doesn't everyone do it with someone they... like? I could see Aiden was uncomfortable. 2

What do you mean, "you're an idiot?" A cushion I was using for my head bounced off my back and hit him in the face.

"What? I'm just asking!" He defended himself by waving his arms.

"Moron." Still giggling, I shook my head.

It will be more enjoyable if you don't ask the same questions over and over again.

Why are you playing that way? The cushion beneath my head was changed.

It's a mystery. Aidan's laughter shook the bed. I said, "You're going to go first."

No idea what to ask. In my mind, a million dumb questions whizzed by, and they were all ridiculous. I was at a loss for words.

- "What's your favorite food?" A serious tone was used in my question.

"Seriously?" "How long have we been friends?" Aiden said with a chuckle.

"I'm simply doing a check." I mumbled.

"Why don't you go first, then?" It made him feel more at ease.

When I mumbled under my breath, he laughed even more.

What's wrong with you? With his anxiety under control, he finally asked.

"What? No." Was I supposed to be?

It was a no-brainer for Cleo. He gave me a wink. As you well know, there's no need to be angry with me."

"Good." Do you think I'll pass my exam? "I closed my eyes and squeezed the pillow Aiden had given me earlier."

You know what I mean." If you're not going to tamper with my hair, why not?"

It's not a problem, Aiden." In an effort to wink at him, I turned my head. "It's time to get comfortable again."

"That's OK. My question hasn't been answered yet, and I'm still waiting."

"Defining things is something I'm not very good at. That's it."

He said: "I know you'll be okay." It was my time, he said, with a sincere grin.

"Why do you want to be a friend?" Even as I asked it, I couldn't prevent my face from contorting.

As Aiden grinned lopsidedly, he couldn't help but chuckle at me.

"This is a no-brainer. The two of us aren't buddies." "We're great buddies!" I said, squinting my eyes at him. Aiden's exclamation made me smile widely.

The response to my inquiry was "no."

"The reason why we're friends is a mystery to me. We've both grown up together. We have a wonderful rapport. Plus, you find me attractive."

This resulted in his receiving a second slap on my pillow.

What do you think about it? More teasing from Aiden

This isn't true.

In response, he jabbed me in the arm: "Say anything you want, but we both know that it's true."

"Moron." Indignantly, I muttered.

"Why do you refer to me as such?"

"Because it's true," I taunted, "it's time for me."

Aiden rolled his eyes at me as I turned onto my stomach.

Does Nicole appeal to you any longer?" I decided to go straight to the subject.

This is something that I have never done. "I just said it to get someone off my back," he said. However, I couldn't ask "who".

"Oh," was all I could muster up.

It's true. He rubbed his chin. I said, "What's up with you and Coby?"

"Coby? You're a fan of Coby, right?" Aiden looked at me and said, "Fine, count this one."

Wasn't I under the impression that you guys were a thing or something? His cheeks was flushed with shame when he brought it up.

Were there two of us: myself and Coby?" I wasn't sure whether Aiden was playing a prank on me, or if he wasn't. "That's not going to happen! He's not even close to becoming a buddy. As your buddy, I've just spoken with him."

This time Aiden looked at me with a confused expression, which I found odd since it's Aiden. Every time I see him around, I know he's going to be uncomfortable and full of himself. Over-thinking and seriousness aren't his strong suits.

He looked relieved after he had digested what I had said.

How long have you been here? Where is your father? Aiden's laughter made me want to join in.

"Would you want to add that up?"


For work, he'll be gone the rest of the night." That was all I could do as I shrugged. This was a typical Friday night.

Wow! He's very busy! My response to the additional question was nonchalant.

Assumedly. A grin had just appeared on my face and I did my best to keep it there, "It's a pity, but whatever. Hopefully, I'll be leaving shortly."

Aiden agreed with me.

"How is your mother?" I remember when his mother- who lives in another state- told him she was under the doctor's care for a while.

"Okay. She's been drinking it for a long now. When the doctor finally agreed to watch her, it was just a question of time." Aiden's expression was one of wisdom. As he talked, his voice became softer.

To be near him, I slid up my bed and sat down on my side. When I wrapped my arm over Aiden's shoulders, I hugged him from the side.

Growing up, his parents split. His mother left without saying goodbye and before he realized what was going on. Since she left, he's flourished. It's not uncommon for Aiden to hear from his mother every now and then. Even then, that's all he can hope for.

My apologies, I asked. My head rests on his shoulder. For him, the topic of his mother has always been thorny.

This is a no-no: 'That's right,' he grinned again. "It's not my loss, but hers."

I didn't want to leave Aiden's side, so I remained put.

When did we last hang out after school? Erasing his mother's gaze was his solution.

There is a lot going on right now, especially with the holiday season.

But you'd muttered something a little sooner." In a state of astonishment, my face froze. yes, cleo I got your message. It was amusing to hear Aiden laugh.

This may have something to do with the fact that Owen and I broke up. My voice was hardly audible. For me, our break-up isn't a sensitive topic. My biggest concern is what Aiden thought when I broke up with Owen.

"What? ...that you were dumped by him?"

My relationship with him ended.

It wasn't you. The way Aiden looked at me made me move away from him. "You were fond of him."

Yet, he was the one who broke up with me." Despite my discomfort I nodded.

Aiden's expression remained scowl-like. When he talked, he didn't look at me, he looked straight ahead.

"Why?" He seemed to be in a daze. Let's count this one.

"He was no longer as appealing to me as he had previously been. What a pity!" The pattern on my blanket drew my attention away from Aiden as I traced it with my finger.

If he had broken up with you, I'd have been shocked. Aiden's expression seemed to soften as he began to speak. "You changed your phone number, after all. Instead, you stayed away from me. I assumed you needed more room."

"As it turned out, I was in need of a little breathing space This is something I'm going to put out of my mind for the time being," I sighed heavily.

My boyfriend and I dated for four months before I realized how different Owen had become from when we first met. There were some good things about him, but over the course of four months he grew into a far more interesting person. I had to end our relationship. We both knew I couldn't let him believe that I still liked him as much as I previously did.

We split up five months ago. So that Owen and his buddies could no longer contact me, I changed my phone number. I was in a foul mood. When I realized who I truly liked, I avoided Aiden for a week. I was unable to tell him.

So I told all my girlfriends, and they totally understood what I was trying to say. To my knowledge, Aiden has never heard the whole tale from me before now. The only thing he believed was that Owen and I were no longer together.

Aiden hasn't heard from me in a while since it's been a hectic time of the year. In the last several days, we haven't been alone.

And to be honest, I've been reluctant to tell Aiden.

"However, that explains a lot." I felt his arm over my shoulders this time. "You did the right thing, huh?" he said.

"For a time, I felt awful." I gave in to Aiden's embrace. My head rested on his shoulder once again.

"Are there any more questions?" So I smirked to change the mood.

Get going, Cleo!" "It's funny how that happens," I said. "It's funny how that happens."

How about graduation scares you?



How much does it count? Aiden gave me a wink.

"No, answer me immediately." I giggled and pushed his feet away from my face as he walked away.

There is no fear in my heart.

"Weirdo." I wrinkled my brows and sneezed. What do you think of my second query?

His fingers began to tally, "Technically we're up and running." "I believe it's 14 now? Now we're on to number 14 and not number 2." We had more fun.

Wherein lies Nicole's deception?" In his eyes, Aiden squinted, as if he was scared to tell me. It's time to let go of the past.

As a result of the fact I knew that everyone wanted to know who I liked, and it was much simpler to toss out a name than to explain who it was." As I gave him a'seriously' look, he brushed it off. "What?"

"Nothing." When I heard the joke, I couldn't help It seems that we both have a crush on someone. Next up: you!

'Are you still in love with that person'

"Yes." When Aiden asked me who I was pointing at, I nodded.

I had a question for him that I was dying to ask.

Bring it on! Cleo. As Aiden smiled, he said, "I know there's something you'd want to know."

That's not true." As usual, I refused to give in.

"Yes, it is."


Aiden cautioned, "Cleo."

Just ask it, Aiden.

A big sigh washed over me as I gave up.

Is there someone who you like? As much as I wanted to ask despite the fact that we're best friends There is no need to offer me a name.

Smiling within, Aiden gave me a sly smile. "From school, she's a really lovely girl. I think you'll like her."


"Yeah." More to himself than me, he smirked. "Returning to my arrival. Is it true that I was lied to regarding texting?" Aiden gave me a cocky grin before walking away.

No, I was not. I attempted to keep my guilt a secret.

It's a given, Cleo.

While sitting up at the edge of my bed, I scowled at him, "You're a horrible buddy, I wanted to spend out with you."

This is not everything. Dammit, More to the story.

To which Aiden said, "It's simply fun hanging around with you." As I hoped that I sounded convincing, "Being with my girlfriends is not the same as hanging out with my boyfriend. Longer than I thought."

It's good to know. He gave me a wink. As a matter of fact, "I believe I've finally got it all together."

"What?" Suddenly, my eyes widened in confusion.

Aiden flashed me a sly grin as he walked by.

There's no use in counting. Indignantly, I muttered.

What if I'm incorrect, and you promise not to laugh?

Why not give it a shot?' That's what I said.

In order to prevent you from freaking out too much, let me explain something. God, he has no idea what's going on. A little bit more than just a buddy, Cleo caught my eye. His words shook me to my core. Because I am nearly 98 percent certain that you like me, don't panic out yet.

In my room, I longed to flee and hide in the toilet. But what would it accomplish?

Nothing, since Aiden would most likely smash down the door if he tried.

"Aiden..." I stretched out to shake his hand.

Omigosh! I'm in the wrong!

Your self-importance is out of control. Then I shoved his shoulder and ducked under his arm.

"What?" On his face, he had an expression of complete disbelief.

What do you mean, "you're an idiot?" As I threw a pillow at him, I laughed and said, "Why the hell would you assume and then tell a girl you believe she likes you?

Why? Because you are Cleo. Aiden chuckled, "I recognize you."

"Yeah, but you know you're mistaken, right?" I gave him a sour look.

So sorry, I'm sorry.

As a result, you should be 100 percent certain that I like you. This is your turn. "I grinned and added.

Almost falling off the bed from laughter, Aiden glanced at me strangely.

Great topic switch, Cleo."

Please go immediately so that we can complete this stupid game. Thank you.

Cleo's game has brought us closer together," he said, becoming all nerdy on me. During the night, I had another wink of sleep.

"Weirdo." Laughing, I rubbed my nose and sneezed again.

How about a date?

Is that what you're asking? He was taunted by me.


This is a last-minute check." I shook my head, feeling as though we were going through the motions of the previous day. To answer your question, I'll say, "Sure, yes I will." I couldn't help but smile.

It's a miracle. Helpfully, Aiden moved into my seat. What more do you want to know?"

That's what I've been told." I smirked as I sat down next to him.

After many hours of hoping Aiden would like me the way I like him, I couldn't believe what a simple game of 20 questions had brought out in Aiden's character and personality.

You may wonder, "Why do best friends like us often end up dating?" Left-handed, I swiveled my head to see more of his face. 2

What a great question! "This is far better than your previous one," he said, scratching his head.

Quiet, please!" Again, I laughed and squeezed a cushion. 'Are you going to respond to my query?'

This may be due to the fact that the two of us know each other so well that we've come to appreciate everything about each other.

It's good to know.

It was a valiant effort on my behalf." "I'm glad you're here," Aiden said, smiling

"You should probably go home," I said, looking up at him.

If you treat your partner in such manner, please stop.

As a result of the fact that it's 11:30 and your father is going to murder you." While I sat on my bed, I observed as he rushed to get up and check the time.

“Damn it,” He muttered as he searched for his phone. "I've missed three calls- I'm dead." Aiden sprinted out of my room without a word of thanks or adios. +

'Wait!' He said as he rushed back, 'I can do it now.' "Night, Cleo," he said, leaning down and kissing my forehead.

It's time to go to sleep, Aiden. It made me chuckle when I heard him scurrying down my stairs and I shouted after him. A moron is the person I'm dating. Laughing again, I shook my head.

As for me, I'm OK with it.


Thanks for being here ! I really appreciate it.

See you all soon <3


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